Winner of Honorable Mention in Nikon’s Small World Competition of 2008.

A coiled, filamentous cyanobacterium Anabaena is visualized via Nomarski differential interference contrast microscopy (600x). Anabaena is known for its nitrogen fixing abilities, and tends to form symbiotic relationships with certain aquatic plants. They are one of four genera of cyanobacteria that produce neurotoxins, which are harmful to local wildlife, as well as farm animals and pets. Production of these neurotoxins is assumed to be an input into its symbiotic relationships, protecting the plant from grazing pressure.

Image courtesy of Petr Znachor, Institute of Hydrobiology - Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

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oh wow this person seems awesome ima follow rn

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even more awesome than initially perceived

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late teens

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that whole face thing you got there is p nice

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whaaaaaaattt whatareyoutalkingaboutrightnowohmygoodnessmaybe

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 much cooler internet friend

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Through the 1990s Boeing had been studying stretched versions of the 747-400 and in 1996 proposed the 747-500X and -600X which would have had a 777-based wing at the 1996 Farnborough Air Show, but airline interest was lukewarm at best and the project shelved. When Airbus revealed the A3XX program in 2000 (later became the A380), the stretched 747 was resurrected as a more modest upgrade as the 747X and 747X Stretch, but again, airline interest was lukewarm at best. The 747-400ER and -400ERF incorporated some of the system ideas from the 747X work. Some continued design work proceeded as the 747-400QLR (Quiet Long Range) that used raked wingtips and noise reducing chevron engine nozzles. In 2004 the QLR project was redesignated 747 Advanced with the addition of 787-based systems. In the following year, Boeing launched the 747 Advanced as the 747-8 program. #Avgeek #aviation #aircraft #planeporn #kiad #iad #dulles #airport #airplane_lovers #planespotting #airlines #megaplane #instaplane #boeing #lufthansa #747 #instagramaviation #DABYC #igaviationcontest #avgeekery #avgeekschoolofknowledge

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            the weather is nice. ‘


                    FIERY HEAT DESPITE WINTER’S NAME ’pon the mouths of those who celebrate a holiday soon to come, yet DISOBEDIENCE weighs heavily on a small heart that thrums EAGERLY with ANTICIPATION. What BRIGHT eyes do focus on anxiously with or without DECORUM is peculiar — pale WHITE hair, all too familiardistracting. Shinji bites his tongue.

Anastasia Ashley @anastasiaashley • Supergirl Pro 8/10 • 📷: Lumix 52mm 600x @supergirlpro @anastasiaashley @ari.engel @samina_engel @thesurfchannel (at Oceanside Pier)