Winner of Honorable Mention in Nikon’s Small World Competition of 2008.

A coiled, filamentous cyanobacterium Anabaena is visualized via Nomarski differential interference contrast microscopy (600x). Anabaena is known for its nitrogen fixing abilities, and tends to form symbiotic relationships with certain aquatic plants. They are one of four genera of cyanobacteria that produce neurotoxins, which are harmful to local wildlife, as well as farm animals and pets. Production of these neurotoxins is assumed to be an input into its symbiotic relationships, protecting the plant from grazing pressure.

Image courtesy of Petr Znachor, Institute of Hydrobiology - Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

funkghost said:


First impression:

oh wow this person seems awesome ima follow rn

Truth is: 

even more awesome than initially perceived

How old do you look:

late teens

Have you ever made me laugh:


Have you ever made me mad: 


Best feature: 

that whole face thing you got there is p nice

Have I ever had a crush on you:

whaaaaaaattt whatareyoutalkingaboutrightnowohmygoodnessmaybe

You’re my:

 much cooler internet friend

Name in my phone: 

Should you post this too?


in other news, being a fiction author (ie. selling your stories for money) is about 600x easier than your parents think, largely bc they generally don’t understand the monetary power of the internet

sell your stuff for kindle, seriously

also keep up with nanowrimo, people get published from their novels on there every year, they’re just other souls on the internet too

emrys-stormborn said:

Wasn't there the Jean/Scott/Rogue love triangle?

And the Scott/Jean/Duncan love triangle?

THATS TRUE but idk, the wolverine/jean/scott love triangle has always been like 600x more annoying than anything else;;;;;;;;;; and rogue’s interest was kind of…temporary? fleeting, maybe? the duncan stuff was clearly a replacement for wolverine but fortunately it had an end so its not an awkward two-good-guys-fighting-over-a-good-girl kinda thing

sigridhr replied to your post “If you’re still doing the askbox meme: number 21, obviously. Also number 7! :D”

sobs forever in the direction of this post because YES TO ALL. (LIA ugh yes I love her so much and I wish we had like 600x more of her. And Nefret’s clinic is everything. It’s the reason I switched from just loving her to ramses-like adoring her :P)

petiteviking replied to your post “If you’re still doing the askbox meme: number 21, obviously. Also number 7! :D”

Nefret!!! Last reread it just really hit me how hard it must have been for her with the culture shock and how awesomely she handled it.

Y’aaaalll, now I’m getting super excited about re-reading the later books where Nefret gets more page time.

you know honestly if I just deleted my blog I’d be 600x times happier

if I just quit tumblr I wouldn’t be so agitated all the time

I truly feel that this website just infuriates me

but the friendships I have here and the blogging about my writing is something id hate to lose