2/? of my favorite 5sos moments

one of my all time favorite cake moments tbh

Michael would be the kinda guy who would get teased by the boys that he never does anything romantic for you and he’d get really insecure about it and think wow I’m a really shitty boyfriend so he’d go home and try and be all romantic around you like trying to make you dinner and all that romantic shit and you’d be like wtf bc he’s never like this and he’d get so awkward and flustered and play with his hands to avoid eye contact bc he’s so embarrassed like AWH


Ashton and Liz

Wow, but imagine waking up in the morning and trying to get out of bed, but Luke’s arms pull you back in and he says softly in a raspy morning voice, “Stay and snuggle with me, babe.”

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Niall imagine #1

Niall imagine #2

Calum imagine part 1

Calum imagine part 2

Luke player imagine part 1

Luke player imagine part 2

Luke player imagine part 3

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Ashton concert imagine 

You go to a 5sos concert, become friends and fall for Luke 

Luke imagine, he’s insecure about his body (lil but smutty)

Michael wedding imagine 

5sos and little mix imagine (coming soon)

high on the beach with luke imagine (coming soon)


Late at night (just Lashton)

#1 stealing kisses

#2 Lazy day

#3 He asks you to be his girlfriend

#4 He’s older than you

#5 daddy 5sos 

the other boys walk in on you fucking (coming soon)

long drive (coming soon)


#1 how they would act if you listened to heavier music

#2 you get mobbed

#3 blurb how he reacts to you rambling on

#4 your insecure about something 

#5 you go on a long plane journey

what he thinks when blurbs (coming soon)

Luke story


part 1

part 2


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Could you link me a master list im on mobile? ;)

Of course I can, darling! You can find out masterlist right here. I’ll also leave an extended list underneath the cut just in case, since I know the mobile Tumblr app is a bit finnicky. Happy reading!


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Beside You (Song Preference - 5SOS)


She lies awake.

 I’m trying to find the words to say.

 I wish I was, I wish I was beside you.

“I miss you,” Ashton whispered with a sad smile gracing his lips.

You looked down at his face in the small screen of your phone and did your best to bite back your tears. You had been face timing for the last fifteen minutes, but neither of you had really spoken till now. You couldn’t bring yourself to do anything other than stare into his face thousands of miles away.

He was somewhere in America today. He’d been gushing to you all about it the night before. Ashton had gone on and on for a near twenty minutes last night about the beach not far from the hotel, and he gave you a small tour of the suite they’d given him. He always tried to be lighthearted in these conversations, but sometimes neither of you could help the sadness seeping into your bones. “I miss you too Ash.”


The silent words are hard to speak

 When your thoughts are all I see

 ”Don’t ever leave,” she said to me

“Just… don’t leave me for some California girl; all right Calum?”  You tried your best to make a joke of it, but the smile on your lips never reached your eyes.

Calum pulled you tight against his chest and hid his face in your hair.  He couldn’t bring himself to say goodbye. He inhaled and exhaled deeply to try and calm himself down, but that only filled his nostrils with your flowery perfume that he knew and loved. ‘Don’t cry.’ He had to keep repeating in his head.

He didn’t care that his parents were looking on, or his sister, or the boys, or the fans. But he didn’t want to cry in front of you. He knew how lonely you got while he was away on tour, and he knew him having a breakdown would only make things worse for you when he left.

Calum pulled his head up and took a deep breath of clean air to try and rid his nose of your scent that he would miss so much. Ashton was over your shoulder trying to wave him towards the terminal with the other two boys making fools of themselves behind him. Calum put on a brave face and looked down at you with a smile, “Don’t ditch me for some guy who got fired from a video shop for tapping on benches.”


 Within a minute I was all packed up

 I’ve got a ticket to another world

 I don’t wanna go

“Luke?” Luke looked down at the sound of your voice.

It was his last night in town before tour, and he’d taken you down to the beach late at night to get a little privacy on a final date before he had to leave for several months.  You had always loved to watch the waves crashing on the shore, and he wanted to watch them with you one more time before he had to leave. The look of joy on your face as the water lapped at your feet and the sand tickled your toes was a sight he never wanted to forget.

“Yes beautiful?” He smiled down at you and squeezed your hands in his for comfort. He sat behind you with you nestled between his legs and his arms tight around your waist, gripping your hands in his.

You looked up at him over your shoulder and paused for a moment, contemplating how to word this. “I know you’re worried about leaving, but you shouldn’t be. I’ll be right here waiting for you to come home. I’m not going anywhere.”

Luke looked down at you with a sad smile and saw all the determination and truth behind your eyes. “I know, beautiful… I’ll just miss you is all.”


When we both wake up underneath the same sun.

Time stops, I wish that I could rewind.

So close but so far away.

Michael sighed out loud and came to a slow stop in front of the bookshop at the street corner. He was meant to be out buying his mother’s birthday present for his dad, a new book by her favorite author. However, it had only just occurred to him where he was meant to go.

“I can’t do this.” He whispered to himself, looking up at the sign above the door as his eyes began to tear. Despite popular belief, Michael had not missed home while on tour.

Sure, he missed his mother and father, the rest of his family, and of course his friends, but he was happy to be away from this awful city for a while. Every street corner was home to a memory of you, of a better time. He wanted nothing more than to rewind, stop himself from ever going to that bar, stop himself from getting drunk, stop himself from betraying your trust.

He wanted to look with fondness at the memories of this bookstore: how you used to laugh at that one letter in the neon sign that flickered on and off spelling an obscenity when it was off, or the coffee shop down the street where the waiters knew him by name because he constantly ordered the exact same thing when he stopped to get you a coffee, or the way your nose scrunched up when you were walking down the street with him and you got a call because you didn’t want someone ruining the moment.

He missed you, but it was all his fault.

Merman Ashton Part 2


Ashton would be lying to himself if he said that he didn’t miss you. He missed you so much that it actually hurt at times, making his chest constrict when he thought of you. He spent all of the summer vacation with you; every second of your spare time was spent with Ashton. But like every season, it comes to an end, because soon your summer vacation ended, meaning you had to go back home, and leave Ashton behind. Ashton said that he would follow you to any ocean that you were going to, since he really had no ties to keep him here, and didn’t want to leave you. But when you told him that he wouldn’t be able to follow you, since you really didn’t live near an ocean, his heart was shattered.

The one living thing that he grew attached to had to leave him and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. He couldn’t bear you leaving, but it at least gave him time to think of some way to keep you with him. But he remembered a human saying “if you love something let it go” and in that summer, he fell for you hard.

But the only good thing that worked in his favor, was that on your last day of vacation, you told him that you would be back to visit him the following summer. And hearing that made his heart flutter, since it meant that he didn’t completely lose you. But despite the wait, he would be able to bear at because the love that he felt for you was completely worth it to him.

So here he was, days after the summer equinox, meaning that you were soon to arrive for your summer break. He toyed with the seashell around his neck, tugging on it back and forth. The small seashell pendant was the same one that you gave him as a thank you gift last summer. His people would sometimes make fun of it because they said that it was something only mermaids would do, and even call him Ashton the mermaid, but it never made him want to take it off. Because by wearing the necklace, it reminded him so much of you, and to have it so close to his beating heart, really expressed his feelings for you.

He was swimming, his hand still clutching on the seashell around his neck, when he heard a familiar voice.

“Ashton!” he heard his name being called out.

His heart skipped a beat. That voice, a voice that he hasn’t heard in over a year, a voice that he has been waiting a long time to hear. He swam to the surface and sure enough there you were. You were still so beautiful in his hazel eyes, you looked a bit older but still beautiful.

You were waving to him from the same outlook rock that you first fell from a year ago, with a radiant smile on your face the moment that you spotted him in the ocean. You couldn’t help it and jumped into the ocean, just wanting to hug Ashton tightly. The moment that you entered the water, Ashton’s worry rose. He quickly swam over to you, not wanting you to drown like last time. But by the time he reached you, he saw that you were just fine. You were swimming up to him with a proud smile on your face.

“You learned to swim?” he asked with a smile and with amazement.

“yep, since I could come swim in the ocean with you, without you having to rescue me all the time”, you said swimming in a circle around him to show him how good of a swimmer you were.

“You learned to swim…for me?” he asked with a slight blush forming on his cheeks at knowing that you did something for him.

“Well yea, I mean this way I can spend time in the water with you, instead of on a rock while you do nothing”, you said swimming to be right in front of him. Your eyes travelled on his body and there resting against his chest was the pendant you gave him, “you still kept it?” you asked as your fingertips brushed against the shell, but also brushed against the skin of his chest.

The moment that Ashton felt your fingertips brush against him, in that moment he could have died a happy merman, because that small gentle touch was enough to send his heart racing, just wanting to feel your gentle touch caress him all over his body.

“Yea, do you still have the one I gave you?” he whispered.

“yea, it sit on the bedside table, and every now and then I listen to it and I can hear the ocean through it, it reminds me of you”, you admitted with a blush forming on your cheeks looking away, so he wouldn’t see you blush.

Ashton told you if it was ok for you to swim farther into the ocean, because he was afraid of being close to the shore. He may not be afraid of you, but he was afraid of other humans spotting him, since they may not be as kind as you are. You agreed and swam a bit farther off to the ocean, till he felt safe again. He wanted to know what you have been up to since you left, but he also asked because he wanted to hear your voice, a sound that he has missed so much. You began to tell him everything, telling him of how you begged your parents to teach you how to swim the moment you arrived home, you told him of how difficult it was to learn to swim. Something that made him laugh, since he couldn’t imagine swimming being difficult. You told him every little thing, since he wanted to listen to everything.

But as you were telling him something you noticed that his eyes widened in fear, his skin slowly becoming pale, “Ashton what’s wrong?” you asked worried for the merman in front of you.

He pointed to the shore, you turned around and there walking along the beach was a happy couple walking hand in hand together. From here you could tell that they were in love, it was written all over body language, the way that the girl was slowly swaying over to him, the way he was twirling her every now and then, and the small leaning in that meant that they were sharing small innocent kisses thinking that no one was watching. You felt a bit jealous; you always did when you saw cute couples showing their love to the world. It made you jealous, because you wondered if you would ever be able to do that yourself, you wondered if someone would ever love you like that. But as you looked to Ashton you saw that he was still a bit scared.

“It’s ok Ashton, they can’t see your tail from here. I promise they aren’t going to see you” you said placing your hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

“You sure?” he asked wanting to be a hundred percent sure.

“Yes, I promise” you said with a smile.

“(Y/N), what are they doing?” he said looking over to the couple on the beach.

You looked in once more and noticed that they were in each other’s arms as they kissed each other, it wasn’t anything over the top, but it was just them kissing. “Their kissing each other?” you answered looking away, wanting them to have their privacy.

He nodded and looked away and focusing his attention back to you. You could see him trying to process he word in his head. The word was familiar in his head, but he never really knew exactly what it was, since among his people affection was a lot different than humans. But he was curious, and needed to know what it was, “(Y/N), what’s a kiss?”

“A what?” you baffled not believing what it was.

“A kiss?” he repeated.

“I heard you but was just shocked, you don’t know what a kiss is?” you asked, and he nodded, “it’s when two people that really like each other a lot, that they press their lips together, and yea, that’s a kiss”, you said as your cheeks flared up at the mention of explaining that to him.

“oh ok, so can I kiss you (Y/N)?”  He asked nonchalantly.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Ashton”, you said feeling nervous that he wanted to kiss you without truly knowing what a kiss is.

“Why not?” he said a bit hurt since he didn’t really understand why he couldn’t kiss you, “I like you (Y/N), don’t you like me?” he said seeing his eyes really show how hurt he was.

“I do but…”

“Then why can’t I kiss you?” he said not understanding what the problem was.

“Because you really have to like them, really like them. Friends like each other, but they don’t kiss each other”, you said trying to explain to him the best you could.

“what if I really like you (Y/N)”, he said as his tail brushed against your legs of how close he was getting to you, “because I really do (Y/N), I’m falling for you”, he said with a blush growing on his cheeks but kept his voice strong.

“How would you know that but not what a kiss is?” not understanding him at all.

“We know what love is (Y/N), we just express it differently” he said his eyes never looking away from yours, not wanting you to doubt anything that he was going to say to you.

“How do you express it?” you said being hypnotized by his hazel eyes, keeping you from looking away.

“Well first”, he said closing the space between you even more, his body only inches from yours, “we hold hands like this”, he gently said as he reached for your hands, bringing them above the water and at level with your neck. He pressed his hands softly and flat against yours, making yours flat against his.

Your breath began to hitch and your heart began to race as you noticed the way that Ashton was staring at your hands against his. You guessed that this was something intimate among his people, by the way that he was staring at your hands like they were the eighth wonder of the world, and wondered if this was equivalent to a kiss if not something more. As your hand was pressed against you could see how small your hand was in comparison against his and how surprisingly warm it was that his warmth ran all the way up your arm.

“Then what?” you asked shyly, looking directly into his eyes, as he looked up from your hands against his.

“then I’m supposed to send you an electric current, nothing strong, just like a small charge” he whispered as you saw his hands slightly glow white. The white light from his hands centered in his palm and crossed over to yours. The white light faded into your body and then you felt a tingling sensation pass through your hands and all over your body. That small current made you shiver throughout your body, exciting all your nerves making you lightly gasp at the feeling of your body surging with electricity. The tingling sensation made your eyes lightly glazed over, still feeling the small charge coursing through your body, and noticed Ashton’s eyes observing your reaction, a small smile forming on his lips, glad at your reaction.

“What does that mean?” you asked wanting to understand his customs and hoped that he would do that again.

“It shows that I am willing to share my energy, my everything, with you and only you. It would have also bond us together, if I made it a bit stronger, that way we can always find each other no matter the distance. And it’s the first step in the way that we court” he said hoping you wouldn’t ask why he showed you.

“So did you just court me?” not knowing how to phrase, but remembered that courting someone was almost like asking someone to be your wife.  

“yea, well sort of, like I said it needed to be a stronger charge, I meant what I said (Y/N), I’m falling for you, I want to court you”, he said hoping you wouldn’t be furious that he tricked you into the first step in their courting ritual. “So can I kiss you?” he asked his face nearing yours.

You nodded, and leaned up to meet his lips. At first it was a bit awkward, but soon enough he got the hang of it. He pressed his lips more urgently against yours, loving the pressure and feeling of his lips touching yours. Your hands once pressed flatly against his, were slowly intertwining, his fingers filling the space between yours, as he continued to kiss you more and more, never wanting the molding kiss to stop. This was something so new and foreign to him that made him wonder why his people never did this.

Ashton’s mind was blank, the only thoughts running through his head was how amazing and perfect this felt, everything about you was all that he was thinking about. You filled his mind so much that he couldn’t help himself as he sent the small white charge into the kiss. The white light seeped into your lips and you immediately felt the tingling sensation coursing throughout your body, sending your body come alive with the shocking sensation. You gasped at the tingling feeling making Ashton break the kiss as lightly took your bottom lip between his teeth and gently tugged on it.  

“Did you just?” feeling your lips tingle as you felt his breath brush against your lips.

“Yes, I did, but if you don’t want to I could take…”, he said as each syllable brushed against your lips.

You interrupted him by kissing him, “I don’t want you to”, but as his tail brushed against your feet you were brought back to reality, “but aren’t you supposed to be doing this with your kind?”

“I should, but I want to court you (Y/N), the human that is stealing my heart, or maybe she already has” he said leaning in to kiss you again, already feeling those tingling sensation course through your body, fueling the kiss even further with each kiss that was shared.


There finished his part 2, people have been asking for a part 3 for all of the merman series and want to know If it should happen and if it should be worth it, so let me know what you think

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