the 7 days to die let’s plays are ridiculous and i love them, so here’s a thing that took a really long time but was a lot of fun. i started it before michael even joined in, but it felt wrong without him and wasn’t symmetrical, so that worked out

Late, again! 7 Days of Color: orange. Keeping the Star Wars theme cause orange was too perfect for Luke’s suit.

I’ve missed 3 days of work this week from being sick! Even drawing this was difficult cause my head is all kinds of clouded up! Time to sleep…

Once again, except for the accent colors (eyes and rim light) everything was done in the same hue with different values.

Violet for #7daysofcolor ! Tried mixing my style with all the things I had learnt this week!  

One of my biggest wishes is that I can travel all over the world with Light and experience everything, especially Japan together.

I know this may sound corny but I never want to have a day without Light in my life. Even if she is a little stubborn, cheeky and aloof, I want to wake up and see her everyday and be able to hug her 
everyday. Cause well, she is the Light in my life~ 

Thanks for the 7 days! Hope you enjoyed!