6th Mass Extinction

Humans Have Destroyed 50% Of Earth’s Wildlife In The Past 40 Years

Humans Have Destroyed 50% Of Earth’s Wildlife In The Past 40 Years

Wild animal populations on land, sea, river and air have been decimated over the past 40 years. According to a new report, 50% of all wildlife on Earth disappeared between 1970 and 2010.

This rapid, catastrophic species loss is due to human overconsumption and the destruction of habitat necessary for species survival.

According to The Guardian, researchers at the WWF and the Zoological Society…

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Today’s CO2 levels(400ppm) are now approaching that of the mid-Miocene period(405ppm) 15 million years ago when sea level was 25–40 meters higher and global mean temperatures were 3­–6°C hotter. And we’re still throwing fuel on the fire at a rate of change that is 100 times faster than at any time in the last 65 million years. Humans will be the first sentient beings to have documented their own demise while arguing with each over over the scientific data and whether it was really their fault.

As climate science has evolved in the last half century, we have learned that the earth is much more sensitive to abrupt climate events which can occur in as little as one year with a spike in temperature of up to 10°C.

“Swings of temperature that in the 1950s scientists had believed would take tens of thousands of years, in the 1970s thousands of years, and in the 1980s hundreds of years, were now found to take only decades. Ice core analysis by Dansgaard’s group, confirmed by the Americans’ parallel hole, showed rapid oscillations of temperature repeatedly at irregular intervals throughout the last glacial period. Greenland had sometimes warmed a shocking 7°C within a span of less than 50 years. For one group of American scientists on the ice in Greenland, the “moment of truth” struck on a single day in midsummer 1992 as they analyzed a cylinder of ice, recently emerged from the drill hole, that came from the last years of the Younger Dryas. They saw an obvious change in the ice, visible within three snow layers, that is, scarcely three years! The team analyzing the ice was first excited, then sobered — their view of how climate could change had shifted irrevocably. The European team reported seeing a similar step within at most five years (later studies found a big temperature jump within a single year). ‘The general circulation [of the atmosphere] in the Northern Hemisphere must have shifted dramatically,’ Dansgaard’s group eventually concluded.” ~ The Discovery of Global Warming by SPENCER R. WEART

We race towards extinction in our mad stampede to nowhere.

A stark depiction of the threat hanging over the world’s mammals, reptiles, amphibians and other life forms has been published by the prestigious scientific journal, Nature. A special analysis carried out by the journal indicates that a staggering 41% of all amphibians on the planet now face extinction while 26% of mammal species and 13% of birds are similarly threatened.

Many species are already critically endangered and close to extinction, including the Sumatran elephant, Amur leopard and mountain gorilla. But also in danger of vanishing from the wild, it now appears, are animals that are currently rated as merely being endangered: bonobos, bluefin tuna and loggerhead turtles, for example.

Spectating at the End of the World

Spectating at the End of the World

Front Row Seat to the Eco-Apocalypse

“I fear their euphoria of merchandise will have no end and they will entangle themselves to the point of chaos. They do not seem concerned that they are making us all perish with the epidemic of fumes that escape from all these things…” ~ Davi Kopenawa, Yanomami leader and shaman

Another year has turned over on Earth, home to an exothermic, bipedal omnivore…

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anonymous asked:

Dude, you're obsessed with veganism, animal rights and all that jazz.

Where have you been?  I haven’t seen you in a few weeks. You know the reasons why I am so passionate about  veganism and animal rights. 1. The ethics and karma of the mistreatment of sentient animals. 2. by numbing out, desensitizing ourselves, we lose touch with our higher consciousness.  As Buddha said eating flesh extinguishes the seed of great compassion 3. Because we are able to desensitize ourselves from the suffering we inflict on animals we are able to apply that desensitization to other humans and we get war, torture and exploitation of humans. 4. The meat and dairy industry is second only to overpopulation as the cause of the 6th mass extinction of species on earth (which s on track to wipe out the human species as well).   So yes you are correct, I am quite passionate on the subject.

Weekend Funnies for the Depressed Collapsitarian #10

Weekend Funnies for the Depressed Collapsitarian #10

No matter if the weekend has arrived or not, when I feel like life has become a grotesque parody of itself then it’s time for another installment of ‘Weekend Funnies for the Depressed Collapsitarian’…

Too close to the truth…

An animated GIF from graphic wizard ABVH (via Featured E-Magazine):

Years after they have destroyed main street, central banks have recently admitted that their policies…

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Firmly Locked Within the Complexity Trap

Locked-Up Inside the Complexity Trap

From the acidified and plasticized oceans to the greenhouse gas-polluted atmosphere to the radioactive and heavy metal-contaminated soils, the Anthropocene Epoch will leave behind a planet radically altered in its atmospheric and biospheric chemistry. This disruption, unprecedented in geologic time for its rapidity and wide-scale destruction, is already too severe for the complex web of life…

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A Brief Thanksgiving Message

A Brief Thanksgiving Message

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a holiday created from romanticized myths about grand and cordial feasts between pilgrims and the indigenous people whose lives, land, and culture would soon be exterminated from coast to coast. Truth be told, Thanksgiving sprang from the imaginative mind of Sarah Josepha Hale, an author and editor who campaigned for nearly two decades before winning over President…

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Paradise Lost and Future Pending

Paradise Lost and Future Pending

The following video message is from Dr. Erik Pianka, an esteemed American biologist, one of the world’s most accomplished field ecologists, and author of the classic 1983 book Evolutionary Ecology. This video was made roughly 4 years ago. Not much has changed in the interim other than everything getting progressively worse —more people, more cars, more garbage landfills, more greenhouse gas…

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The Slow Motion Train Wreck of Industrial Civilization

The Slow Motion Train Wreck of Industrial Civilization

The linear thinking that has dominated Western civilization since the Enlightenment has become a death trap for mankind in the 21st century. The dynamic system of the Earth’s biosphere with its many interconnected parts interacting in complex and unpredictable ways is clashing with modern man’s linear, sequential, and reductionist frame of thought for solving problems. Technical fixes only act…

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