:d  في هاليوم شرفت ع الدنيا

وفي هاليوم ببدا سنة جديدة من عمري وبودع سنة بهمومها  واحزانها وافراحها

   متأملة  كثييييير تكون افضل من الي قبلها

ويارب يتحقق فيها كل الي اتمناه

ويارب تكون سنة خير علي وعلى أحبابي

ولايحرمني منهم ولا يغير حالنا  الا للأفضل 


كل من تعنى  بكلمة  او اغنية او حرف عشان يشاركني هاليوم 

ماتتخيلون فرحتي فيكم  عنى لي هالشي  كثيير والله

♥ _♥ ربي لايحرمني وجودكم حولي



"Here comes the day when all your dreams come true"

Hello 6 December, here we meet again :)

Today i’m officially 20 years old and I’m so excited! New age means new phase of life, new experience, new responsibility, new spirit, and new of everything! :)

I hope I’ll always be surrounded by people I love and people who loved me, everyday, every time, everywhere. I hope I’ll always blessed and feel the joy of my life and the joy of what I’m doing in life.

I hope I’ll never give up of those challenge which life gives to me. To beat those challenge, that’s what life is for. Challenges makes us even stronger as a person and as a unity.

I hope I’ll find the love of my life, that will always love me and give me his regard and loyalty. To be loved no matter what, is what I really ask for.

I hope this year will open a new path, a new door that will lead me to be succeed. Succeed in everything I do and in everything I planned to do.

And the last, I hope this will be a happy ending story, a fairy tale of my own. A story which is full of happiness and big smile. A story to be grateful for.

Happy Birthday, dear Me.