It’s kind of hard to believe that it’s been two years exactly.

Two years since I cut my hair from shoulder length to this. /\/\/\

Two years since I was a Freshman-going-to-be-a-Sophomore in High School.

Two years since I met my two best friends, that are still to this day, my two best friends.

Two years since everything was perfect and nothing could go wrong.

Two years to the day we started dating.

Even though you’re miles and miles away in a different state, nothings changed.

I hope one day you can come back and pick up where we left off.

But until then, remember, you’ll always be my thunder.

There is this game called Table of Death where you try to go from the top of a table to the underside of the table and back to the top of the table without touching the ground. Sounds fun huh? Yeaa, that’s probably the only thing that would get me to go to church…
Soo, my first date with T was weird. We went to watch the movie ‘Up’ but it was soo awkward. I sat next to him and he was stiff and didn’t really laugh at anything. The movie was a total laugh-and-aww type of movie to all the funny and cute things. But ehh, I would rather have a guy be totally into me? Like, he’s not afraid to put an arm around me, like in those sappy movies.. The little yawn to put an arm around the girl, the cute kiss at the front door when the guy is dropping the girl off at her house, and all that stuff! I love that! Yeaa, I know it’s silly and dorky.. But it’s true. I may not seem like I like that stuff? But the right person will not be afraid to do that.
I felt like I had to say yes because I knew he liked me and it takes guts to ask a girl out. And maybe I even had some feelings for him because he liked me. Does that make sense?