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guys its only like 4 days to christmas oh my god. so shall i do ships? i think so.

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5sos Ships! (Christmas Edition)

I’m finally getting into the christmas spirt, so i thought i’d share my spirt with you lovely people by doing some christmas ships for you all!

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Merry Christmas Lovlies! <3

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Whatever floats your boat

That was yet another corny way to announce that I am now doing ships.

As I am at my friends house and have internet for the night I am doing ships to celebrate and in an attempt to help her gain followers.


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Popularity // Calum Imagine


Summery: He is just another one of the people who you ignored in the hallways as they insulted you. That was until he started failing a class and he needed your help.

Request: (kinda did it don’t be mad if it isn’t exact)


Word Count: 2276


Request here

"Wow, here comes y/n. What’s it like not having friends?" Calum, captain of the football (soccer) team, yell over the hum of the hallway. I duck my head, trying to weave through so people don’t notice me. I’m used to all the popular people insulting me every time I pass, so I know how to avoid people looking at me.

I rush into my Algebra, immediately making my way to the back of the room. I place my belongs on the desk and pull out my diary. I usually write everything that happens to me throughout the day, which is actually kinda depressing. I would never let anyone read it though, I am a teenage girl and I have secrets I don’t want anyone to know.

I scribble on the paper, detailing everything that just happened in the hall way. That is not the worst thing I have experienced. My last hour is gym, which happens to be before the cheerleaders have their practice. Everyday they come up with new ways to make me feel like I’m less than them. Anything Calum says or even thinks doesn’t compare to their torture.

"What are you writing?" I slam my book close and look to see Calum, with a smirk plastered on his face.

"What do you want?" I whisper, avoiding looking at him. He has never came up to me in class. Wait, let me correct that, never has he ever came up to me.

"Okay, I’m going to be up front with you. I am failing algebra and I need help from the smartest person and school and that would be you." he states. I look up at him, seeing that his smirked is replaced with a hopeful look.

"So, basically, now that you need something from me, you think I am going to forget every wrong thing you have ever done to me. Sorry, I don’t think I can do this, Calum," I tell him, rolling my eyes and looking away again. I have never really acted like this towards anybody but I really don’t feel like helping some one who has never cared about my feelings before.

"Y/n, please, if I don’t have a good grade by the end of the week I’ll be kicked off the team," he begs. I avoid his eye contact and doodle on the piece of paper I have in front of me.

"I don’t think you remember, you and all your friends have made me feel like shit these past two years. Do you really think I want to give up my time to tutor you?" I snap.

"I understand you are upset, but I will do anything for you to tutor me. I will even buy you a new calculator or a dumb science magazine." he states. I look at him and shake my head.

"Fine, after school give me a ride to your house and I’ll tutor you. Afterwards we can go to the store and you can buy me a cd or something." I say. Calum’s lips form into his well known cocky smirk.

"Great, I’ll see you after school then," he states. The bell rings for everyone to get to there seats. Calum walks to the other side of the room, turning back to give me a wink. The girls in front of me began to start fights over who the wink was directed to. I roll my eyes and open my note book to work on the assignment.

*two hours later*

I walk up to my gym locker, putting in the combination and taking out my clothes. My gym has just ended and it was time to go meet up with Calum. I walk over to the changing room when my hair is pulled, dragging me in the direction I was being pulled.

"Aw, poor y/n," Isabelle, the co captain of the cheer squad, sarcastically says.

"We all know where you are going, y/n. You are going to hang out with Cal. Too bad he doesn’t like you," Rebecca, the captain snarls into my ear.

"I don’t even like him, why are you guys being extra bitchy today," I ask. I was honestly getting really tired of being pushed around and harassed.

"Oh, honey, we all know you have a thing for him. Who doesn’t?" Isabelle whispers, obviously avoiding being heard.

"You want nothing more than to feel his lips on yours and for everything to be great. The only problem with that wish is you aren’t good enough for him." Rebecca says, each word sounding like stabs.

"I don’t like-"

"You aren’t good enough," Isabelle repeats, kicking me in the back of the knee. I yelp out in pain and fall to the ground. They both take turns throwing insults at me and kicking me. I lay there, taking everything that is thrown at me, avoiding the urge to cry.

"Bitch," I hear their footsteps becoming distant. As much as I want to stand up and leave, I can’t. I just lay there, finally letting out my tears. I lay there crying on the ground.

I finally remember that I have to get up and leave or Calum will be extremely pissed at me. I push myself off the ground feeling like it is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Out of everything that they have ever done to me, this is the worse. I’m used to the names and occasional hits, but I have never felt this weak and worthless. 

I walk over to the mirror and wipe away my tears. I turn on the water, watching the cool water come from the faucet. I cup my hands under the water, then splash the cool water in my face.

After all of this, I have lost interest in changing, need to take my gym clothes home anyways.I walk out of the locker room, with my head held low, walking towards the exit of the school.

"Y/n!" I hear someone yell. I know it is most likely Calum, but I just keep on going and don’t turn back.

"Y/n, wait up," I hear him shout again. I roll my eyes and turn around, seeing exactly who I thought it was running over towards me.

"Jesus, y/n, what’s up with you?" he asks, looking all over my body. I look down, seeing bruises that are forming from what happened just a minute ago.

"Oh, I was just in gym class. I probably got all these from in there." I avoid looking into his eyes. It wasn’t a lie, I was just in gym class, but it wasn’t exactly the truth either. I don’t want him to know the truth, no one can know.

"Are you okay?" he asks, sincerely. I look up, the corner of his lips were curled down in a frown, his eyes are locked with mine. he is actually quite attractive when he isn’t being an inconsiderate ass. 

"It’s just some bruises, I’ll live." I shrug, looking away, I know if I look any longer I will start liking him, and that is that last thing I want.

"Okay, we should probably get going now. I don’t want my mum home while we are still studying." he spoke, making my heart fall. "She would be so mad if she found out I needed a tutor." I look up, seeing him looking down at me with a small smile. Okay, so today might not be so bad after all.

*three hours later*

"You really did that?" I ask in between my laughing fit. Calum and I have gotten really side tracked off studying, we began to talk about family and things we love, which it was mostly him talking. I didn’t know. It fascinated me how his eyes lit up talking about his sister and mum.

"Yeah, I know, it was really embarrassing. I never would have thought a haunted house would literally make me pee my pants," he says shyly.

"Well, I haven’t really done many embarrassing things, and I bet you know why." I say without thinking. Calum stops laughing and turns to look at me with sorrow. I turn my body away, upset about how things were going so well, then I fucked it up. We just sat there, in silence, as tears rim my eyes,. I completely forgot after all this time that he was just another one of the people who didn’t care about how I felt, as long as they were cool.

"Y/n, I’m sorry," he said, "If I would’ve known you were this cool, I would have not done all the wrong things." I feel the bed shift, signalling he is off the bed. I squeeze my eyes shut to prevent the tears to stream down my face. I hear his bare feet taking steps onto the hardwood floor. I open my eyes as his warm hand touches my face, tilting my head so I can see his face.

"Listen, y/n, I have messed up greatly. Not getting to know you sooner is the dumbest thing I have ever done, and I told you a lot of things I have never told anybody, you are willing to listen and actually care." he takes his hand away, taking a seat next to me. "Most people who I talk to don’t even care, they just want to be popular and I am the key. I can never take back what I said in the past about you, but I can say I am sorry and that is all I can do,"

He reaches up to my face, his hand cupping my face. He leans in, pressing his lips softly onto mine. I feel my heart stop at the new sensation of his lips pressed against mine. I want to pull away, but his touch as me trapped under a spell. Finally, he pulls away, leaving his face only inches away from me.

"You are amazing, love, and don’t let any prick, including me, tell you otherwise." he says, chucking a bit.

"Why did you do that? I slightly push his chest so his face is away from me. "I’m sorry Calum, but after spending a couple of hours I’ve realized I liked you but It will never work. The minute we are in school, you will began making fun of me again and everything will be to normal." I say, getting off the bed, walking over to where my back laid on the floor.

"Y/n, I would never make fun of you, ever again, I promise." he grabs my wrist and turns me around so I am facing him.

"So you are willing to tell the whole school about this?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. He looks down, signalling his answer.  "Exactly, now take me home. This was a mistake." I huff, walking over to the door of room, walking out.

"What about going to the store? I haven’t even paid you." He insists, I shake my head.

"I’ll walk home, and forget about what happened today," I say lowly before exiting the house.

*The Next Day*

I sat in the lunch room, not really eating much. I have been upset since I left Calum’s house. I haven’t seen him since then and it really hurts. I should’ve known that when we started talking about different bands, I should’ve stopped then and there and kept studying. I stand up, walking to a trash can to throw my tray away. I pass a homecoming poster, the tenth time I have passed one today. I roll my eyes and throw my entire lunch into the trash can.

Turning around, I come face to face with Calum. I feel a sting in my chest.

"Hi, y/n. I would like to ask you something." He whispers. I roll my eyes.

"What is it?" I cross my arms across my body. He gets onto the nearest table, mumbling his apologizes to the people at the table.

"Can I have everyone’s attention?" He yells, making all heads turn towards him, the hum of cafeteria. I look up at him.

"What the hell are you doing?" I whisper yell. He looks down at me, mouthing ‘you’ll see’.

"As you guys know, Homecoming is coming up, and as the captain of the football team, I have to have a date, or else I’ll have the other guys on the team make fun of me," He yells, sending yells from the football players.

"Well, I’m going to ask someone I have known for a long time, but never got to know until yesterday. He is a kind and caring person, even though I have never been nice to her. She has a heart as big as my ego." He pauses as laughter roars throughout the huge room.

As the laughter calms down he begins speaking again, “All of you know her and I don’t care what you will say about it, because she is one of the most perfect people in the world, but you will never know.” He turns to me, holding his hand out to me. I smile a big goofy smile, taking his hand in mine. He guides me up the table, gasps fill the room, making me feel extremely anxious.

"You don’t have to do this," I whisper to him, starring up at his smiling face.

"Babe, I want to," He presses his lips against mine, catching me off guard. My lips mold into his, electricity flowing through my veins. I could only hear the whistling and yelling throughout the whole cafeteria. Calum breaks the kiss and pulls his body away from mine.

"Will you go to homecoming with me? he asks, nervously. The cafeteria has never been as quiet as it was now. Everyone in the room had their eyes fixed on me, waiting for my response.

"I wouldn’t want to go with anybody else," I tell him, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him down for another kiss.


so i’m watching sherlock holmes but it takes forever to buffer so i decided to do ships inbetween yey also i haven’t done ships in forever


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In celebration of me being in a pretty fantastic mood, I decided to do ships.  However, I figured that if I was going to do ships, I was going to do them RIGHT.

Thus, creating, THE ULTIMATE SHIP.

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I think that’s enough considering these are gonna take so long and a lot of work on my part, but I’m super willing to do it.

I won’t probably be doing them ‘til a little later in the day, so keep checking back and I’ll get to yours! I’ll probably send you a little inbox when its ready. :) 


Much love,

Kara Rose xx

5sos Preference 69: 5 Seconds of Summer School (Part 3)

sorry for the long wait but I actually finished this 3 days ago, but when i posted it there was an error and it got deleted so i’m sorry if this sucks but i’m really just trying to get it up quickly because i have like 45 asks in my mailbox requesting this

remember to request more parts! I’m only continuing on request

Mr. Irwin:

The next day in class, you kept your eyes down cast and sulked silently in your seat. Ashton had spent nearly the entire class period rattling on music in therapeutic methods, his voice echoing in your ears and leaving your heart to break further with every word. You had barely slept at all the night before, tossing and turning in your bed as his harsh words had replayed over and over like a terrible move. The worst part was that you had no one to blame but yourself.

Finally, after what felt like forever, he passed out your home work and took a seat in his brand new desk chair as he clicked his computer back to life. You watched him for a moment, longing for him to hold you close to him like he had all summer and craving his kiss more than ever. He was fiddling with his cellphone, typing away before he finally shoved it in the drawer of his desk and met your gaze head on. It was like the breath was sucked from your lungs, your face flushing as you quickly dropped your gaze back to your homework when you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. Checking to see that he was no longer watching, you sneakily slid it out and nearly choked on your own spit when you saw it was a text from Ashton. “We need to talk, I’m sorry about yesterday.” Was all it said, a small grin spreading across your face as you read it. 

"Miss (Y/L/N), surely that isn’t a cell phone?" Your jaw dropped, a glare sliding onto your face as Ashton smirked down at you, holding his hand out for your phone. "Hand it over, you can get it back this afternoon in detention." Huffing, you slapped your phone into his hand and sunk down in your chair as the class erupted in giggles. Was he trying to sabotage you? Was this his idea of revenge? Toying with your emotions and getting you in trouble too? He sat at his desk again, that stupid smirk glued to his lips as he slipped your phone into his desk as well and began to type away on his laptop.

You stared at your paper for a few moments, scribbling your name across the top and filling in a few of the answers before dropping your paper with a sigh. Standing at the end of his desk, you cleared your throat to catch Ashton’s attention. “May I go to the bathroom?” You asked lamely, yanking the pass from his grip and leaving the room without waiting for his reply. What was he trying to pull, anyways? The moment the bathroom door closed behind you, you leaned against the wall and rested your head against the cool tile. This year was going to be difficult for you, if Ashton was going to try and get you in trouble around every corner.

The door flew open, your eyes peeling open slowly before you were shoved against the sink. “This is the girls’ restroom;” You started to object, Ashton’s hands closing around your waist as he hushed you with a kiss. You wanted to resist, to question his antics towards you but you just melted into him. You’d missed him too much to object, you’d craved him for far too long to resist him. 

Mr. Hood:

Class the next day was awkward, to say the least. Taunts and jeers were thrown your way nearly the entire class period, boys teasing you about your breasts and girls poking fun at your weight. Mr. Hood was as good as dead, his ears deaf to the bullying that was happening and his eyes obviously blind to the multiple boys who fondled you. You were scared to go to detention, worried that Mr. Hood might treat you differently after he’d kissed you the day before. Your hand hovered over the door handle to the gymnasium entrance, your eyebrows furrowed deeply as you considered leaving. Finally, taking a deep breath, you threw the door open and stepped inside to find the gym empty. 

"Mr. Hood?" You asked, knocking on his office door quietly before opening it slowly. He gave you a small smile, rustling around behind his desk for a moment before he pulled out a soccer ball. "Are we playing soccer today?" You questioned curiously, grinning when he nodded in assurance. You’d always loved playing soccer and Mr. Hood would surely be a good opponent as he was the coach of the school’s teams. You followed him out of the school, stepping onto the small field outside of the gym where the gym classes would play outdoor sports. "Ready to get your butt kicked?"

Mr. Hood laughed at your question, his head tossing back and a wide grin on his face as he laughed at your comment. “Sure, (Y/N), sure. Let’s make this a little more serious? Winner gets whatever they want from the loser?” You grinned at his stakes, immediately thinking of how you could get out of detention if you won. You weren’t entirely sure you wanted to, though, so far detention with Mr. Hood had been far from punishment. It’d been nice, actually. “First person to three goals wins.”  With that he raced off, dribbling the ball between his feet as he made his way towards his goal. You scoffed, chasing after him as fast as you could in an attempt to stop him. “You’re already losing, (Y/N), are you ready to eat your words?” He teased as he made his first goal, throwing his fist up in victory.

"Sorry, I can’t hear you!" You joked, stealing the ball easily as he was distracted and racing to the other end of the field to make a goal of your own. The game pushed on, slowly getting more competitive as you made your second goal and Mr. Hood followed soon after. You were neck and neck, Mr. Hood keeping the ball out of your reach as you dashed to steal it away from him. You weren’t exactly sure what you would ask for if you won, all you knew was that you didn’t want him to prove you wrong. "Damn!" You groaned, falling onto the ground and panting as he made his third and final goal with a loud cheer of victory. He did a stupid victory dance, shaking his butt over your head and laughing when you pushed him away sulkily.

He pulled you to your feet, breathing heavily as he smirked down at you triumphantly. “Do I get my prize now?” He asked, his eyes twinkling mischievously as he pulled you closer to his body. His shirt was clinging to him with sweat, just as yours was but you couldn’t care less as your chests pressed together and you could feel his strong body against yours. 

"What did you want?" You asked him timidly, looking up at him through your lashes as he licked his lips.

You could feel his breath on your face, his nose just barely brushing your own as he leaned in closer. “You.” Was all he said as he captured your mouth with his own, his lips claiming you for his own. 

Mr. Hemmings:

The room was silent aside from harsh breathing and the whispering sound of lips ghosting over each other, Mr. Hemmings’s kiss gaining control of you as you found yourself craving more. He was addicting, his taste filling your mouth and his scent filling your lungs until you were left with nothing but him. The stool had long ago been forgotten, laying on the ground after having been kicked over. Your legs were around his waist, his mouth tracing over your jaw as you closed your eyes tightly. You didn’t want it to end, you never wanted to lose the feeling of your body wrapped around his with his kiss sweeping through every fiber of your being.

But, alas, all good things must come to an end. A knock on the door sent you flying under his desk and struggling to control your breathing as he made himself look slightly more presentable, picking up the stool and greeting whoever dared to interrupt such a great moment. “Come in,” He called, leaning back in his chair and folding his hands over his lap. “Oh, what are you doing here?” You furrowed your eyebrows as a pair of tiny, tan feet teetered right up to Mr. Hemmings in their six inch hot pink heels. Your jaw dropped as the girl, at least who you assumed was a girl, placed herself right in his lap.

"I wanted to surprise you at work, baby!" You cringed at the nasal voice, your heart sinking in your chest at the pet name. He had a girlfriend? "I’ve missed you so much, Luke." Suddenly you wished you could disappear, the sound of her voice turning sultry before all you could hear was kissing. He was seriously going to hook up with her while you were under his desk. 

Two hours and lots of tears and hushed cries later, the door clicked shut as Luke’s girlfriend left and you crawled out from under his desk. He took a step towards you, his hand outstretched only for you to back away. “Don’t touch me, don’t you fucking touch me. You disgust me.” You tried but failed to speak firmly, your voice cracking as a fresh round of tears filled your eyes. You weren’t even sure why you were crying, you’d only kissed and there was obviously no relationship between you two but it still hurt. It hurt to sit under a desk while the person you’d just been kissing had sex with his girlfriend not even a foot away. It hurt to hear them moan each other’s names, it hurt to have to not only listen to it but see it, feel it, and most of all smell it. The scent of sex lingered in the air, burning your lungs.

His gaze turned pleading, his swollen lips stretching into a frown as he tried to reach for you again. “Please just let me explain,” He whispered, pleading with you desperately as he chased you around his room. You avoided his grip, just barely sliding past him as you dashed towards the door. “Please, (Y/N), I’m sorry. Just let me explain myself.” Breathing deeply, you blinked away your tears and turned to face him with a determined look.

"There’s nothing to explain, Mr. Hemmings. There’s nothing at all." You stated, stepping out of the room and running out of the school before you could hear the door shut behind you.

Mr. Clifford:

Mr. Clifford’s teeth released your lip, his tongue ghosting over the sensitive skin before he kissed you fully. Your lips molded together, his mouth moving feverishly against your as you wrapped your arms tighter around his neck. You would have never in your wildest dreams imagined you’d hook up with your teacher, but here you were with your legs straddling his lap and his tongue in your mouth. It was far from romantic, more like hungry and desperate as he practically bruised your hips with his harsh grip. As he finally trailed his lips from your mouth to your jaw, you let out your breaths in a short, quiet whisper of a moan. He was experienced, that was for sure as it took him no time at all to find your sweet spot.

You both knew that if you were caught not only would you be expelled and Mr. Clifford fired, he would be arrested as well. But you didn’t care at all, the feeling of his body on yours and his lips against your skin taking over you and controlling even the most rational parts of your mind. You knew it was wrong, you knew you should stop, but you couldn’t. You couldn’t let this moment pass, you wanted to feel all of him and you wanted it now. Rocking your hips against his, he immediately groaned and buried his face in your shoulder to hush himself.

Your head was in the clouds, your body practically buzzing with the pleasure coursing through your body. Never in your life had you thought a little bumping and grinding could get you off, but Mr. Clifford almost made that possible as he helped you roll your hips over his and you struggled to hold back your gasp as he found that spot. It was like he found the big red button a pushed it, explosions of pleasure setting off in your body as you reached your climax and your head fell into his chest as you panted loudly. “Mr. Clifford,” You breathed out as you came down from your high, his hands finding their way under your skirt.

"My name’s Michael, babe," He whispered in your ear, pushing your skirt up around your hips as you worked to undo his pants. He didn’t even wait for you to pull them completely from your legs, shoving your underwear to the side and filling you up in an instant. "Fuck, you feel so good baby." You threw your head back, clenching around him in shock from the sudden intrusion. He was big, bigger than you’d had before and you were abuzz with pleasure mixed with pain. His hands helped you to lift your hips, dropping you back onto him the moment his tip nearly fell from your entrance and you were a trembling mess as you struggled to maintain your breathing.

You were still sensitive from your first climax, the feeling of him pushing deeper inside you sending you in a barrel roll towards the edge. You weren’t going to last long and you knew he was close by the way his eyes clenched shut and his hands were shaking on your hips. Taking control, you rubbed yourself with one hand as you began to grind into him. You swore you could feel him in your stomach, his mouth falling open in a silent shout as he twitched inside of you. “Holy shit, Michael,” You groaned as you buried your face in his neck, your legs giving out and shaking as you fell completely onto him. 

hannah's christmas ships

what you have to do

what you get in return

  • boyf: ashton/calum/luke/michael
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BONUS: if you send me a small blurb, i’ll give you a small imagine in return

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Christmas Ships:)

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hi i have your attention now to let you know that i’m doing ships :)))

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Shipping Tonight!

So, I’m quite bored, and I thought I would do some ships for you lovely people!

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disney-themed ships???

these were good last time so im bringing them back

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disney prince: ash // mikey // cal // lukey

sidekick: ash // mikey // cal // lukey

villain: ash // mikey // cal // lukey

disney song: 

disney character you remind me of:


no notes and this never happened


Merry Shipmas

so lets do ships again

what you gotta do

  • mbf me and internashton
  • reblog our separate posts
  • send me a question/ship me/mlt/wyr/fmk/basically anything
  • idk maybe like/reblog this photo of urs truly
  • have an about/face page

what i give you in return

  • boyf: ashton/calum/luke/michael
  • brother: ashton/calum/luke/michael
  • bestfriend: ashton/calum/luke/michael
  • partner in crime: ashton/calum/luke/michael
  • fake text:
  • first date:
  • compliment

no notes and i never existed


i wanna do ships bc my friends all hate me


  • mbf x
  • reblog this bc yolo
  • send me in a question, wyr, or fmk

in return, you will get

  • a ship 
  • a little blurb thing (i’m sorry if it gets smutty) 
  • um, a compliment to hopefully make your day if you are feeling down or just really a compliment bc you deserve one
  • ooooooohhhh either a fake tweet or a bubble… (there are examples bc idek, examples) 



i pray for notes