Northern Alberta Wood Carvers Association 

When we were at Fort Edmonton Park there were several members of the Wood Carvers Association with tables set up with their work on display. They are so talented and had such a different range of designs. Wood carving is definitely something we would like to try out someday! If you are interested in checking out wood carving you can go to one of the association’s meetings just to try it out! You can check out their website here

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! We are less than two weeks away from moving and while we are super busy we are definitely getting excited! 

Blog #49

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Wayback Playback Wednesday

Mmmmbop by Hanson this was the first concert I ever went to! My best friend Sarah and I went to YTV Psycho Blast at Canada’s Wonderland. We were young so her dad brought us. We had a sweet time (for pre-teens) and I remember it well! 

Hanson goes way back for me. I have a really specific memory of going to Florida on vacation with my grandparents and I was watching MTV and I saw the Mmmbop music video for the first time. I thought that maybe they were girls at first but I definitely liked the song. You know what? I still like the song… I know it is pretty random but I am definitely down with this track. If you listen closely its actually got some little inspirational messages in there. Check it out!

Lydia and I are going to a concert tomorrow: Bruno Mars with Ellie Goulding opening for him. We are soooo stoked! I have become a major Ellie G fan ever since Lydia moved here and I am super looking forward to this concert. 

Can’t wait to tell you about the concert! 

Blog #15


The 60 Day Project

The 60 Day Project is a crazy idea that I had at the last minute!  Lydia and I had been talking about working on the blog together and were looking for ideas to do that.  We’ve been drafting ideas for weeks but hadn’t thought of the best format to share it all!  So then I thought why don’t we try to do a blog post everyday for 60 days and try to include as much fun stuff we could do in Edmonton as possible.  

The main reason, we went for the “60 Day Project” is because we made a quick decision to move back to Ontario at the end of August!  We always knew we would be moving back but we hadn’t planned exactly when.  Well we kind of made a last minute decision but we are going for it!  We are in hardcore planning mode at the moment!  So yeah - it’s out!  It’s official - we are moving back to Ontario! (and we are stoked)  We are going to miss Edmonton for sure but we will be embracing all the fun times as much as we can!  

Needless to say, working full time, writing a blog post everyday, and planning a cross country move has been a bit crazy for both of us!!  On the bright side, it’s tons of fun and a great experience!  Now, we can’t have a super fun outing every single day so some of the posts are just random things we’ve been doing or thoughts and ideas we’ve had!  

We’ve also been reaching out to businesses to see if we can blog about them by enjoying an experience at their business!  It’s very exciting and we can’t wait to share our experiences!  We are interested in trying anything in or around the city of Edmonton that is interesting and exciting.

We are still looking for more businesses to partner with!  If you are a business owner or manager and would like to partner with us, please contact us at .

Make sure to come back to the blog daily to see what we’ve been getting up to!  Thank you for reading and following along!

Blog #7


Fort Edmonton Park, Part 2: 1885 Street

The next era in history was 1885 Street.  We came here to try our hand at leather working in the saddle shop!  I had done it before but was eager to check it out again.  We both pounded out (literally, with wooden mallets) our nicknames on leather strips.

On this street we also checked out a church, a shoe maker’s shop, a school, the Ottewell’s homestead, and Mrs. Kernohan’s Millinery (which was one of my favourite places, a hat making shop).  Stay tuned for more about 1885 Street soon.

Click on each photo set for more details!  

Blog #44


The Sun Sets in the West…and Rises in the East

Here are some photos I’ve captured of some sky views in the past year.  I’m a sucker for cool clouds and/or a beautiful sunset.  Just a quick post tonight - moving is coming along nicely but we are very busy with it!  Thanks for stopping by and hope you like the pics! 

Blog #41


The Concert: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

We’ve been talking about it all week— yesterday we went to the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert! After getting our thrift shop duds on and playing some pump up jams at our house we cabbed down to the Shaw Conference Centre. The doors hadn’t opened yet when we got there so there was a huge lineup. We’re talking like 7 blocks long, no joke. It was so long I thought I was dreaming. Anyways we got inside with plenty of time to spare and then made our way to the front of the crowd as close as we could to the stage.

A rapper named Shad opened for M & R. His produced stuff is pretty good but the live show wasn’t as great. Too much bass and not in a good way! 

Finally the main event started and it was awesome! Macklemore and Ryan Lewis put on a super great show and it was high energy. It was really cool because Wanz and Ray Colton were there and sang their parts in Thrift Shop, and Can’t Hold Us, respectively. Owuor Arunga was their trumpet player and he went wild with it! All in all it was an amazing show and we like them all even more now! 

Have you been to any sweet concerts this summer? We would love to hear what you’ve checked out! (Post in the comments!)

Blog #38


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 

We are sooo pumped up!! Today we are finally going to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis woohoo!! This will be our third concert this summer. As you already know we made our own “Thrift Shop” video and had so much fun doing it! We can not flippin’ wait for tonight. It is going to be a big sibling party and we are all looking forward to it. Some if his songs are funny and some have really great messages. As much as “Thrift Shop” is an awesome song we are most looking forward to hearing “Can’t hold us”. I am not a great dancer but I’m tellin’ ya guys, I can’t wait to bust a move! What’s your favourite Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song? Come back tomorrow to see our pics from the concert :) 

Written by Lydia

Blog #37 

Motivation Monday 

Happy Monday!  For today’s Motivation Monday we’ve come across this Dr Seuss quote to share with you.  Treat each and every day as the opportunity to do something great in your life.  If you want to start something new or make a change in your life, today is a good day to start! If you’re working on something and starting to lose steam, remind yourself of what you’ve done so far and keep on going!  Set mini goals and reward yourself along the way.  

Whatever it is you are working on - you can do it!  Seize the day and keep pushing towards your goals!  

If you are needing some motivation, check out these helpful tips for getting self motivated!  

Blog #27



I finally figured it out!  Craig and I went out for another dirtbike lesson this weekend.  He taught me how to ride officially and I’m starting to really get the hang of it!  I’m not going to lie - I was so nervous to try again, especially after having a wipeout the first time I tried it.  This weekend I worked on turning and changing gears.  I figure I will learn something new every time.  Seriously looking forward to getting out again and working on my skills!  

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  

Blog #6


Going Away Party Pics Part Two

Here are some of the pics that my friend Leanne took for me at our going away party!  I love the way they turned out!  Leanne has a budding photography business in Edmonton and she is super talented.  She also writes a photography blog - you can check out her webpage and blog here.  Huge thanks to Leanne for her great work!!!  If you are in the Edmonton area and looking for a photography - make sure you check Bleach Black Photography out!  


See You Later Edmonton!  

We are officially settled in Ontario!  Lydia moved back to Barrie last Wednesday and Craig and I arrived in Cochrane on Tuesday evening.  We are all so happy to be home but we definitely miss friends and good times from Edmonton!  We are excited to start our new journeys but had to say ‘bye’ to Edmonton for one last time.  

And when we say, “saying goodbye to Edmonton”, we mean saying bye to our friends, the city we’ve come to know, and all the good memories!  Although Lydia and I were in Edmonton for different amounts of time we will both miss things about Edmonton!  In the six years I was there I got to know my way around the city, met tons of great people, and made many great memories.  In the four months that Lydia was there she had a great time living away from home, trying tons of news things, and making close relationships with new people.  

I always told myself that Edmonton didn’t have “enough” nature.  Looking through my pictures, although there wasn’t enough, we sure embraced what there was.  From snowboarding in the winter to nature walks and hikes in the summer, Edmonton has been pretty good to us!  I’ve shared some of my favourite nature snaps taken in Edmonton and then of course, one final selfie collage of pictures past and present of Lydia and I in Edmonton. 

Lastly, I have to say we are really going to miss all the fun people we have left behind.  Each of you has a special meaning to us and it has been so great getting to know all of you.  Don’t be shy and I hope all of our Edmonton friends keep in touch via the blog, Facebook, snail mail, whatever works for you - we will write back!  Thank you to everyone (& Edmonton, the city) for making our Edmonton experience great and memorable.  

This marks the end of the 60 Day Project.  Thank you to each of you who followed along and read the blogs!  We have had so much fun putting it all together and making the most of our last sixty days in Edmonton.  Stay tuned for what is to come and have a great weekend!  

Some quotes about moving to leave you with.  OXO <3

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote to travel is to live.”  -Hans Christian Anderson

“Keep your eyes open and your feet moving forward.  You’ll find what you need.”

“Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.”  -Dave Mustaine

Blog #60


A lot of food posts lately!  Here is a lunch date I had last week with my good friend Alex.  We went to Dadeo for lunch.  It is a New Orleans inspired restaurant and is set up kind of like an old school diner.  Their menu is full of different types of po boys, jambalaya, and gumbo.  After you order your meal they bring you a cute little tea biscuit served with jalapeno jelly.  I didn’t think I would like the jelly but it was super tasty!  I ordered a calamari po boy for lunch and Alex had the blackened chicken po boy with  Bayou gumbo.  We had cherry cokes to wash it all down and it was one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time!  So delicious!!  

After lunch we had a walk along Whyte Avenue to check out some cool stores.  The bottom right picture is Alex trying on some squid and pickle fingers.  The bottom left is the vent @ Dadeo with giant googly eyes.  The whole place has a bunch of cool decorations, even the top of the diner is lined with vintage bowling alley ends.  (pictured on middle right)

You can find out more about Dadeo here.   

Blog #51


Fort Edmonton Park, Part Four: 1920 Street

For the last part of our trip to Fort Edmonton Park we bring you “1920 Street”.  We headed to the Mellon Farm and joined some girls who were doing some bead work. This was a craft we were really looking forward to! Personally, I could have spent quite a few hours doing bead work. While beading, a gentleman named Mr. Frost mentioned he was going for a car ride. We couldn’t help but ask for a ride lol. It was so cool to ride in a car from the olden days (we felt famous). We did some exploring down the street and checked out some neat shops. Then we headed to the midway for a ride on the carousel. We were obviously the oldest people on the ride but it brought back some good childhood memories. They had several games set up that we had to play and we won lots of prizes. Once we used up all our tickets we realized it was closing time. As sad as we were to leave the park, we were both hot, hungry, and tired. We had a jam packed day learning about the history of Edmonton and had tons of fun!  We recommend anyone who lives in Edmonton or just visiting to check it out. Guaranteed you’ll have a great time!

Click on each photo set for more info!

Written by Lydia

Blog #47

Behind the Scenes Part 2

Okay so we said we would post part 2 on like Saturday but some great stuff got in the way!  As promised though here is part two of behind the scenes — the writing & editing process.  

For the 60 Day Project in particular, we jot down ideas all the time for things we should put on the blog.  We decide which day we are going to post what and then work fast to get the posts together.  

Once we get “the shot” (aka: a few good pics to post) we sit down and put them in a fancy photo set using an easy app on the iPad.  Our favourite apps for pic stuff are: Pic Stitch, Insta Frame, and A Beautiful Mess.  Lydia usually puts the pictures together and I usually do the writing.  Once we put it all together, I get Lydia to read it over one last time to make sure I don’t sound too awkward (lol).  

We’ve been having lots of fun so far and I have to say I love having Lydia as a co-writer.  We bounce ideas off each other and try not to take things too seriously!!  We hope you’re liking the 60 Day Project so far!  Thanks for reading!


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Thrift Shopping

We are counting down the days til we go to the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert - 4 more sleeps to be exact!!!  As you know, we are trying to do as many fun things as possible for the 60 Day Project so here was the idea — to go thrift shopping for the concert so we could go to the show in thrift shop costume - like just for some major random fun!  We found some really great outfits that we will share later but for now you’ve gotta check out this video!  Thrift shopping to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Thrift Shop.  We had a lot of fun making this video and we hope you like it just as much as we do!

Blog #33

Behind the Scenes Part 1

We posted a bunch of gifs today of some of our photo shoots! (check below)  Like we’ve said before, for every good pic we get, we take like 5 bad ones too.  So today we are sharing the good ones and the bad ones and just what it looks like when we set out to get some pics!  

I really love putting gifs together (I don’t even know how to say the word ? GIFs?  jiffs?  I just try to say G-I-Fs now!!!).  When you take a bunch of pics and string them all together you can usually get a pretty good laugh out of the process!  Digital cameras are so awesome for taking as many pics as you want and worrying about the results later.  

Thanks for reading!  Part 2 tomorrow - the writing and editing process!

Blog #31

Nails in Time ! 

Hey!  I put this photo set together because as it turns out, I take pictures when I’m proud of my mani!  Here are some of the ways I’ve painted my nails over the last year!  Do you have a favourite brand of nail polish?  My favourites are Zoya and Sally Hansen for sure, followed closely by OPI.  These are all paint jobs done by myself except for one of them is a professional manicure.  Can you guess which one?  

Hope you all had a great weekend!  It is starting to feel like fall here already in Edmonton.  I really hope that summer is just taking a little break for now and that it comes back out really soon for at least a few more weeks!!  

(PS.  The professional mani is the bottom left corner!)

Blog #26



Yesterday Adrienne, Craig, Nick, Amber, Bryana and I all went to K-days! While we were there we separated and did our own thing. We tried different treats (deep fried pie anyone?), got some drinks at the beer garden and then met up for the Classified concert. We were all soo stoked to see him! Ade and Craig kept it cool in the back row while the rest of us fought our way to get as close to the stage as possible! It was an awesome show and he played tons of good songs! Great times, great people, great fun! Thanks Nick and Amber for the sweet close ups of Classified. 

Blog #22

Motivation Monday

In life, we all go through rough patches.  At times it seems there is so much negativity that it is hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  You are not alone!  “Light up the darkness” is a simple quote but it says a lot. In the times of darkness always know that there is someone out there who feels the same.  We all go through our own struggles but that is what moulds us into who we are.  We can choose to be negative, or we can choose to see light in every situation.  We are all lights in this world so let your light shine bright!  We hope you all have a great Monday and remember stay positive!  

Written by Lydia

Blog #20