The Hobbit: Modern AU

↳ Following the death of his grandfather, Thorin Oakenshield is set to take over as head of the company, or so he thought. Smaug, a multi-millionaire from the north, has brought the company to ruin in his abscence, and taken its riches. With the help of his companions, he sets off to take back the company, but Smaug is not the only one standing in his way.

best of do kyungsoo
  • best of do kyungsoo
  • cr: sehwun

"Hello, I’m D.O"

"Hi, it’s EXO’s D.O!!"

"Would you like to eat this? I’ll give this to you. Is it tasty?"

"It has no ears."

[Imitates Xiumin] “Yes hello, it’s Xiumin~ Thank you so much for inviting me here today. Good bye”

"Our Baekhyunnie"

"What the heck!!! I cried just then but it didn’t show on the broadcast because of the commercial!!!"

Suho: “Why do you think you get called violent?" D.O: "I don’t know….because Baekhyun always gets hit…”

"Ah, I see"


"Cinderella. Cinderella"

"Yah, what do we do? We’re supposed to grill all the meat and eat it together happily but it turned out like this."

[Sings] “Baby you’re my tRAMPoline~” 

"Ah, Baekhyunnie seems to tease me a lot these days…but it’s good because I can punch him."

[Looks at the grilled meat that fell on the floor] "IT’S ALIVE IT’S ALIVE IT’S ALIVE!!!"

Our title song MAMA…… s-s-str-strong orchestra and… powerful.. uh.. powerful…..”

[Makes some sort of fucked up aegyo sound]

"I don’t have any huhu"

"When I watch movies, I don’t eat popcorn. Unlike other people, I always eat nachos. Because nachos are delicious."

[To Baekhyun] "Please continue to get punched by me."


"Oppa will cook you a delicious fried egg"

"Jongdae-yah, let’s eat now."

"I always say this but my shoulders are narrow. But, I will exercise and I will show those with narrow shoulders that your shoulders cAN get broader."

"Who’s the only person I can depend on? Ryeowookie-hyung."


"Baekhyun-ah, you are our team’s mood-maker and you are someone to be proud of, but you’re not even that great…. that was a joke. In all seriousness, even though Baekhyun always pays me out, he definitely is our group’s mood-maker."

"You’re wrong dude."

"Hello? I love you."

[To Suho] "It’s cold so don’t stay outside for too long."

"Ah-ha! Oh-ho!"

[To Chanyeol] "You worked hard."

"I wanted to buy this kid’s pack and give the doll to Suho-hyung but it’s a waste of my money."

[Helium voice talking in mandarin] "Yes, thank you hehehehehe"

"Tao? Come here for a sec. Hurry up"

"I can’t do aegyo like this… It really makes me want to die."


Baekhyun: “Who is the only one you can depend on?” D.O: “Me? Baekhyunnie.”

"Yah, what do you mean it’s bitter?!?! It’s delicious!!"

"Cheese sauce, cheese sauce~"

"You have to wake up now!!"

"Hello Jongdae’s mother!! It’s Kyungsoo~"


"You have money left over?!"

[Muffled Chen voice calling Kyungsoo] “What?”

[Dorky shivering noises]

"I like you?"

"I said I like you. Don’t smile in front of me… because it makes me want to kiss you. I said don’t cry in front of me… because it makes me want to hug you!! Get out of my sight… because I want to kidnap you."

"OoOoOOOh, it’s cold"

[To Chanyeol] "10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 100 years… we’ll keep going together."

[Voice breaks] "Pardon?" 

"Thank you, I love you"

"Is that all?"

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Contemporary Art Week!

S. Ross Browne

Series: Self-Evident Truths

from the artist’s statement:

These paintings represent a modern study in dichotomy and perception from a historical context using portraiture as the interpretive engine.

I often use the image of the black woman in unaccustomed/atypical context; derived to create a visual tension between historical fact, misinformation and myth. The viewer is lured into the possible narrative of the depicted figure by her beauty, strength and grace; however immediately enters an intellectual menagerie where they are confounded by the disconnected visual clues. Is she slave or slaveholder? Is she captive or free, is she servant or served? Is she factual or fictional in a historical context? All of these questions and more provide basis for the individual viewers journey of allegorical interpretation.

The images are imbued with cultural and ethnic symbolism that provides insight into the historical context of the painting. Yet, the icons, combined with my personal visual vocabulary, may remain unseen or misread by the “unknowing” eye; the eye that never learned the historic bases for all the possibilities in the lives of these women. In a society that often make instant cultural judgements based on visual cues that are often stereotypical, but not always, I feel offering ethnic imagery that defies common visual library of the modern citizen may challenge each individuals biases and foregone conclusions of their own notions of what race represents in history and therefore in humanity.

The images beg the question: Is “Truth” self-evident? Who’s “Truth”? How does knowledge, experience and perception of one’s “self” determine what is evident? If the view of oneself is skewed is it possible to see another clearly?