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U shud do part 2 to fuckboy luke even tho it's a oneshot bc its RLLY good

Alright, since ppl really want me to move on with the story apparently


I decided to f**k the rules and just do it :D

Part I:  here

Requested: You… you could say that… 

Word count: 1225

Warnings: none (but I’m warning you to watch out for cops cuz you sure could end up in jail for stealing my heart)


Well, Fuckboi!Luke gets all frutstrated when he realizes he’s crushing so much for the shy girl in class

Luke’s POV

It’s funny how much Y/N was able to unwind and no one actually knew about it. Sort of challenging, knowing she had this side and never getting to see it. I wanted to see it and developped some kind of burning ambition to find out what’s behind all that.

“Why the fuck is she rejecting me? I don’t get it” I panted as I sat on the brick wall with our school’s logo on the campus and Michael was leaning against it, his shades not really giving away if he’s even paying attention to my words.

“Y/N? The chick who I always copy off in math class?” He laughed out and leaned his head on the top of the wall, staring into the rather cloudy sky.

 “Maybe she’s not. Maybe it’s one big plan to be the one to have the honor of dating the almighty, handsome Luke Hemmings”

I shot him a glare over the frame of my Ray-Ben’s.

“Fuck off, Michael.” 

Recognizing Y/N walk down the staircase towards us, I jumped off my spot on the wall, turning around to face Michael whilst mouthing “you wish you were as cool as me” as I made steps backwards on the way to my car, only to head Y/N off, when she reached the parking area with her friend who just hugged her good-bye.

Letting my Mercedes stop in front of her, I expected some delighted smile but all I received was a questioning expression and a rather harsh “You block my way, Hemmings” when I let the window down.

“I’ll drive you” I spoke monotone and pushed the door open for her.

Y/N turned around to some girl who sucked in a deep breath when I said that whilst waiting at the bus station. 

Unaware that I noticed, Y/N rolled her eyes and returned her gaze to me.

“Is that an offer?” she asked shyly.

I smirked and fixed the snackback on my head. “That’s a statement”

She sighed and as soon as I drew my attention off the girls passing my car and waving at me with huge smiles, Y/N was gone. She walked off and didn’t say a word. What the fuck?!

Using the gas pedal gently, I caught up with her, when she was already around the corner as I followed her with slow pace.

“It was an offer” I gave in and hit the breaks right next to her so she was able to look at me through the window again.

Y/N wordlessly dropped herself on the seat next to me and slammed the door shut again.

“Oi, careful, babe, she’s just been freshly lacquered” I chuckled and stroked over the leather-covered steering wheel between my hands as I soon picked up speed.

Y/N shot me a glare. “Even if I haven’t decided to let you into my house yet - no meaningless nicknames”

I was confused. “Oh right, cuz that’s so disrespectful” my sarcasm was easily recognizable.

Y/N remained silent.

Soon she snickered. “she’s just been  freshly lacquered” Y/N impersonated me with a low and prominent aussi-accent, which caused me to chuckle.

“Left here” Y/N panted quickly, not even noticing that I didn’t know where she lived.

“Ooops” I laughed, grinning. “Guess I’m gonna take you to my place then”

The next thing I heard was a snort from her side. “Oh wow, really? Is that how you usually do it? Like really, Hemmings? That’s you go-to thing to pick up girls?”

I shrugged. “It has never not worked”

She picked up my indifferent look and rested her elbow on the doorframe to rest her head in her hand. “Unbelievable…” I head her mutter as I started to ask myself whether there are any other way to pick someone up other than with charm.

“Why are you even driving me?” She suddenly started to realize this herself.

I shrugged my shoulders and gave her a sarcastic grin. “I’m a nice guy, really” 

Narrowing her eyes at me, she tried to figure a hint of ulterior motives.

“You’re pulling a prank on me” Y/N stated soon. “Okay who’s watching? Is there someone waiting for me at your house to like…throw eggs at me?!”

My amused face didn’t really seem to help the situation.

“Okay, pull over.” she demanded and my eyebrows knit together.

“What? No” I huffed undiscerningly and Y/N grabbed for my arm which was holding onto the gearshift, sending unexpected shivers down my spine.

“I said pull over. Now.”

Sighing, I slowed down until we were parking in the middle of the street, pulling the handbreak to face her.

“Okay, what is your problem?!” I asked bitterly and she watched with a stern glare how other cars had to evade us, before she hit the emergency flasher in the dashboard, agrily.

“I don’t have a problem! You have a problem when you actually believe you own my trust after mistreating everyone you interact with!”

My face must’ve been more baffled than I expected since her facial expression softened in the blink of an eye to my offended and surprised reaction and it really took me a moment to reply.

“Hey, I don’t wanna like…do you a mischief or something, but you chose me as your-”

She leaned back in her seat and shot me a glare. “I didn’t choose you for anything. We got paired up and I don’t even expect you to do any of the work. You can just leave it to me and earn an A, deal?”

I played with my lipring. “I mean yeah that sounds pretty good but I got a question to ask you.”

She furrowed her eyesbrow to make me move on.

“Why do you hate me so much?”

Y/N snickered. “I don’t hate you” she stated.

Ha, told ya, Mike!

“I hate your personality”


“Hey why are you…?” she whispered confused when I leaned closer to her, our faces now inces apart.

“Don’t you want to kiss me, Y/N?” I murmured against her lips and watched her eyes twich in confusion and resistance, which only caused me to smirk.

“I want you to be true with people.” she whispered back and slowly moved her head away from me, making me bite my lipring in appreciation (and unfortunately frustration, I had to admit) of her strengh to pull away, unlike every other girl would have.

Soon I couldn’t help but smirk to her suprised face when the back of her head was greeted by my palm, holding her in place.

“I’m completely sincere when I say that you impress me, Y/N Y/S/N”

In the second where she had a slight smile on her lips, I sensed approval and pulled her towards me so I finally met her half-way for a passionate kiss.

The car horn behind us, let us pull apart and I groaned in frustration as Y/N’s hand moved away mine from her neck to lean back in her seat again.

Sighing, I got my car ready to drive off and hoped to find the guts of asking her to stay as soon as I pulled into our driveway.

“Don’t interpret too much into this, Hemmings.” she quoted me as Y/N  unbuckled her seat belt and walked towards our front door, me following her closely behind, an undeniable admiration for this girl, spreading in my chest area.


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5SOS Best Friend
  • Hey guys! I'm still looking for a friend that I can talk to about anything, skype with, text with, and have inside jokes with. I love 5sos and one direction so if anyone wants to honeslty give it a good effort to become friends, not just have 1 conversation and forget about eachother, message me!
  • BTW I'm 17 so it would be cool if you were close to age with me. Thanks
  • 😄🙌🙈✌

Mid Century Modern Nightmare (Ashton Irwin) - If you dont pay for your drugs , bad things can happen

Furtive (Luke Hemmings) - He was the missing boy and she was going to find him. Afterall she had lost everything else , she wasnt going to loose him

Oblivion (Luke Hemmings) - A story about how a girl and boy see eachother in their reflections. Literally.

Moiety (Ashton Irwin) = There’s a ghost inlove with her and there’s nothing she can do about it.

Ineffable (Micheal Clifford)- What to do when you fall inlove with your therapist?

Labyrinthine (Ashton Irwin) - Strange things can happen in an anger management center.

Serendipity (Calum Hood) - He wasn’t supposed to love her when he was supposed to kill her.

Ethereal (Calum Hood) - How a guy tried to date 2 girls at the same time without them knowing. And those 2 girls are best friends.

His Favorite Shirt

Flameretadant makes Calum really stubborn in her fanfictions, so I wanted to make a quick fanfiction about Calum being stubborn.

Luke’s been chasing Calum around the room, trying to get his favorite shirt back.

“Give it, Calum” Luke badgered.

“No” Calum shook his head.

“Calum, it’s my favorite shirt”

“I don’t care, it smells like you” 

“I can give you another one of my shirts. Just not this one,”

“You promise?” Calum asked.

“Yes, babe. Just give it back please”

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I will name my child [y/n] so that when she becomes a fangirl her life will be so fkn simple

#106: How You Take Naps


This it a little bit different from what I usually write, so this might be considered more as a blurb than a preferences. 


In your opinion, the smaller the couch was, the better and more comfy the nap would be. If you looked from Luke’s perspective, it wasn’t such a great idea considering his calves would always dangle out of from the armrest cushion part of the couch but he couldn’t care less as long as you were comfortable. Napping with you were probably ten times better than the actual sleep you guys had at night because Luke could get the chance to hold you close to his chest for a certain amount of time without worrying that you would move away to rest on another position. Even if he wasn’t much tired or a nap person, he would still do it as an excuse to be as close as you as possible, with your legs tangled, your hand resting over his chest where is heart was beating and your chin resting between the crock of his neck and his shoulder. Because he was always such a light sleeper, it didn’t take much for him to wake up and look down at you lovingly, his finger caressing your soft lips in a relaxing touch. Some people might think it’s creepy but it was one of Luke’s favourite things in life, to just look down at his girlfriend in peace and quiet like the whole world was blocked out and it was only the two of you left to be with each other. At times when he would be the first one to wake up, he would look down at you and admire, before he would grab his phone to take a few selfies and just pictures of you sleeping. At times you would freak out at him for posting stuff like that on social medias like Twitter and Instagram but in the end you would always have a smile on your face when you saw the pictures because you could literally see how comfortable you are around him just by the look of your sleeping face, a small smile on your lips creeping in pure happiness.


If someone could give out an award for being the couple that took the most naps, you and Calum would occupy the first position and most probably win. At times when the boys or one of the bodyguards couldn’t find Calum and you, they would most likely go after where there would be some kind of soft chair or couch. Whether it was at an arena, in the studio, at home or just in the tour bus in general, the boys would find you guys napping. And it would always be in the same position where Calum was determined to have his arms wrapped around you. If it was on some kind of soft material chair, he would sit on it at first and then have you in his lap before he would turn you around 90 degrees so you could rest against his chest with your head, and your legs resting over the armrest of the chair. Calum would then wrap his hands around you and either lean his head against the cushion behind him or just rest his head against yours in to relax even more. If it was one some kind of couch, he would lay on his side and have you cuddled into his chest with your nose to smell his cologne, his arms wrapped around you with one around your waist and the other either in your hair or right under to nuzzle. It was securing for him to know that nothing bad would happen to you as long as you were wrapped up in his arms and away from any harm that could occur. The boys also find it quite entertaining to see how you guys could just sleep wherever you needed because they found it oddly cuter and at times quite jealous. The look on Calum’s face always told how happy he was to be close to you and it made it a difficult time for the boys to just wake you guys up if Calum had to do some kind of recording or sound check, but in the end Calum would always creep back to you when he was finish doing his business.


Michael would always request two things under naps that could be considered rules. The first rule would be that it was a need for him to rest his cheek against your soft chest. Whether it was shirtless or not his favourite place to sleep would be as close to your heartbeat as possible and just the softest part of your body. Having you resting on your back with your arm dragged around his shoulder, he would be in pure heaven and almost at the point of drooling on you by just how fantastic he was feeling when napping with you. But it would only be a plus if you did something extra out of it which created rule number two: Being nuzzled on the back. To make the cherry on top, Michael would literally always either pull up his t shirt or even take it off before you guys would nap because that would make his nap ten times better with your finger palms tickling around the skin on his back, almost at the point of forming goosebumps on him. And if you stopped doing it, he would make the funniest groans or whining signs because he would never want you to stop and it didn’t take much to you to continue after his whines because it would be so hilarious like he was acting like a child. But it was not like you weren’t getting any goods into the naps; Michael would always make sure that his hand was resting on the skin around your hip and thigh, running it up and down in a soothing matter that made it comfortable. Even in your sleep, the both of you would remember to nuzzle each other and you didn’t even know how it was possible. It was just a normal thing you guys would to each other no matter what and it was probably your favourite thing to do as a couple, there was no doubt that even when you guys would grow old together you would still to it, in the exact same positions.


If there was one couple that never did relaxing things like this that would be you and Ashton. With the both of you having energy on an extraordinary level it was rarely you guys even wanted to take a small nap. But when you would do it, it would last long and you would go all in. Ashton would always make sure that it was after a shower because after his afternoon run the first thing on his mind would be to shower first and afterwards napping so he could be fresh for the gigs at night. That was also a plus for you because that meant that you wouldn’t have to rest with a smelly Ashton. The nap timing was also perfect for you since at that point when Ashton was home from running you would be about to rip out your hair from having to study so much for finals and normal homework so napping with him was a sweet escape to get away with everything and just float away in dreams. Ashton would as usual be the one to rest on his back on the couch with one of the pillow cushions behind him and then you would be the one to rest directly one top of him with your head resting against your chest. It was calming for the both of you because Ashton could get the chance to wrap his arms around you and hold you close to him while you could rest on top of his very broad body which could seem to be very firm, and of course it was but it was still somehow short, especially if he was wearing a shirt with soft material. At times he would move his head and that would make his stubble tickle the top of your forehead and he even made sounds at times just because he was so relaxed around you. If he wanted to make it a little more special he would remember to lit a few candles around you guys and even cuddle you up in a blanket to make it more romantic and it never failed to impress you.

fakejackhemmings writing masterlist

Instead of making a whole new page, here’s a masterpost of everything I’ve ever written, reformatted for fakejakehemmings (formerly smashton5sos)

Please note: Bold is mature, italicized is mildly mature; everything is separated by boy unless it’s 4/4, in which case it’s under Band (4/4); I usually accept requests but I’m in college (or uni, whichever you call it) so I’m really busy and probably won’t get to it for a good long while; I don’t do slash (unless it’s a threesome)

Also note I’m currently in college and have a lot on my plate so if I don’t post a request for a while or I don’t post on time, I have a reason. I will try to catch up over breaks and on weekends though!


#1 - Imagine - He surprises you at your dance recital

#2 - Imagine - Dating a short girl

#3 - Imagine - Nicotine by Panic! at the Disco

#4 - Blurb - You’re younger than him

#5 - Imagine - Morning after

#6 - Imagine - Wearing his bandana

#7 - Blurb - You ask him out

#8 - Imagine - Heartbreak Girl by 5 Seconds of Summer

#9 - Imagine - You wake up next to him

#11 - Blurb - Corrupting an innocent girl

#12 - Imagine - The guys trick you into making out

#13 - Blurb - Losing your virginity

#14 - Blurb - Giving him road head

#15 - Blurb - Sleepy morning sex

#16 - Blurb - Blindfolding you with his bandanna

#17 - Imagine - Tonight, You’re Mine

#18 - Imagine - You get high and have sex

#19 - Imagine - Losing your virginity to your best friend (part one)

#20 - Imagine - Cute, giggly, awkward virgin Ash

#21 - Imagine - Sex so hard the bed breaks

#22 - Imagine - Sex so hard the couch breaks

#23 - Imagine - You hate each other but hook up

#24 - Imagine - Angry make-up sex

#25 - Imagine - He doesn’t know you’re a virgin and he’s rough

#26 - Imagine - You ride him when he’s on the phone

#27 - Imagine - You moan like a pornstar

#28 - Imagine - He fucks you against a wall

#29 - Imagine - You ride his thigh

#30 - Imagine - Blindfolds, handcuffs, baby girl, and kitten

#31 - Imagine - He eats you out in front of the guys

#32 - Imagine - Luke/Ashton threesome

#33 - Imagine - You kiss Luke and he “punishes” you



#1 - Imagine - You’re shy when you ask for a picture

#2 - Blurb - Your one year anniversary

#3 - Blurb - He finds out you’re great at soccer

#4 - Blurb- He helps you lose weight

#5 - Imagine - You talk and Twitter and meet at the airport

#6 - Imagine - You’re crazy mad at him and he tries to make it up

#7 - Imagine - He finds out you’re flexible

#8 - Imagine - He offers to take your virginity

#9 - Blurb - Walk in on him getting off

#10 - Blurb - Giving him a lap dance

#11 - Imagine - The paps catch you getting hot

#12 - Imagine - You moan like a pornstar

#13 - Imagine - Lazy shower morning sex

#14 - Imagine - You tease him your first time

#15 - Imagine - Post workout sex

#16 - Imagine - Getting revenge on your tease of a boyfriend

#17 - Imagine - Losing it to your best friend (part one)

#18 - Imagine - You hate each other but hook up

#19 - Imagine - Waking him up with a blowjob

#20 - Imagine - You go clubbing but head home early

#21 - Imagine - Jersey Girl (not about New Jersey jsyk)



#1 - Imagine - You two get caught in a secret relationship

#2 - Blurb - You’re anxious on a plane so he calms you down

#3 - Blurb - Neck kisses

#4 - Blurb - Cuddling with the giant

#5 - Blurb - He serenades you from your window

#6 - Blurb - Dating a 15-year-old American

#7 - Blurb - Ringing the sex bell

#8 - Blurb - Your one year anniversary

#9 - Blurb - Dating a tall girl

#10 - Blurb - Announcing your relationship to the fans

#11 - Imagine - You become a celebrity power couple

#12 - Blurb - Taking him to Disneyland

#13 - Imagine - Pizza boy Luke

#14 - Imagine - You don’t care about weight hate

#15 - Imagine - You’re insecure because you’re skinny

#16 - Imagine - He got his lip pierced and you don’t wanna kiss him

#17 - Blurb - You ask him out

#18 - Imagine - Late night drive

#19 - Imagine - Protective brother Ash finds out boyfriend Luke is kinky

#20 - Imagine - Grinding on needy, horny, virgin Luke

#21 - Blurb - Your kids walk in on you

#22 - Blurb - You’re self-conscious but he thinks you’re beautiful

#23 - Imagine - They’re Wrong (rough Luke)

#24 - Blurb - First time with him

#25 - Blurb - Morning after

#26 - Imagine - Losing your virginity to your best friend (part one)

#27 - Imagine - You hate each other but hook up

#28 - Imagine - He broke his leg so you ride him

#29 - Imagine - You moan like a pornstar

#30 - Imagine - Night before he leaves for tour

#31 - Imagine - He loves seeing you in his clothes

#32 - Imagine - You get high and have sex

#33 - Imagine - You celebrate his 18th birthday

#34 - Imagine - Luke/Ashton threesome

#35 - Imagine - You call him vanilla so he proves you wrong (VISUAL)



#1 - Imagine - He’s a  sketchy biker guy who likes you

#2 - Blurb - You tell him you’re pregnant

#3 - Imagine - You get in a four-wheeling accident

#4 - Blurb - Dating a 15-year-old American

#5 - Imagine - He likes you but you’re best friends

#6 - Blurb - He goes to your State swim meet

#7 - Imagine - He’s shy and likes Ashton’s sister (you, not Lauren wtf)

#8 - Imagine - Nicotine by Panic! at the Disco

#9 - Blurb - How he’d act if he likes you

#10 - Blurb - Corrupting an innocent girl

#11 - Blurb - Handcuff kink

#12 - Imagine - Losing it to your best friend (part one)

#13 - Imagine - Post concert sex

#14 - Imagine - You moan like a pornstar

#15 - Imagine - You hate each other but hook up

#16 - Imagine - You’re playing video games and have sex

#17 - Imagine - He loves seeing you in his clothes


Band (4/4):

#1 - Blurb - Reaction to you wanting a baby

#2 - Blurb - Reaction to you saying you don’t have a “pornstar body”

#3 - Blurb - You’re concerned about them being too stressed

#4 - Blurb - Getting high with the band

#5 - Blurb - Dating a girl of a different race

#6 - Blurb - They go to your swimming competitions

#7 - Blurb - They go to your volleyball tournament

#8 - Blurb - You’re insecure because you think you’re too skinny

#9 - Blurb - You’re insecure because you think you’re too big

#10 - Blurb - TRIGGER WARNINGThey find your scars

#11 - Imagine - You think they like Lucy better

#12 - Blurb - How they act when they like someone

#13 - Imagine - Their perfect date

#14 - Blurb - They suffer from PE (this was awk)

#15 - Blurb - They offer you drugs/alcohol but you say no thanks

#16 - Imagine - TRIGGER WARNING: Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey

#17 - Imagine - You find out they like you

#18 - Blurb - You buy a pet together

#19 - Blurb - You have a panic attack

#20 - Blurb - They catch you watching porn

#21 - Blurb - He punishes you

#22 - Imagine - 5SOS brother sees marks from a rough night with your 5SOS boyfriend

#23 - Blurb - They tease you about your hickeys

#24 - Blurb - Bath time leads to sex

#25 - Imagine - They offer to take your virginity

#26 - Blurb - Shower time leads to sex

#27 - Imagine - 5SOS brother walks in on your 5SOS boyfriend giving you a hickey

#28 - Imagine - 5SOS brother walks in on your 5SOS boyfriend handcuffing/blindfolding you & 5SOS brother almost beats up your 5SOS boyfriend

#29 - Blurb - Overstimulation

#30 - Blurb - Lights-on sex

#31 - Imagine - He gets jealous of your best guy friend

#32 - Imagine - They stay overnight and moan your name in their sleep (Michael/Luke) (Ashton/Calum)

#33 - Blurb - How they feel about anal

#34 - Imagine - Kiss Me Kiss Me, Long Way Home, End Up Here, and Good Girls themed

#35 - Blurb - Making love

#36 - Blurb - First time they see you naked

#37 - Imagine - Your sex tape leaks (feat. brother5sos)

#38 - Blurb - You give him a blowjob for the first time

#39 - Blurb - Grinding until he cums

#40 - Blurb - They eat you out for the first time

#41 - Blurb - Fingering

#42 - Blurb - You become friends with benefits

#43 - Blurb - You help him go down on you

#44 - Blurb - First time without a condom

#45 - Blurb - Angry sex

#46 - Blurb - They accidentally hurt you during sex

#47 - Imagine - Nasty Naughty Boy by Christina Aguilera

#48 - Blurb - You give him head when he’s on the phone with the guys

#49 - Imagine - You catch him moaning your name

#50 - Imagine - He ties you up and “mercilessly fucks you”

#51 - Blurb - Their kinks (as I assume)

#52 - Imagine - Skin by Rihanna


Please note: The following do contain smut at least once in various chapters

Savages (Gang Ash) - part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six // part seven // part eight // part nine // part ten // part eleven // part twelve // part thirteen // part fourteen // part fifteen // part sixteen // part seventeen // part eighteen - happy version // alternate ending - for crying eyes only

He’s Just a Reject (Punk Luke) - part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six // part seven // part eight // part nine // part ten // part eleven // part twelve // part thirteen // part fourteen // part fifteen // part sixteen // epilogue

Alphia Sigma Phi (Frat Cal) - part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six // part seven // part eight // part nine // part ten // part eleven // part twelve // part thirteen // part fourteen // part fifteen // part sixteen

Screw the Police (Cop Michael) (IN PROGRESS) - chapter one // chapter two // chapter three // chapter four // chapter five // chapter six // chapter seven //chapter eight // chapter nine // chapter ten // chapter eleven // chapter twelve

What happens when you accidentally trip

Luke: Tries so hard not to laugh that you can just tell he’s holding it in so you say “go ahead” to which he giggles uncontrollably while making sure you’re okay

Michael: He’ll trip too so you don’t feel bad but he does it over dramatically by going “WHOOPS, HERE WE GO” and then tumble to the ground only to get up and do it 5 more times

Ashton: He would immediately help you up and ask if you want him to carry you but you’re like “nah” but after a few a more steps he trips you to then grab you in his arms and lift you up saying “this is better”

Calum: He would save you before you would hit the ground and you two would be close and he would smirk saying “you didn’t have to pretend to fall to get this close to me”

Mute Luke Imagine

Luke had his head rested in your lap, eyes closed you were sat crossed legged against the armrest of the couch running your fingers through his golden color hair the only sound being the sound of rain and crackling fire that Luke had started earlier.  You both had spent your rainy days just enjoying each other’s company. Your fingers were lulling him to sleep; Luke loved the way you just treated him so gently, giving him the attention he wanted but was always so shy to ask for. He opened his azure colored eyes looking at you with a soft look on his face, as the fire bouncing off his skin, giving him a beautiful glow that made you think he was some sort of angel, something to beautiful for this world. You noticed a small smile that softened the moment that he looked into your eyes, a smile that you gladly returned.  

Moments like this were common between the two of you but it never got dull Luke loved the sensation he got from you doing a simple action, he felt his stresses and worries melt away under your touch, and you felt the same way too. His fingertips began to graze over your skin, making your skin shiver under his touch, as he traced small patterns across your skin, just wanting to touch your skin. His fingers slowly grazed over the flesh of your neck, stopping at the center of your neck, something he usually does. You smiled more, knowing what he wanted, and began to hum a small tune, he laid still as he once again closed his eyes, savoring the feeling of your humming vibrating underneath his fingertips.

This action from Luke was normal to you with him being mute it was the closest he got to the feeling of being able to speak, feeling the vibration that came from you gave him a sense of comfort, filling the void he used to have for a voice. You had asked him a few times why, but he usually couldn’t explain, he just knew it did.

“Luke” you softly said wanting his attention.

Luke slowly opened his eyes and looked up at you smiling gently at him. Luke sat himself up slowly shifting positions as he laid back down pulling you with him your head resting on his chest, a blush crept onto your face you felt his chuckle, the vibrations of his chest being proof of that. His hand started playing with your hair, similar to the way you were playing with his, as you melted into his touch. Luke nodded wanting to know what you were going to say.

“Do you remember when we met?” you asked him, as you cuddled further into Luke.

Luke’s cerulean eyes widened, thrown off by your question. He nodded with a huge smile on his face, his hand reaching for yours, as he started to write the words on the palm of your hand, something that always seemed to make you blush when his fingers would trace the letters, something about it just making it so intimate and personal, since he would never do this with anyone else besides you. You rest your head on against his chest, looking directly at Luke as he wrote out his answer…

How could I forget?


You were sitting in your classroom, not a big fan of math, you weren’t the brightest but you weren’t the dullest either, just average. You had been working on a set of warm up problems as you heard the door open. Your curiosity made you looks up to see that had just walked in, expecting it to be a teacher or a student who walked out. But instead a fairly tall blond boy walked in, wearing tight black skinny jeans and a black tank. He looked so uncomfortable, his gaze fixed on his shoes, not wanting to look up at anyone, trying so hard to blend into the walls, but instead making him stand out even more.

Your teacher immediately looked up, as she walked over to him by the door, “You’re Luke Hemmings right?” he asked.

Luke nodded, finally looking up, seeing that he had a black lip piercing, making you more intrigued on who he was. Your teacher glad to know her new student had arrived, clapped both of her hands in a very enthusiastic way “Welcome to my math class my name is Mrs. Garcia please take a seat next to (Y/N), raise your hand (Y/N)!”

You raised your hand, as you thought that his height was extremely noticeable, but you were wrong, because he had the most beautiful blue eyes you had seen. Luke made eyes contact with you, which he immediately broke, not wanting to stare for too long, and looked back at his shoes. He walked over to you, noticing that he didn’t like the attention that he was getting from anyone, making you feel kind of bad for him. You gave him a small smile as he took the seat next to you, which he quickly returned but you noticed that it was a forced smile.

Mrs. Garcia called the class to attention as she wrote down new problems for you all to work on since it was mainly reviewing for an upcoming test, but these set of problems seemed far more difficult than what she was teaching, almost as if she was teaching a new lesson.

You stared at the set of problems hoping that any second, you would understand what she was writing, but the more your stared at the complicated math problems, the more difficult they looked. You started copying the first problem onto your paper, feeling a bit overwhelmed, staring at it thinking of how to start it.

You looked over at Luke noticing that he was writing stuff down on his paper, and glancing back at the board; at least you both seemed lost by the problems. Luke turned to look at you, making you look back down at your paper, hoping he didn’t catch you staring at him, as you pretended to work on the problem.

You looked back at Luke and noticed that he wasn’t writing anymore, he just looked out the window, leaning his head on his hand, looking a bit bored. Had he given up on working the problem? Mrs. Garcia walked over to him and you could see him become nervous once again.

“Luke did you finish the problems already?” she asked.

Luke nodded, seeing the panic grow on his face the more people started to stare at him. He handed her his notebook and she began to look over his work, nodding as she read along, following his work making sure everything was accurate. She smiled as she handed him back his notebooks, “it all correct, please, go up to the board and answer the first problem”, she said with a smile, not noticing the way Luke was panicking, but instead of saying anything he got up and awkwardly went to the board, looking very uncomfortable, trying so hard to blend in, which just made him stand out so much more.

He started solving the first problem easily, not even bothering to look back at his notebook to double check his steps.

“That’s amazing! You just solved a College level math question and with such ease!” she said with happily.

Luke scratched the back of his neck, looking away from everyone that was starting at him, you included. Your teacher thanked him as he walked back to his seat, saying that she was glad that she had such a bright student. You smiled once again as he was walking to his seat, hoping that he would feel more at ease.

Luke walked over to his seat, your eyes meeting once again, you smiled widely “wow you’re really smart, I wouldn’t be able to solve it that quickly”, you admitted.

He looked straight at you, before taking a seat not bothering to say anything in return. You noticed that he completely ignored you, not even saying a simple ‘thanks’, you looked at him, hoping that maybe any second he would say anything, but instead he started writing something down, still not bothering to acknowledge you.

“you’re welcome”, you whispered to yourself in a somewhat annoyed tone

You let out a sigh as you turned forward, feeling a bit rejected. The teacher continued to go over the problem that Luke had solved in case anyone didn’t understand what he did, but then felt Luke tap your shoulder. You looked over at him, as Luke gave you a small smile, and pushed a piece of paper towards you, with something written on it

I’m mute.

Your gaze softened as you reread the statement. You instantly apologized, in case he had heard your small comment, you felt really bad, you thought that he was being rude it never crossed your mind that maybe he couldn’t physically talk. He smiled as he picked up the pen and wrote down another sentence.

Don’t worry its fine, it happens a lot.

As the day went on Luke relaxed more and more, Luke was also in your English class and you were seated next to him, which he was glad, because you were so far the only person he felt comfortable around. You let him meet your friends, Calum, Michael, and Ashton, but he still seemed more at ease with you, despite them being really nice and already treating him as a part of the group.

He had told you…written, that he had damaged vocal chords, that didn’t allow him to speak, but you were sure that when he laughed you could hear a somewhat grunt laugh, which he absolutely hated. Luke admitted that he hated being around people, mainly because he couldn’t speak, he hated that there was always some sort of communication barrier and people thought rude things when he wouldn’t answer anything, but it wasn’t his fault that he wasn’t physically able to respond.

But throughout the school year, you were able to make him feel more comfortable, being his voice in classes, reading aloud his answers when he was called on, which made him happy since he loved hearing your voice, and you also were his voice when he needed. You enjoyed his company and kept notebooks filled with the notes you would write and spent countless hours of him teaching you not only math, since you needed the help, but sign language as well, wanting to be able to fluently converse with him, which made him also glad.

As the months went on and you and Luke got closer, both of you secretly loving the shared moments you both spent together, distracted and isolated from everything one else.

You were both lying on his bed, having spent an hour on math homework, and you singing one of yours and Luke’s favorite songs that was playing on the speakers. Luke looked over at you, enchanted by your voice, and you as well. Luke stared at you before he unconsciously placed his fingertips on your throat, feeling the way your voice was vibrating under his touch. It was the first time he had ever done that that you stilled and looked at him with a confused look. Luke pulled his hand in embarrassment and hoped he didn’t creep you out. You immediately regretted getting scared, understanding that he wanted to feel your voice. You smiled as you reached for his hand, and placing it back on your throat, and began to sing for him, letting him feel your voice. You noticed that he had a bright smile on his face and brought you closer, bringing you to him. He cuddled you, letting your head rest on his chest, hearing the faint sound of his fast beating heart as his fingertips continued to feel the vibrations and hear the sound of your voice singing just for him.  

This was something that you two did frequently after that day, and to this day you both of you loved it.

“When I realized I would never be able to sing – I decided, that I instruments would be my voice.”

Luke had played beautifully on the guitar, letting his fingers strum and hit chords perfectly. You could tell that when he played, it really was like his voice, projecting his feelings onto you. In some songs you could see the anguish and despair that projected over the sound of the guitar that made your heart clench, other times, you couldn’t help but smile and move to the beat when he would played some happier songs. He played so well, that it was almost a shame that he couldn’t sing to those songs, because you knew it would make it even more perfect than it already was.

He was playing something new for you, a sonata like piece on guitar. You could tell that he was nervous, the way that his fingers were somewhat trembling as he played, but still kept playing perfectly. The piece itself pulled at your heartstrings; playing slow letting the song build, and then getting louder and more melodic almost something you could slow dance to, as you felt the passion that he was playing with. He finished the piece letting the sound resonate with the passion that he had.

He looked down at his guitar, not wanting to look into your eyes, as the sound was slowly dying. You noticed that Luke’s cheeks were blushing. He looked at your, his cerulean eyes anxious for you to say something. He reached for a nearby piece of paper, and quickly wrote something.

 Did you like it?

You nodded, “I loved it Luke, it was so beautiful, I nearly wanted to cry”, you said with a bright smile.

Good, because it’s yours

You started down at the words, feeling your cheeks heat up, “what do you mean?” you asked as your heart started to race.

I wrote it for you, so it’s yours

He wrote down with a clear blush on his face. He was once again nervous, as his hands were slightly shaking as he held up the notebook for you. His eyes started anywhere but your own eyes, as his blush grew more and more. Your cheeks were heating up even more, at seeing Luke so vulnerable in front of you. He was wearing his heart on his sleeve for you to see, and hopefully not break.

“Luke, do you like me?” you asked your cheeks and face burning up by this point.

He looked into your eyes briefly before he turned away. He nodded, not bothering to write it down, because by now his hands were a mess, and he knew he would be able to clearly write his answer. You felt your heart pound against your chest that you wondered if Luke could hear it. Luke liked you; he had written a song just for you, a passion filled song that was all yours.

You placed your hand on his cheek, making him look at you, seeing Luke so nervous, almost as if any second you were going to reject his feelings. You leaned in and placed a soft kiss to his lips. Luke’s eyes widened not expecting you to kiss him, but soon closed his eyes, and kissed you back. The kiss was so tender and soft, that it made your insides tingle, bringing your whole body to life with a fire like feeling. He set down his guitar and pulled you onto his lap, as he kissed you with a new found passion. He wasn’t kissing you lustfully, not wanting you to feel like things were moving too fast, but it was filled with passion that you didn’t think was possible.

“I like you too”, you said as you brought his lips for another kiss, losing each other in kisses, which was the start of your relationship.

——————-End of flashback———————–

It had been years since then then, both of you going to same college that suited both your needs. You both thought that it would be better to find a flat together, seeing as how you both weren’t good at meeting new people, and enjoyed each other’s company too much. And it was one of the best decisions you two have made.

Your flat had two rooms when you both started renting it, but that very same day, you shared a bed, and haven’t slept apart since then, and eventually you two had bought a bigger bed and got rid of the two twin sized beds. You both loved sleeping in each other’s arms, basking in each other’s warmth throughout the night and waking up to each other with a smile and soft kisses. As well as staying up late into the night discovering each other’s bodies, mapping them out with kisses and touches, and repeating it throughout the day at times.  

Luke would continue to write you songs, serenading you constantly throughout the flat, which never failed to make your heart race and heat up. He constantly reminded you of how much he loved you; by the way he would kiss you on the way to class, picking you up from some of your lectures, and having weekly study dates, especially in math, which usually led to you both kissing each other on your shared bed. Luke would constantly hold you close, loving how you would feel against his body, almost as if your bodies were molded to fit perfectly against one another.

And you did the same, you would try to learn guitar for him in secret so you both can play together, which he found out and made him so happy that you were willing to learn something else for him. You would constantly hold his hand to your neck, letting him feel the way you said that you loved him. But Luke loved him the most was that you never left, he grew up thinking that he would never find someone that no one would be able to love someone that would never be able to speak. Constantly thinking that no one would pick him over someone who could actually have a voice that you would be able to talk to, or sing with, or even say that they loved you, his thoughts were plagued by that.  

But you showed him wrong; you changed his whole perspective, showing him that despite his disability, you still loved him dearly, never once becoming impatient with him, as other people did, picking him over other people with a voice. He was enough for you.

He looked down at you, the golden glow of the fire illuminate your skin, knowing that he would be happy for the rest of his life… as long as you were a part of it, and he hoped that you would. 

You looked up at him, seeing that he had a lucid smile on his face as he looked up at you, he looked like as if you were the greatest thing that has ever happened…which for him, you were. You smiled as you buried your face in the crook of his neck, placing a small kiss there, which made Luke gasp a bit.

“What is it Luke?” you whispered into his skin as his hands tightened their hold on you.

He placed a kiss to your head, as he rested his head on yours. He reached for your left hand, and began tracing the words onto your skin. 

I love you, (Y/N)…I’ll love you forever… if you let me

He brought your hand to kiss it, his lips kissing the area of your ring finger. He was sealing his promise with a kiss; something that he knew would be easy for him to keep. Luke knew that one day he would plan a life with you, and he hoped that on that very same place he had just kissed, you would wear the ring he knew he would eventually give you, as well as last name, he just had to wait for the right time.

You on the other had felt your heart race, you thought that being with him would make you get used to the feeling of him kissing him, but you never did. Each kiss or affectionate gesture still made your heart swell with emotion that you at times thought that maybe Luke was purposely doing it, wanting to tease your body to see you squirm and gasp.

“I’ll love you forever too Luke”, you said with a smile as you leaned back up to kiss his lips as his hand locked with yours, drowning out the rest of the world as you kissed


Ok so punk Luke is still going to happen, but I got feedback saying that mute Luke should be first, and yep, decided to do that. I think punk Luke will be up by tomorrow, or the day afterwards. So yea be on the lookout for that.

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Other masterlist

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Updated masterlist

Hello lovelies, I just updated my masterlist as I hadn’t done so in awhile, so here is that list in case you missed anything! I would love your feedback.


Song preference based on ‘How you get the girl’ (Taylor Swift)

You passed out backstage - Harry

The back row of the cinemas

Vocal rest for Ashton

You faint after Louis’ charity soccer game

He throws you a part and your ex shows up to ruin it - Harry

You meet and flirt at a fancy event

You’re sick - Harry

He’s playing soccer and faints - Niall

He gets frustrated at you when sick/injured

Sightseeing - Picture preference (1D and 5SOS)

He gets hurt/sick and the boys call you - Niall

He gets hurt/sick and the boys call you - Zayn

He gets hurt/sick and the boys call you - Harry

He gets hurt/sick and the boys call you - Louis

He gets hurt/sick and the boys call you - Luke

He gets hurt/sick and the boys call you - Liam

He gets hurt/sick and the boys call you - Calum

He gets hurt/sick and the boys call you - Mikey

He gets hurt/sick and the boys call you - Ashton

Another boy tweets a picture of you cuddling 1D and 5SOS

Prompt- Your a choreographer and he falls for you

Prompt - Harry gets sick, pictures end up online and you comfort him

Prompt- He gets sick while visiting your parents

Prompt- First kiss you share with him - Part 2 (1D and 5SOS)

Prompt- First kiss you share with him - Part 1 (1D and 5SOS)

Prompt- You fight and leave with the kids - Louis

Prompt- You fight and leave with the kids - Niall

Prompt- You fight and leave with the kids - Zayn

Prompt- You fight and leave with the kids- Harry

Prompt You fight and leave with the kids-Liam

Prompt- He tries to take off your bra and fails (cute/funny)

Prompt- You get jealous

Prompt- He’s in the mood

Little black dress

Prompt- He holds your baby for the first time

Prompt- You work for them on tour and end up dating

He’s Hungover- 5SOS

What you wear to dinner - Picture pref

Prompt - Liam gets together with a shy girl

You’re drunk and confess something

Another boy tweets a picture of you - Picture pref - One direction and 5SOS

Niall prompt - Red carpet event

Under the night sky

He tries to cook for you

On the plane with him

You buy him a gift before he leaves on tour

Wearing his shirt/snapback(Niall)

What if…..

Birthday - Picture pref

Sexy Twitcam moment (accidental)

Prompt - The other boys catch you kissing

Prompt- deaf Niall (adopted- younger)

On the tour bus with him

prompt-Liam-Your first kiss

Prompt-Niall you’re in your own band

He’s exhausted when he returns from tour

You get a pet together

DRAMA-fire, paparazzi, stalker, car crash, mugging

He helps you with your anxiety

He looks after you when you’re sick

Meeting your sibling-pt2-Niall and Zayn

Meeting your sibling/s- Liam Louis Harry and Luke

Prompt-First day of moving in with him

Airport moment

He loves it when you….

Sleep talking

He’s drunk

Backstage with him after a concert

Rain moment

He sings for you

He gets a tattoo for you

From hate to love-liam

From hate to love - Harry

Kissing (hands/how you stand)

He sends you something while on tour

He discovers something embarrassing from your childhood

He has to leave early to get to the studio

Prompt 1-Flirting at one of the other boys wedding

First Date - Continuation of Preparing for your first date






Preparing for your first date


Prompt-Luke 5sos personal

Christmas series here

The Secret

Pairing: Luke/Y/N

Rating: NC-17

Words: 8000+

Summary: So this is just something I’ve been writing over the last couple weeks. It’s a little light on the smut because I got carried away with plot. I hope you like it and make sure to tell me what you think. 


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May, hot Michael, cute Michael, give me your dick to me Michael, Never Ever Die.

It’s killed me already

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#107: Morning Routines


Request for more similar blurb prefs, I would loooove do to more of those since they’re a lot easier now after meeting the boys :3 

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Traditions and routines were some things that you and Luke stayed in and didn’t change even though it might have been more appealing to you. Luke would always be the first one to groan out loud by his alarm clock next to him almost at the point of ruining his eardrums, the first one to groggily get out of the bed after placing a soft kiss to your bare shoulder, and the first one to jump into the shower to take a bath. It always irritated you that he was the first one to take a shower, yet he always made you forget about it because his soothing (At times) singing voice would fill your ears faint from the bathroom door with a mixed sound of water splashing. It was one of the nicest things to wake up to but it always changed when Luke would come out, dress himself up, place a last kiss to your lips before disappearing downstairs because that meant that it would be your turn to get out of the bed to shower. And it was always the same, ALWAYS, where Luke would be the messy young man he is and mess the whole bathroom with water and not dry it off afterwards. It was killing you inside at times but it was something you had grown with now, staying with him for so long now. So it was a habit for Luke now to just leave his mess behind for you to clean it up and nothing was going to change that because he would always make it up to you after you had finished the shower. Because when you had dressed up and done your makeup and hair, there would always wait some kind of breakfast for you downstairs, whether it was just a small bowl of cereal or if Luke had gone all in and went down to the bakery to get you a warm bagel or a muffin. Sometimes it was a surprise and he would just have this smug smile on his face while watching you see what kind of breakfast he had brought you this time. You guys never failed to get out the best of each other in the mornings and it always made sure that the day would get ten times better just by the small gestures.


Morning routines between you and Cal would always involve a larger amount of cuddles. Calum would always be the one to have to wake up at first with his busy schedule since he wanted things to be coordinated so he would have time with you at night and not use his whole evening at the studio. That meant that every morning at 6am, Calum would mess around in your shared bed groggily trying to find his phone so he could turn off his annoying alarm clock. When he would finally turn it off, a large sigh would come from his lips before he would bury his face into his pillow, and only pulling you closer instead of getting out of the bed to shower. Even if he did get out of the bed, he would hurry into the shower, grab a warm towel and dry him off before sprinting out of the bathroom again and towards your bed with the towel around his waist so he could just cuddle you again, because the feeling of your warm skin against his and just the touch of yours was one of the best feelings in the world. He never wanted to leave you in the mornings even though it wouldn’t take long for you guys to see each other again later in the day. Sometimes Cal felt very sneaky and called the studio telling that he was either late or sick for the day just so he could be with you. Mostly it would be that he was just late because you had either jobs or classes to take in the morning but they would usually start around 9am. At times like that when Calum actually would be late by purpose, he would always make sure to wake you up with breakfast to make your day top dollar. It would always make you giggle when you woke up to the curtains being removed and the sun streaming in because you knew you had caught Cal guilty in lying to his employees but he would always respond to your curious looks with a typical Calum smirk and shrugging it off. “They can wait a few more hours.” His response would always be afterwards when he shared breakfast with you in bed and you would always shake your head at him, yet it always warmed your heart.


Michael would always stay true in the name of being the laziest bandmember of 5 Seconds of Summer. He would always be either late, forget about his alarm or just snooze it until there would be less than 7 minutes until he would have to be at the studio. And all of this did not change after you guys moved in together. He would still be that kid that wouldn’t get out of bed even if you sat on him; on the contrary, he loved when you did that because that made him sure that you wouldn’t get out of the bed as well, making him wrap his arms around you in a securing way so you wouldn’t slip away. And there would be laughter from you because Michael would try to sleep again with this goofy smirk on his lips with his eyes closed as he tried to bury his face into his pillow. But he knew he always had to let go because you had classes that was quite more important than staying in bed with him so at least after 15 minutes of morning cuddles, he would let go of you to either shower if you hadn’t done it last night, or dress up before walking out and starting out by making some morning coffee. It would encourage Michael to wake up as well because there wouldn’t be any other cuddle partner than his duvet, but he would always stay a little longer in bed just to admire you from the bed because you always let the bedroom door open so he could see you in the kitchen a little bit further away. It made Michael smile like a little girl at times just to watch you walk around in your own thoughts, at times maybe singing in a quiet voice along to the faint radio that was playing songs in kitchen while you walked around making sure that breakfast and lunch were later for now and later. Michael wouldn’t get out of bed before the last minute of where the breakfast would be ready before he would grab a dirty shirt on the floor, put it on and grab his spray deodorant to cover the smell before approaching you in the kitchen and sharing a lovely breakfast.


Play fights in the morning could never be avoid between you and Ash. Somehow you guys would always find some things to tease each other with whether it was stealing the warm water from the shower, stealing one other’s hairbrushes and elastic bands or just being a tease in general. It all could start out in the morning just as soon as the alarm clock would go off. You and Ashton would literally sprint out of bed to be the first one to get into the shower, and at times you would win, at times Ash would and at times, the both of you agreed that you would shower together, you know to save water and that. But if Ashton would be the one doing it at first, he would always be the annoying one to throw your clean towels on the floor so when it would be your turn, they would be wet and clammy on the floor and Ashton would just give you a smirk before slapping your butt and walking out of the bathroom. He would always be this immature kid no matter how much age he grew. And of course there would always be some kind of revenge. The boy’s hair was growing so fast that he would always be fucked if he didn’t have any elastic bands to cover up his hair, and he always knew that you would take them and hide them from him. It always revolved in you guys running around your bedroom and kitchen, Ashton chasing you for him to return his – correction your elastic bands until he would catch you and make you return him by tickling you. It made you guys fresh for the day’s activities and Ashton always made sure to apologize in the end and telling you that he loved you with a big kiss on the lips because, at times he could be an annoying tease, but he only did it out of luck because he loved seeing those reactions from you when he did so. He always loved getting your attention no matter what time of the day it was. And of course you knew that he was always messing around with you because you would at times be even worse at him with these pranks. It made your relationship more daring to be in and you enjoyed every second of it with him.

Chivalry's Not Dead - Ashton Irwin Imagine

When Ashton Irwin asked you out on a date, you didn’t know what to expect. He had what you liked to call a “bad boy” reputation. He was in a rock band, drove a black corvette, smoked cigarettes outside the school, never attended classes, he practically had girls worshiping the ground he walked on:he was the stereotypical school badass. You’ve heard the rumours, Ashton has his eye on a girl at school but you never even considered that you might be the object of his affection.

You were quietly munching on your salad, simply observing the conversation your friends were having. “Okay but who could it be?” Alicia squealed, scanning the faces of everyone in the cafeteria.

Like every other student at the school, they were discussing who the mystery girl that caught Ashton’s eye was. You weren’t participating in the conversation since you honestly didn’t care about who Ashton was crushing on.  

“What do you think, Y/N?”

“I don’t care.” You reply, shoving a forkful of lettuce in your mouth.

“Okay but you’ve got to have some idea! Come on, Y/N, this is important!”

“Who cares who he likes? He’s just a boy.”

“Just a boy? Just a boy? Y/N! Ashton Irwin is not just a boy! He is a gift from the Gods! He is a sweet taste of Heaven! He is-”

“Just another boy. I don’t get why everyone’s freaking out!”

“Because Ashton Irwin likes someone! Ashton Irwin likes someone! This is huge!”

“Maybe if you focused on English as much as you do on Ashton, you’d actually pass the bloody class!” You taunt, receiving a crumpled up napkin to the face.

The conversation drifts off to the Chemistry quiz next period and everything goes back to normal momentarily. You were explaining ionic compounds to of your friends when you noticed Alicia’s mouth drop into an ‘o’ shape.

“Close your mouth, you’ll catch flies." 

"Y/n!” She whisper shouts, staring at you with wide eyes. “Ashton is coming this way! He’s walking over to our table!”

“What?” You immediately turn around, coming face to face with Ashton.

He was in his usual attire: ripped black skinny jeans, a Nirvana shirt and a beaten up leather jacket. His hair was wild and messy and he had little bits of stubble along his chin. You had to admit, he looked good, he always did. “Hey, Y/N.” He says casually. Everyone was staring at the two of you and while you could feel your cheeks flush, he couldn’t seem to care.

“Uh, hi.” You had never actually spoken to Ashton. You didn’t even know he knew who you were.

“I have a proposition for you.” He smirks.

“And that is?”

“How would you like to go to dinner with me on Friday?” You could hear gasps from all around the room and you were sure Alicia was sitting there bug eyed. It felt like you were in a cliche teen romance movie and frankly, you did not like it. 

“Oh. I don’t know.” You reply, earning a nudge from one of your friends.

“So, is that a no?” His smile falters, but he manages to force a smirk onto his face.

“Um, no,” He raises an eyebrow at you. “I mean yes!”

“Yes you’ll go out with me or yes it’s a no?”

“Yes, I’ll go out with you.” You clarify.

“Great. I’ll pick you up at 6, wear something fancy.” And with that statement, he leaves. He walks back to his friends and sits down as if nothing happened. You on the other hand were still in shock. He just asked you out. Out of all the girls in the school, he asked you out. What the fuck just happened.

He wasn’t lying when he said he’ll pick you up at 6. The doorbell rang at exactly 6, not a second later. You quickly shrugged on your shoes and answered the door. 

Ashton stood there with a dopey smile on his face. His hair was neatly combed and he was wearing a pair of hole-free pants. A snug black blazer replaced his usual leather jacket. To top it all off, he smelled heavenly. Whether it was his aftershave or cologne, it had a delightful aroma. 

“These are for you.” He thrusts his hand out in front of him, showcasing a bouquet of red roses.

“They’re beautiful, thank you.” You gasp in awe, allowing him to hand you the flowers. “I’m going to go find a vase. Come on in.” You move aside, giving Ashton room to enter your home. “I’ll be right back.” He nods in response.

You jog upstairs to your mother’s bedroom and pick out one of her multiple vases. You settle on a sleek white one. Grasping the vase in your hand, you descend down the stairs to meet up with Ashton.

“No one has ever got me roses before or any flower for that matter.” You mumble as you fill the container with water. “No one has even stepped out of their car before. They’d honk and that would be it.”

“Most men don’t know how to treat a lady nowadays. Things aren’t as they should be.”

“I think I’ll have to agree with you on that one.”

“Shall we?” He asks, extending his hand out for you. You willingly link your arm with his and walk out the door.

He opens the passenger side door for you and you can’t help but giggle at the gesture. Ashton was treating you so differently than any other boy you had been on a date with. You expected Ashton to be a cold person while he turned out to be the complete opposite. Goes to show that you really shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

“You look beautiful by the way.” He says, gazing at you as he pulls out of your driveway.

“Thank you. You look handsome as well and you smell really good.” You blurt out. Your eyes widen when your brain registers the words that just left your mouth.

He laughs. “I got a new cologne. Glad to know you like it.”

“Yeah,” You reply. “It’s very nice.”

 "So, uh, where are we going?“ You ask.

"There’s this new Italian restaurant on fourth I’ve been dying to try.”

“Fourth street? Isn’t everything there expensive?”

“It’s rich mans territory.”

“I don’t think I can afford that, Ashton.”

“Y/N, it’s a date. I’m paying for you.”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that.”

“You’re not asking me, I’m offering. Actually, I’m insisting. I’m paying for you and that’s final.”


“No buts. I’m paying and I refuse to accept a single dime from you.”

“Thank you, Ashton.” You smile, knowing that arguing with him would be pointless.

You always felt out of place at such upper-class establishments but for some reason, you felt comfortable with Ashton at your side. You didn’t feel as awkward as your normally would. It was odd.

“Do you have a reservation?” The host asks.

“Reservation for two under Irwin.”

“Right this way.” He says, grabbing two menus and leading you to your table.

“My lady.” Ashton says, pulling out your chair and pushing it back in when you were firmly seated.

“Why thank you kind sir.” He takes the seat across from you and hands you the menu.

You were gazing at the menu in shock—everything was so bloody expensive. “I know what you’re thinking,” Ashton says, breaking you out of your daze. “And I won’t have it. If you want something, order it. Don’t look at the price!”

“But it’s all so expensive.” You sigh, not meeting Ashton’s stare.

“Y/N,” Ashton places his hand on top of yours, stroking your thumb softly. “I knew it was expensive when I made a reservation here. I knew what I was getting myself into and I wanted to do it. I have the money. I want to pay for you. I want you to enjoy yourself and not worry about the  cost. Please, order whatever sounds good.”

“You’re truly something else, Ashton.”

“Is that bad?”

“Not at all. The last date I went on was at McDonalds and he made me pay, claiming he "forgot his wallet”.“

"Was there a second date?”

“Uh, no.” You laugh. He was about to open his mouth when your waitress arrived at your table.

“Good evening! I’m Kelly and I’ll be your waitress for the night. Are you guys ready to order?”

“We’ll have the garlic bread and large garden salad to start. Would you like anything else?” He asks you and you shake your head.

“Anything to drink?” The waitress asks. Her gaze was firmly locked on Ashton. She never glanced at you once. She was obviously stunned by Ashton’s above average features and it was staring to piss you off. 

“A bottle of your finest wine and two glasses of water.”

“Anything for you, handsome. I’ll be right back." 

You grimace at her use of the pet name and Ashton simply chuckles at you. "Are you okay? You seem a bit pissed off.”

“That waitress needs to know where her boundaries are.” You mutter, gritting your teeth.

“No need to get jealous, babe.”

“I am not jealous.”

“Uh-huh, sure.”

“I’m not!”

“It doesn’t matter what she does or says. You’re the only girl I’ve got eyes for. For fucks sake she could start stripping in the middle of the restaurant and I wouldn’t give a damn!”

“Judging by the way she’s acting, I may have to hold you to that.”

By the end of the night, Ashton had you laughing and smiling so much that your jaw was sore. As promised, Ashton had paid for your meal and drove you home.

“I had a lot of fun tonight.” He runs his hand through his hair, messing up the golden locks.

“I did too. Thank you, Ashton.”

“So, uh, do I get a second date?”

“Maybe.” You tease.

“In that case, do I get a kiss?” He asks, jokingly puckering his lips.

“I don’t kiss on the first date, Irwin.”

“Fair enough. I’ll see you around, okay?”

“Hell yeah you will.”

“Goodnight Y/N.”

“Goodnight Ash.”

Punch me in the fucking face. This was so bad. 

The Princess pt. II

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Words: 14,000

Request: Yes

Summary: THIS IS SO LONG IM SORRY! I was just on a roll but I hope you guys don’t mind hahaah. It’s the longest oneshot I’ve ever written so fasten your seatbelts. The editing was a little rushed so ignore some mistakes I could’ve left, I’ll go back to change a few things. I just really wanted to post this for you guys because all of you have been waiting so long.  I hope you enjoy and tell me what you thought! xx

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