got me spinning like a ballerina
feeling gangsta every time I see ya
you’re the king and baby
i’m the queen of disaster, disaster

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💘When you accidentally take an awkward picture of yourself.😬😂

grunge/ lucid ☯

grunge/ lucid ☯

What Is Slide Film: An Introduction To Color Reversal & E-6

Ahhh slide film… a once completely standard medium has now become quite illusive - like personal space on an airplane or a pair of heels to fit my size 10 feet in France. (Seriously you would not believe how small French women’s feet are!) Contrary to popular belief, your grandfather’s preferred medium has not disappeared once and for all, and is in fact alive and well. As of 2015 Fuji is the only original major manufacturer of slide film which continues to produce it today, but you can also get it from Lomography, Rollei and some other independent companies.

Let’s start with the basics: what is slide film? In simple terms, it’s the opposite of color negative film. Instead of a negative, it makes a positive. This is why it is also called color reversal film. When you develop it, you see a tiny photo - no print needed. Think of it as bizarro world color film, or opposite day color film if you prefer. If you were born before 1990 there is a very high chance you were forced to watch old slideshows of your parents’ vacations from the 1960s. In fact, the term “slideshow” comes from the ancient practice of subjecting one’s friends and family to sit in the dark and stare at images projected on a wall for hours while they drone on and on and on about that camping trip to the Grand Canyon that one time. When you make a slideshow presentation on your computer, the icons resemble the plastic mounting used on actual slides.

{Vintage color slides on Kodak Ektachrome, from ISSF’s private collection}

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