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Why Clara Oswald is detailed, independent and as fabulous as a Soufflé

So it’s MAD day. Or it was, or it would have been had I not been as silly as a pancake and not posted a queue. And something I’ve seen on tumblr a huge huge amount is Clara complaints. Complaints that she revolves around the doctor. Complaints that she’s another ‘sassy flirty Moffat woman’, complaints that she’s bland, complaints that she’s under developed and uninteresting. A little personal statement: Clara was, to begin with, a character I was uninterested in. If you know me well, you’ll know my absolute devotion for Amy Pond (if you don’t, I hope this post will get you better equipped with the love I have for her) thus naturally I was in a fit of tears upon her death. Clara was the follow-up to a companion I adored. MY companion. So initially I never paid much attention to her. She was charming, chatty and likable. That was enough for me. But since seeing so many complaints over her character, and looking back at her wonderful wonderful series 7B, it’s struck me as bizarrely odd that I never liked her as much as I do now. Clara Oswald is detailed, independent, and as fabulous as a Soufflé. And she is so much more than she appears. And here’s why:

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I know, this comic doesn’t have much naruhina and is bit of a stretch for wedding planning. But, it’s something that I’ve wanted to draw for a long time. Hiashi gives Hinata her mother’s hair ornament as a pre-wedding present. Hinata resembles her mother so much, especially after wearing her mother’s ornament. 

NaruHina Month Day 7- Wedding Planning


Throwback Thursday to Tyler’s first public video

“The Day of the Doctor shat all over the RTD era”

“Moffat just ruined the whole of seasons 1-4”

“great to know that Steven Moffat is arrogant enough to wreck the defining aspect of the doctors characterisation in New Who”

Stop. Just stop.

Literally the amount of people complaining about ‘The Day of the Doctor’ 'wrecking’ the RTD era astounds me. Are people here not capable of taking things past face value? 

I’d just like to bring out a couple of quotations:

GENERAL: Why would you do such a thing? 

THE DOCTOR: Because the alternative is burning. And I’ve seen that. And I never want to see it again.

The doctor DID destroy Gallifrey. He has seen it burn. He states that quite clearly in his line above, and to pretend that he didn’t is just plain silly. He did commit genocide, and the guilt the doctor felt in series 1-7 WAS real and valid. Because, i repeat, he DID destroy Gallifrey. In a timeline that has now been changed, granted, but at the time (i.e. series 1-7) it hadn’t been changed - and therefore the doctor still had ended the war all throughout RTDs era. When he told House in the 'Doctors Wife’ that he had killed all the Time Lords he was telling the truth. Because at that point, they had been killed. At that point, he hadn’t changed the past.

THE TENTH DOCTOR: You’re not actually suggesting that we change our own personal history? 

see that? Change our history. Not assure it. The doctor didn’t say 'we did this all along! Gallifrey was always saved but I just didn’t know!’,  he re-wrote his history. Confirming that originally, the doctor did use the moment, he did destroy the Time Lords, his subsequent guilt WAS VALID. If this wasn’t the case, then why is this line there? The answer is because it is the case, and the doctor had destroyed Gallifrey until the 50th changed that. From now on, Gallifrey is in a pocket universe. But from before the 50th, before history was re-written, it remained dead.

Ultimately what happened on the final day of the war was the doctor destroyed Gallifrey. This day was then time locked through the use of the moment, meaning no one could go back and save them. Meaning that throughout series 1-7 the time lords WERE dead, unsaved. THEN in the 50th special, the moment broke the lock allowing Ten and Eleven to go back and save them. It doesn’t invalidate any of his guilt or any of the RTD era because at that time, he HAD committed genocide.

I get the sense that people aren’t paying enough attention to the narrative? Its either that, or they refuse to acknowledge the proof in lines like the ones I’ve used here, which all seems rather childish and pathetic doesn’t it? Its as if people are so determined to undermine Moffat that they’ll make up an argument to make themselves angry. I’ve said time and time again I’m interested in Moffat critique. I enjoy reading it (when its not aggressive), and despite my utter love and adoration for his writing, I can often agree with it. But this argument, like the majority, unfortunately doesn’t hold up after taking anything more than a second glance at the specific dialogue presented to us in this special.