the boys are in a band

five sos

the boys play a concert

live sos

the boys get even taller

thrive sos

the boys want to win

strive sos

the boys make me feel

alive sos

give me a hi five sos


sooo, guess who’s back again?

Asking You To Move In With Him (Cashton, Muke)

You’re Polish (x)

Play-Fighting (x)

Cuddles (x)

You’re Shy (x)

You’re 16 (x)

You’re A Writer (x)

The First Time They Say “I Love You” (x)

Meeting At A Concert (x)

First Time Insecurities (Luke)

Sleepwalking (Ashton)

Mobbed (Calum, Luke)

The Power Is Out (x)

You’re Sick (x)

You Get Hate (x)

Meeting The Parents (Luke, Michael)

Catching You Doing Something Embarrassing (x)

You’re On Your Period (Luke)

He’s Sad (x)

He Surprises You (x)

"I Miss You" (x)

Bad Boy (Michael, Luke, Ashton, Calum)

He Proposes (x)

You’re From The UK (Luke)

"You & I" By John Legend (x)

Daddy (Michael)

Jealousy (x)

Blowjobs (x)

Dating Them (x)

Kinks (x)

Unfaithful (Part One, Two, Three)

A Little More To Love (x)

First Sleepovers (x)

You Self-Harm (Luke, Michael, Ashton, Calum)

Demigods (x)

You’re American (x)

Frat Boy (Part One, Two)

Grocery Shopping (Luke)

Fights (Calum, Michael)

Rain (Michael)

Back From Tour (Luke)

Ghost!5SOS (Calum)

He Gets Glasses (Michael)

Love At First Sight (Ashton)

Spanking (Ashton)

Eating Out (Muke, Cashton)

Lazy Day (Luke)

Confessing His Love (Michael)

Library!5SOS (Michael)

Girly Girl (Muke)

You’re Tall (Ashton)


5SOS Texts: Luke - The Selfie Diaries PT3



Luke is so cute and harmless


Even with his stubble and lip piercing and snapbacks and-


*Gasp* Oh no…



5SOS Preference #20: Moments
  • Ashton Irwin:"Hi mommy!" My three year old shouts with a wave. I wave back to Jacob but stare at the mess that is made. My oldest son, Austin, and Jacob, who are covered in flour, stand on stools while helping Ashton bake pancakes. The counter is covered with batter, flour and sweets. "We're cooking!" Austin says while holding up a spoon that is caked with batter. "I see that." I say with a laugh, turning my head to Ashton. "Good morning, beautiful." He says with a cheeky smile, trying to look innocent. I shake my head at him with a smirk. "We're making Mickey Mouse pancakes." Jacob states. "With M&M's!" Austin shouts while putting tons of the little treats on the batter on the pan. "Be careful, Austin." I warn and he nods. "You want some, love?" Ashton asks me while flipping a pancake. I shake my head. "I could've made you guys pancakes," I state while walking over to my boys. "You could've woke me up." I kiss my little ones heads and then Ashton's lips. "Yeah but we're big boys!" Jacob says, throwing some M&M's into the batter. "And daddy didn't want to wake you up." Austin says, eyeing the stacked pancakes on the plate. I look over to Ashton before he wrapped his arms around me, my big belly in between us. "You needed to rest. I knew our little princess was keeping you up most of the night." He whispers while resting his forehead on mine. "Yeah but what if you burned the house done, huh?" I ask with a laugh. "We would never, right boys?" Ashton asks, looking over to our sons. "Right!" Austin says as Jacob nods. Jacob stirs the batter slowly, making a mess in the process as Austin throws in more M&M's. "I hope I won't be the one cleaning this mess up." I say and Ashton laughs before kissing my lips, getting an "ew" from our boys.
  • Luke Hemmings:"Luke be careful with her." I warn while watching him tickle our three year old daughter. Her little giggles fill the bedroom. "D-daddy!" Ella shrieks in between her laughter. He stops tickling her and then kisses her forehead. He lays next to me on the bed as she pants because of her laughter. "You alright?" I ask her while laying on my side. Ella smiles and nods. "Daddy's the tickle monster mommy." She states before crawling next to me. "Is he now?" I ask with a smile before wrapping an arm around her and she nods. "He told me." She whispers. "Shh, El. It's a secret." Luke says with a smile before tickling her little feet. She laughs little. "Is mommy your queen, daddy?" She asks out of the blue before laying down in between the two of us. His smile grows. "Of course," He says, looking down at her and up at me. "Your mommy will always be my queen." I smile at him as he watches me. "And I'm your princess, right?" She asks with a smile. "Right." He says with a nod before blowing air onto her stomach, which makes a loud noise. She giggles while pushing his head away from her stomach. He moves away and kisses her nose. "But what about them?" Ella asks, while pointing to my growing belly. "What about the baby in there?" She whispers, looking up at her daddy. "Well," Luke whispers back while pulling her and him close to me. "They're my other princess or prince." He places his hand on my stomach. "Then we'll have our own royal family." I whisper while placing my hand on top of his. Ella giggles. "I can't wait." She squeals before kissing both of our cheeks with a "mwah". Then Luke kisses me sweetly while Ella tries to push us away from each other.
  • Calum Hood:"Mama? Daddy?" I hear my almost three year old whisper. I look up from my book and over to my bedroom door. I smile at my little man, who's in his Spider-Man pj's and carries his blue blanket. "What's wrong Ry?" Calum asks, who laying down beside me. "Can't sleep." He whispers with a trembling lip. "Come here, baby." I say gently while holding my hand out for him. Ryder runs over to me and grabs my hand before climbing up on Cal's and my bed. "Did you have a bad dream?" Calum asks as Ryder settles in between him and I. Ryder nods and snuggles close into me. I wrap an arm around him. "I'm sorry, sweetheart." I say before pressing my lips against his head. Calum comes in closer to us too. "Want daddy to sing?" I whisper to him and he nods his little head. I look over to Cal and he begins to sing an unfamiliar ballad, probably a new one the boys and him wrote. I rub Ryder's back gently as he sings. I close my eyes, already liking how this song makes me sleepy. Maybe he can sing it to me sometime. Then, out of nowhere, the baby kicks. My eyes widen a little. "What was that?" Ryder asks, pulling away from me and Calum stops singing. "What? Something wrong? What's going on, sweetheart?" He asks, his voice full with concern. "The baby kicked." I whisper as I put a hand on my stomach, waiting for another kick. "You're kidding." Calum says, sitting up. "It felt weird." Ryder giggles. I grab Calum's and Ryder's hands and place it on my stomach. "They must've liked daddy's voice." I say with a smile. "Kick again!" Ryder encourages to my belly. "Cal, speak." I whisper, looking at him. "Hi, little bean," Calum says while laying down on his stomach, getting close to my belly. "Ryder, mama and daddy are here, waiting for you to kick again." Ryder giggles and I smile. And then the baby kicks again and doesn't stop. Ryder gasps in excitement and Calum's eyes well up in tears. "So cool!" Ryder says as Calum kisses me gently.
  • Michael Clifford:"Stick your pinky out, daddy." Jane, my four year old, demands gently as her two year old sister, Elise, giggles. Michael sighs quietly and does what he is told. He's a saint for doing this. I watch the three of them with a smile. Jane and Elise wear their tiaras and matching tutu's as Michael's wears a gold crown. I return back to my computer and type away. "More tea, my ladies?" Michael asks in a proper tone and they both nod. He pours apple juice into their tea cups. "Thank you, daddy." Elise whispers before slurping her "tea". He smiles at his two girls before eating his cookie. "Mr. Snuggles wants more tea too." Jane says before smiling at her teddy bear. I contain my laugh and rest my hand on top my huge belly. "Of course." Michael says with a smile. I giggle a little and he looks over to me, giving me a wink which makes me melt. "No, slouching, daddy." Jane says and Elise giggles again. "Sorry." He mumbles before doing so. After the tea party, bathing the girls and putting them to bed, he sits down beside me and rests his head on my shoulder. I smile and kiss his head. "Thank you for doing that." I whisper and he nods his head. "No need to thank me. It's what I love to do." He says with a smile. "They really love their daddy." I say with a laugh and he chuckles. "You and them mean the world to me," He whispers. "Oh and of course, you too little man." He says leaning his head to my stomach and kissing it. I smile at him and he leans back up and kisses my lips. "You're literally the best." I giggle against his lips while cupping his cheeks with my palms. "I wouldn't be if I didn't have you." He whispers before kissing me again.