Hey all you awesome makers and doers out there! We’ve just launched a new Tumblr called SFMOMAcrowd, where we will be featuring content that is 100% crowd-sourced.

Also launching today is our 1st SFMOMAcrowd project, ArtMicroHubs. Participating is easy and worthwhile! All you need to do is submit a photo + description of the place where you see, make, or talk about art with other people. It could be a living room, a website, a park… any place that inspires you and others to be creative.

So, what are you waiting for? Use SFMOMA as a mouthpiece to let everyone know you’re out there and SUBMIT!

Detail of Romanian artist Victor Man’s “Virgács (St. Nicholas)”, on view in Six Lines of Flight. Gentle, subtle, beautifully poetic painting. #6lof (Taken with Instagram at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)

Colombian artist Oscar Muñoz explores relationships b/w presence and absence. This piece, “Haber estado allí (Having Been There),” is made with charcoal dust on water. As the water evaporates, the print is created. #6lof (Taken with Instagram at SFMOMA)

Moroccan/French artist Yto Barrada’s work explores the changing urban landscape. #6lof Her photographs, films, and sculptures speak to the complex realities of identity, proximity, distance, and immigration. (Taken with Instagram at SFMOMA)

Futurefarmers’s “A Variation on the Powers of Ten” is installed throughout this gallery, with many interactive/multimedia components. (The installation is where the baked dirt was used!) #6lof (Taken with Instagram at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)