Finally got to drop in the nos Sylvania 6CA7 power tubes I picked up for the Traynor (YBA-1) last week. These tubes are massive, they make the old EL34’s I had in there look like toys. They sound incredibly full yet deliver wicked glassy cleans. I snuck in a nos JAN GE 5751 in a preamp slot as well. I’m in love with my Traynor again! Can’t wait to start playing it out of six 12" speakers.

1968 Traynor YBA-1 in for a tuneup
  • Replaced 2-prong cord (with 3 prong plug electrical taped onto it!)
  • Unwired ground switch (left intact)
  • Soldered ground to chassis (these chassis are so heavy my 40W iron wouldn’t cut it so I had to resort to the propane torch!)
  • Replace 4M (!!) volume pots with 1M
  • Replace treble bleed cap with 100pF (from 1nF)
  • Full cap job going with F&T dual 50uf 500V Cans except 10@100V for the bias (up from 8@250V - what was up with that anyway??? Most times these were grossly under spec for voltage.)
  • Added a 220K bleeder resistor
  • Replaced 39k resistor with 10K in series with a 100K pot for variable fixed bias
  • Polished and retentioned input and speaker jacks
  • Cleaned pots and tube socket pins

Nice big American made Sylvania 6CA7s!

Clean and lots of room for the new caps to go in

And here’s the finished cap job