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Can you help me to start a workout routine?

yes. I am actually in the middle of making a fitness page for my blog for so this is good timing. 

XXXXX <——— FitnessBlender has A TON of free and effective workouts with an amazing range. I use this and I trust it with my life it is amazing. I highly suggest you buy one of there workout programs. they cost like 6-9 bucks and they give you a workout calendar with exercises it is amazing.The workout bar on the side allows you to pick level, workout style, equipment, and length so use it constructively.  

****** remember getting fit takes time. it look me about 6 months to get to my target weight and a year to get the strength and muscle definition I wanted so keep at it. after about a month or two it becomes a habit I swear. Also eat as clean as you can. I am not going to get into it now but you wont see results with a poor diet it’s just a fact*******

1. beginner: before you get the workout calendar or start into any routine you need to start to build a bit of a core. I think it really helps as you get in to routine and gives you something solid to build on. For that I suggest pilates for that. It is good for beginners because it is low impact and it helps start to build muscle.  X here is the pilates page. I would do 2 videos or so 3 times a week for maybe a month or two. As you get stronger add on another day (leaving one out for rest.) Sounds tedious but you will thank me. 

2.  now that you have got a good core going start in on videos. staying on beginners level X I would do total body workouts in 1-2  level . I used to do 2 thirty minute or over total body exercises Monday and Wednesday then thursday friday and saturday I would do 2(each day) shorter videos. After a little bit of that I did the 1-2 level video in more specific areas like abs, lower body and so on.  

3. once you feel strong enough or need more challenges moves up to level 3 X. That is when fitness blender starts adding in HITT which is extremely effective but hard cardio. The bottom of each video tells you directions for how many times it is safe to do that style of video (usually 3 times a week) Do those cardio or HITT 3 times and then do the low impact or shorter level 3 videos rest of the days leaving a day for rest/yoga video :)

4. Once you are ready switch up to level 4-5 videos X and add weight strength videos ( which are actually my favorite they are slow like pilates but give me the same cardio impact.)  I suggest the 5 day challenge series they do which is tailored for busy people. It is important that you still only do HITT 3 times a week because you need muscle rest even at level 4-5. Use low impact, strength or even level 3 videos in-between. Tonight I am bumping down to doing 2 level 3 cardio workouts because I am sore.

 They also make 1000 calorie videos which are insane and I do those once a month only whew jesus. 

Just be patient and work yourself up through the level. Stay commited! 

if you’ve been brainwashed, tortured and on/off frozen for 70 years without your consent i’m pretty sure that disqualifies you from being a villain

Elements of Cyberpunk

So, a few of you may have seen the various previews for this floating around both here and on my Patreon page (if you’re a $2+ supporter). This is probably the most detailed piece I’ve ever created, and has been an absolute blast to work on. Hopefully attendees of buckcon will agree, since I will be selling it as a print there, when I vend with alskylark, dennybutt, tracymod and eleanorappreciates!

As you may have seen earlier, I’ll also be selling badges with each of the mane 6 as featured in this. Even if you can’t buy a print, make sure to stop by our stall in the vendors hall if you are coming to BUCK. See some of you there!

I’d also like to remind people again that I’m still doing my commission/donation drive to fund my journey to BUCK. With the commissions I’ve accepted so far, I’ve pretty much reached my goal, but every bit is still helpful! If you would like to commission me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! My price list can be found here: http://brainedbysaucepans.tumblr.com/commissions

EDIT: Redid the background slightly, since the lights on the buildings were letting down the rest of the image.

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