So I’ve been in Korea since Feb 12 and even though I haven’t been to my unit yet, I’m actually living it out here. I head out to my unit today (finally) and though I haven’t been able to walk around outside of base, the tour I went on to the palace was amazing. I loved it except the bitchy tour guide. Other than that it was amazing I would love to go visit it again with a few buddies. The base here in yongsan is nice. Plenty of the things to do like bowling,pool,workout, etc. Weather is nice not windy but the summer is gunman be miserable. I can’t wait to get to camp Humphrey’s and finally go to work waking up at 0530 get ready do pt from 0630 to 0730. Then finally do the job I was trained in the last 4-5 months. The big army is way better out of tradoc. If all goes well and I love the way things are at my unit, I might stay here for another years extend my tour and get paid an extra 300$ a month! Plus once I hit my 1 year mark I won’t have to pay for my gi bill and I’ll have another 100$ a month! Won’t have much to spend my money on except food when I go out and get tired of dfac food and other things like a super nice dslr and a laptop. Then I’ll be able to start saving up for my Subaru and once I head back to the states I’ll be able to buy a nice used wrx or sti all cash in hand and rally the shit out of it. Decisions decisions, I think I might stay out here for a year regardless if I like it at my unit or not. All Ill do is work, go to the gym play some Xbox and save up big money. No more bedchecks,stupid formations,crazy ass room inspections. It’ll be smooth sailing from here till I get home or deploy hopefully so then it’ll be more big money and easily promotable to e-5 sgt or promoted. Plus once I hit my 1 year here, I’ll be e-4 getting paid more money to save up. I could live like this for a while. Anyways don’t gotta report to my liaison for about another 2 hours. What to do what to do……..

Couldn't be happier!!!

Yesterday was my last day of work at Wood Medical Clinic! I am so excited now! not only was it my last day of work here, but I went and competed at the SOM Board and I won!!!! Oh my gosh I was so excited I could have done a back flip!! Now for the remaining thirteen days that I am here I get to focus on packing as well as clearing the installation and finalling out of my unit. More updates to come! August 15th can’t get here soon enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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