dopaminexplosion said:

Do you find it degrading when people throw tips and you have to pick them up? Someone had said this and just wznted to know ur opinion cause you seem so confident

Yeah being paid a lot of money at my job is so degrading.  So are all the compliments.  Stop telling me I’m gorgeous and giving me your hard earned cash, for the love of

s-is-for-stiles said:

Hi, do you know why the Teen Wolf playing cards indiegogo campaign page is no longer there? The money has been taken out of my paypal account, but the campaign page says it has been either deleted or moved.

Hi! I’ve been quite sick and busy with my job so I didn’t have the time to make a proper post about this yet. Here it goes:

I did not close the campaign. MTV News published this article and the next day I was notified by Indiegogo that Viacom had reported the campaign due to copyright. Obviously, every order that I got will proceed as planned! I appreciate all the support I’ve been getting about this, but I do not wish to dispute anything with Viacom. All I want is for people to enjoy their decks and the fair use art on them. That’s it. If you have any questions about your orders feel free to contact me at

I plan on everyone to get their cards at least at the beginning of December, but I have absolutely no control over shipping and their delays. Please do not think for a second that I’ll just take your money or something. I’ve been trying to find the time and health to send everyone an email to confirm their address and orders. It’s just been really hard and I’m very sorry! I’ve tried everything and I have an appointment with the doctor in two weeks, until then I’ll try my best to contact everyone <3