Bye Bye Brucie!

Head monkey wrangler/sunderland manager Steve Bruce has sadly been sacked. If he ever gets another job in Football I’d be surprised.

His reddened, deformed face will never darken the halls of another premier league (or any league for that matter) club.

Our hero was of course partly responsible for Bruce’s darkest moment in his tenure, scoring a typically precise penalty and slightly less typically spectacular scissors kick in what can only be described as the fucking demolition of 5under1and last October.

While the Mackems will doubtless be happy he’s gone, I think most Newcastle fans will be pretty down. Surely another few months of tactical ineptitude and bizzare signings from the ex-Geordie would have been okay? Till like, May, maybe?

Personally I’m hoping their next appointment will be worse. I’m thinking Avram Grant, or Schteve McClaren of Hesselink, or heaven forfourletterwordingbid Joe Kinnear. What a laugh that would be.

Until next time, happy Shola worshipping.


Вообще это был вольный опус в ответ на поднятую моими прекрасными подкастерами тему (Anyone else think its time to see if #SAFC will give us £5m for Nile Ranger, If they’re chucking £12m at Stephen Fletcher? #EH?), которая меня по понятным только избранным причинам некогда вынесла к чертям собачьим:D