60s makeup look


The ‘Alexa Chung’ 60s look by Lisa Eldridge

LONDON CALLING! (Mod 60s-inspired)

Photography: Khiem Hoang

Model: Elizabeth Jane

Hair: Chloe Lomeli for Umbrella Salon

Make-Up: Terry Alabata

Wardrobe Styling: Black and Brown Modern/Vintage

Click the photo above for more photos of my recent makeup artistry work!  Thank you!


I’m not very good at keeping up with fashion. It’s been years since I last tried, and I don’t remember being extraordinarily interested back then either. I just try to pass my style off as ‘timeless’, hoping that no one notices my singular lack of interest in Next Big Things.

I did, however, run into Urban Outfitters’ AW14 lookbook recently, and I’ve been rather obsessed with it ever since. (This is quite extraordinary.) Everything - the makeup and hair, the styling and ofcourse the actual clothes, is quite, quite perfect. Looking at these photos transports me to some sort of a dreamy, magical 60s time, cold winter evenings and the sense of history streaming backwards to a past that never really was except as an idea, and then nostalgia hits me like a hod of bricks.

I don’t keep up with fashion because it’s usually quite underwhelming, but UO of all brands has really nailed it with this collection and lookbook. It makes me FEEL.THINGS. Shop the collection here!