An unplanned meeting with incubisora

Alex: *The hooded stallion walked out of a portal that appeared on the beach, on yet another of his world explorations. He decided to visit a world he has not been to yet, so he could expand his knowledge of the worlds and multiverse. Though, this place seemed somewhat familiar, but foreign at the same time. He looked around, checking for anyone that was around and couldn’t find anything. He breathed a sigh of relief as he relaxed on the sandbar, letting the tide brush against his hooves. Neglecting to use his heightened senses to check for anymore present figures as he felt at ease*

Agape is total love. It is love that consumes the person that experiences it. Whoever knows and experience agape learns that nothing in the world is important - just love. This was the kind of love Jesus felt for humanity and it was so great that it shook the stars and changed the course of history. For the ancients, enthusiasm meant trance, or ecstasy - a connection with God. Enthusiasm is agape directed at an idea or specific thing. Enthusiasm normally manifests itself with all of its force during the first years of our lives. At that time, we have strong links to our divinity, and we throw ourselves into our play with our toys with such will our dolls come to life and our surroundings are transformed into new worlds. When Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven belonged to children, he was referring to agape in the form of enthusiasm. Children were attracted to him, not because they understood his miracles, his wisdom, or his apostles. They went to him in joy, moved by enthusiasm” ~~

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Paulo Coehlo (The Pilgrimage)

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