lil rant I guess

On Instagram, I’m always seeing comments on the boys pictures that are just disgusting. On Liz’s page I see multiple comments saying “I wanna rape ur son” and things similar to that. Like that’s not funny to joke about because, well rape isn’t funny obviously. And these 12 year old girls are leaving awful comments about how they masturbate to their pictures and graphic things they would do to the boys. It’s NOT OK to say that just because they are famous, if they read that stuff they would probably be just as disturbed as a regular person. Yes we admire them, so we should leave respectful comments as a fam. (That was long sorry, but it’s bothersome)

Out of my Limit Acoustic(campfire)
  • Out of my Limit Acoustic(campfire)
  • 5 Seconds of Summer

Can you just imagine camping with the boys and having them play their songs for you??!! I just need a moment cry with me (i recommend using headphones if you like audios like this let me know and i’ll make more)