'Mini-Neptune' Alien Planets in Star Cluster Surprise Scientists

Alien planets are popping up in unexpected places.

Astronomers using the planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft have found two planets circling different stars in the violent environment of an ancient open star cluster called NGC 6811 located about 3,300 light-years from Earth. Until now, four of the more than 850 planets known outside the solar system were spotted in clusters.

The planets — Kepler-66b and Kepler-67b — are both smaller than the planets previously found in clusters. They are slightly smaller than Neptune, but larger than the Earth and circle sunlike stars.

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Markets intraday view 29 aug 2014

Markets intraday view 29 aug 2014

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COMEX 2014 - SEAGATE Data Storage

COMEX 2014 – SEAGATE Data Storage

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Seagate Backup Plus Fast Portable

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