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Generation X by Douglas Coupland gives a great comical spin to ideas of the way of life. The perspectives of the characters seem self absorbed. Since they live in Texlahoma it seems that they are stuck in the settings and life style of the late 60’s- 70’s.
Reading these stories brings back memories of when I was a kid. Being a child of the 80’s I grew up with sci-fi thrillers such as “The Last Starfighter” and “Star Wars”.
Sci-fi stories seem to have the same basis…. All reflect a different life from the one that they encompass in the present… With just a galactic twist. 👽👾

anonymous said:

I'm sorry, but I mean, how can you buy a bag which is that expensive ?😨 Because I can't even buy the Micheal Kors bag that I want 😕

it’s not that expensive, I have more bags that are more expensive, but that’s my fav. You see I either save the money and then when I have it I buy it or my aunts buy it for me for my birthday if I can’t pay it all.

Just save 50-70€ a month or maybe 10 or 20€ idk, it doesn’t matter how long you take, but you end up buying it. 

Good morning! I baked these 3 ingredient Quinoapop-Clusters and ate sooo many while they were cooling down 😍😍😍 I can’t believe how easy these were to make! I simply mixed 1 cup popped quinoa with 1 Tbsp cocoa powder and 3-4 Tbsp sweetener of choice. I used 1 Tbsp apple sauce and 2 Tbsp Agave syrup. Then I baked them at 150°C on fan-mode for around 20 mins, then turned the heat down to 70°C and baked them for another 15 mins (giving them a turn every now and then with a wooden spoon). Soooo crunchy and just delicious!!! 😚

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Ich habe gerade deine asks gelesen und du sagtest das die grüne Bomberjacke wo ich nach fragte ausverkauft ist. Weißt du vielleicht wo man eine ähnliche finden kann die nicht so teuer ist? (Ich hoffe dass ich nicht nerve, aber es ist die perfekte jacke)

Leider nicht 😪 war echt ein Glücksgriff! Es gibt noch eine bei Topshop.. Die kostet aber ca 70€

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Babi, qual é a sua meta e você já teve compulsões alimentares durante sua dieta? Boa sorte para nós 😍🙈🙇

minha meta GERAL mesmo é 52 kg PORÉM isso se meu corpo ficar bonito sabe? porque eu peso 104 kg, pra isso eu perderia 50 kg então eu provavelmente ficaria cheia de pele sobrando etc não sei, mts me falam q n pq sou jovem massss… Minha primeira meta é 70 kg, independente de como eu ficar, quero pesar no max 70 kg…Dependendo de como meu corpo ficar, se eu ainda me sentir muito gorda, vou emagrecer até 60 e aí decido se vou pra 52 ou não. Mas esse ano é 70 kg! eu sempre tenho compulsões, sempre mesmo, acho q faz uns 6 meses q eu n consigo seguir uma dieta por mais de 2/3 dias, só que esse fds n sei oq aconteceu q to conseguindo? to com fome nesse exato momento e to feliz assim, n to com a minima vontade de comer e matar essa fome sabe? mais cedo por alguns minutos eu pensei em ir na padaria comprar bolo, chocolate e coxinha mas aí vim pro tumblr pensei bem e desisti, eu RARAMENTE desisto de algo qnd começo a pensar em comer mas qnd eu desisto, eu desisto MESMO. Tanto q tem bolo de chocolate aqui, tem almoço e a unica coisa q eu comi hoje foi abacaxi, melancia e 2 copos de cha verde. Bebi acho que umas 700 ml de agua também enfim… desculpa o texto uhauhaa boa sorte para todas.

I love that its Asian pear season again!! They cost like $3 each the rest of the year but for a few weeks when they’re only 70¢ I’ll eat as many as I can. Best fruit EVER!!🍊🍊

Don’t worry this is just my morning. I’m not eating just this little 😀