5tupify said: *hugs* hope you get better soon, dear. <3


I hope so, too, dude. I’ve been taking cough drops, spraying my throat with throat spray, and have taken cough syrup since last night. I think it might be my sinuses acting up and draining into my throat. x__X Plus, I’m staying inside for today so I don’t get anymore sick. I only went out today just because of getting art supplies and getting breakfast with my friends this morning.

So I’m hoping tomorrow I should be okay. And if not, I always have Thursday to sleep in, since I don’t have any classes on Thursday until 5:30. I don’t have any classes today until 6, as mentioned. Plus, it’s literally next door, so I’m not complaining.


 5tupify said: *hugs* ; ___ ; <3
[hugs back] ;____;

vrashnerada said: ;.; Aw hun! I hope she comes back soon. Maybe she decided to go underneath the house or something?

I’ve looked under both porches in my house. She’s not there. My mom and I drove around our area to see if she was around, and she’s still nowhere.