Chapter 11 (The Prep & The Punk) *5SOS Fanfiction*

The weeks went by quickly and I wasn’t sure where they were really going but as they went by Michael and I grew closer. We learned everything we could about each other and it couldn’t be better. Everyday went the same, we ignored each other mostly at school, and then after school he came over until my parents came home.
My mom still didn’t know he came over to begin with and the only person who knew we spent time together outside of school was Kylie. Every night after he left she would call and ask where we were in telling anyone. The truth was we didn’t talk about telling anyone and I didn’t care. I didn’t want to tell anyone. Having him all to myself was great. There was no pressure to be the perfect couple or to go out and show off our relationship.
It had been weeks since I spent time with anyone after school other than Michael and recently Luke started to notice my absence. “You never come over after school anymore, I pretty much only see you at school or on the weekend,” he had commented one day as we drove home from school. I glanced at Kylie in the mirror and she shrugged.
“I told you I’ve been studying for finals,” I said reciting the lie that was becoming burned into my brain.
“Yeah, but we usually study together and its been so long since we actually spent time just the two of us, its always everyone, I miss you Fifi,” he said giving me a pout. That hurt it really did, I didn’t like lying to him but I’ve always been selfish at times and with Michael I was very selfish, I didn’t want to share him, or our relationship.
I swallowed the lump in my throat and looked back to him, “We start exams tomorrow so ill comeover after school then I promise,” I told him. I wanted to spend just a little longer with Michael, I hated canceling on people last minute and if I went over today that’s what I would have to do.
We dropped Kylie off and then headed to my house he dropped me off like he did everyday and I gave him a hug promising to go over to his house tomorrow. I went inside and like I did every day I ditched my bag in the living room and went into the kitchen to get something to eat. I sighed to myself Michael would be here soon, and that meant telling him I was going to Luke’s tomorrow. Not that I thought he would get mad, but I didn’t want to have to bring up telling the others about us. I just wasn’t ready to tell anyone.
There was a knock on the door even though it was just a formality because he had gotten into the habit of opening the door anyway. I shook my head stepping out of the kitchen to greet him in the hallway. “Oo, food,” he said reaching for my food.
“Mine,” I said pulling my hand back. He gave me a pout and I sighed handing over my snack. I was finished with it anyway and his pouty face hurt me. A little later we found ourselves on the couch me partially on his lap like I usually was. It felt slightly strange to be so cuddly with him when just weeks ago we couldn’t be in the same room together. “Michael?” I said waiting for his response.
“Yeah?” he asked looking down at me.
“We’re weird,” I stated, smiling up at him.
“Why do you say that?” he asked his hand taking mine and intertwining our fingers.
“Just a few weeks ago we couldn’t be in the same room together yet here we are at my house, alone in the same room,” I answered laughing at my own realization.
“I guess you’re right,” he replied chuckling. His face scrunched up in an adorable way and it was one of those moments when I found myself wanting to hug him and never let go. He could be so ridiculously cute at times that it hurt me.
“You’re too cute,” I said burying my face in his neck to stop myself from having to see his cuteness.
“You’re not too bad yourself, Sweets,” he said using the pet name he had become fond of. We both laughed and then the room fell quiet.
I was beginning to realize that I would have to talk to him about Luke sooner or later and as much as I wanted to pick later sooner was the obvious answer, “Hey Michael?” I asked waiting for his answer again.
“Hmm?” he replied his arms wrapping around me tightly.
“Have you thought at all about telling the boys and Kylie about us?” I asked slowly and quietly. I almost hoped his hadn’t heard me, but he did.
“Um, a little, I mean it would be nice to be around you at school, but I like it being just us two,” he said with a small shrug, “Why did you want to tell them?”
“Actually that’s just it, I want to tell them, but I like it being just us and I don’t want to share you, or us with anyone, but we can’t keep it a secret forever, so I guess we have to tell them eventually,” I rambled, talking in a circle because I was still at the same place as when I started. I knew we needed to tell them, but I didn’t want to.
“So are we not going to tell them yet?” he asked.
“I don’t know, ugh. Luke wants to hang out tomorrow and I told him I would but I want to see you, and I can’t keep blowing him off, I mean I do see him, but he’s my best friend and I feel bad that I haven’t really been hanging out with him.”
“So we lose one day, its fine you can call me when you get home and we can talk on the phone its not that big of a deal, if you don’t want to tell him yet then don’t, I’m fine with telling them whenever you want to,” he reassured me rubbing his hands over my arms.
“Okay, I guess, but I’ll have to tell him sooner or later I just hope he isn’t mad when I do,” I said sighing.
“What’s there to be mad about?” he asked grabbing the remote.
“I don’t know I guess I’m just preparing for the worst,” I said shrugging. I moved off of his lap and leaned into his side seeing what was on TV.
I guess we lost track of time because it seemed like a few minutes later the front door was opening and I could hear my mom in the hallway, “Shit,” I muttered standing. She rounded the corner just as Michael stood up.
She stopped in the doorway and glanced between us two, “Sofia?” she questioned sounding slightly mad. Not as mad as she would be if she had caught us doing something but still mad.
“Mom, you’re home, uh… this is my friend Michael, he was just leaving,” I said glancing at him.
“Right, bye, Sofia, nice to meet you Mrs. Scott,” Michael said as he walked out of the room. My mom told him bye sweetly, but I know she’s going to be seething with anger as soon as she knows he is gone.
“Sofia Grace, how many times have we told you not to have people over when we are not here!” she shouts a minute after the front door closes. I give her a sheepish smile and hope she won’t go too harsh on me I mean she does know I graduate in almost a week.
“We, were talking at school and he wanted to come over to study since we have exams tomorrow, I’m sorry I was going to call but then we were studying and it slipped my mind,” I lied smoothly.
Her face softened a little and she let out a sigh, “Damn it Sofia, you can’t just not listen, next time call, just don’t let your dad find out about this,” she said walking away. I guess she believed me, but she also seemed a little exhausted so I wasn’t really going to question it. “So, who is he exactly?”
“He’s one of Luke’s friends, that’s how I met him,” I said following her into the kitchen where she was getting things together for dinner.
“Oh, is he nice then?” she asked setting down a bowl and some vegetables.
“Yeah,” I said not being able to hide my smile.
“So is he a friend or a friend?” she asked changing the emphasis on the second friend.
I shook my head she was always fishing, “Fine mom if you must know he’s, sort of my boyfriend,” I said looking away hoping she wouldn’t be mad.
Nope, the next thing out of her mouth was a slight squeal. “I’m surprised he’s nothing like Tanner,” she commented still putting together whatever she was making.
“That’s kind of the point, Tanner was too much of a girl, and he was always jealous of Luke,” I said rolling my eyes at that memory. How had I even dated him so long?
“Yeah, I never really liked him, I always thought he was annoying,” she said nonchalantly, like she would if she had been complementing.
I was slightly shocked she was always nice to him when he came over, “I thought you liked him, you were always so nice to him.”
“It’s called acting, sweetie, learn it, because when your older you are going to have to deal with a lot of people you don’t like but you have to deal with it because sometimes its better to avoid unnecessary conflict,” she said shrugging. “You should invite him for dinner sometimes so we could meet him,” she added on the end.
“Mom, no,” I said quickly shaking my head.
“Aw, come on we aren’t that bad,” she defended.
“I can’t right now, Luke doesn’t even know that we are dating,” I said shaking my head.
“What? Isn’t it his friend, Sofia you and Luke are best friends and have been since you were three don’t mess that up because you like some boy,” she says warningly.
“I know mom, we just weren’t sure if we wanted to tell everyone yet and cause drama, we were kind of seeing where this was going, we’re going to tell the others soon,” I assured.
“Just know what really matters, don’t let a relationship cause you to lose years of a friendship,” she said. I know she means well, but I’m pretty sure that she just doesn’t want this to cause issues with her and Liz. Plus I know somewhere deep down she has always wanted me and Luke to end up together.
“I won’t mom, don’t worry everything is going to be fine,” I assured walking up to my room.

The next day I didn’t even feel like getting dressed in the morning we were going to be taking exams which meant that I wouldn’t even really be in class like a normal day. I decided that even though it was hot outside I wanted to be comfortable and threw on a hoodie. I pulled on a pair of skinny jeans and slipped my feet into a pair of toms. I threw my hair up and put on little to no make-up and left. Just as I closed the door behind me I heard Luke pull into the driveway.
“Nice outfit,” he commented as I got into the car.
“Exams make me sleepy, so I figured I would just dress comfortable,” I said sticking my tongue out at him. He pulled out of the driveway with a laugh and we were on our way.
After picking up Kylie and finally arriving at school, we met up with the other boys in the gym where seniors were instructed to meet in the morning. They were doing the exams by subject so today was history and science. Since we all had a history we were all here for the first exam, but after that Ashton, Luke, Calum, and Kylie all could go home, since Michael and I were the only ones with a science class this year. “You look mighty comfy but isn’t it a little hot for a jacket?” Ashton asked when we got to the gym.
“Yeah, but it is almost always freezing when we have to take tests in the auditorium,” I said sitting down. We were supposed to take attendance somehow and then we would be let into the auditorium on the other side of the gym to finally start taking our tests. After a long while of them taking attendance we were finally released to find our place in the auditorium. When we finally got the tests done and were all let out for lunch I was so ready to go home that I almost hated Luke and the others for being able to leave. They stayed for lunch with us but after they left I found myself, slightly relieved.
Michael and I were now the only ones from our group so that meant we were free to be close and flirty if we wanted to. We kept a reasonable distance since we had both decided that we didn’t want any rumors to start before we had the chance to tell the others, and seeing as high school was coming to an end the social drama and rumors were at their worst. For some people, it was their last time to be catty and obnoxious before they had to grow up and leave the drama behind. “So my mom knows we’re dating,” I said looking up at him sitting on the bleacher above me, giving him a forgive me smile.
“I figured she would ask, and you suck at lying so I guessed you would tell her,” he said smirking.
“I do not suck at lying, she believed me that you had just come over to study, she still doesn’t know you’ve been over every day for the past few weeks so,” I said ending it with sticking my tongue at him.
“You act like a four-year-old sometimes, it’s cute,” he said grabbing my shoulders and pulling me into him.
I shoved him away playfully, “eww,” I said making a face.
“See what I mean too cute,” he replied leaning in a kissing my lips quickly. I gasped slightly and glanced around to see if anyone was looking, thankfully they weren’t. “Sorry,” he mumbled realizing what he did.
“Its okay, we just have to be careful,” I reminded him. His lips fell into a flat line and he nodded his head. I went to say something, but then they started taking the second round of attendance. Michael and I entered the auditorium separately since we were at different ends of the alphabet, and when testing was finished I waited for my mom outside.
“I can just give you a ride home you know,” Michael said sitting down next to me on the bench outside.
“My mom’s on her way its okay,” I said still feeling slightly cautious. I glanced around at all of the students who were leaving making sure no one was watching. I wouldn’t be ashamed to have anyone know we were together I just didn’t want to tell anyone yet.
“Come on at least let me drive my girlfriend home, it won’t look suspicious I mean we practically hang out all the time at school it wouldn’t be too out of reach for them to assume we are friends, I think they might do that before thinking we’re dating,” he pleaded using his painful puppy dog eyes. I sighed giving in when he was being a kitten I couldn’t say no. I pulled my phone out and sent my mom a text telling her not to worry about picking me up.
“Fine,” I said standing. Michael laughed and lead me to his car. We talked about the exam and when we got to his car he did something I wasn’t expecting but was slightly surprised of. He opened the door for me and I stood there for a second impressed by the simple gesture. Less than a month and he was already way better than Tanner, who in our whole relationship never once opened any kind of door for me.
“What?” he asked still standing behind the open door waiting for me to get in. I shook my head and climbed into the car. When I was situated he closed the door and walked around to his side. I couldn’t fight the smile I had on my face as I watched him scan the parking lot before getting in. I really did like him, I might even say I was falling a little.
He got into the car and I was still staring. He turned his head to me giving me a small smile, “Seriously, what is it?” he asked his cheeks turning a little pink.
I shook my head, “In my whole relationship with Tanner he never opened a door for me,” I said letting out a slightly disbelieving laugh.
“Well, clearly you were dating the wrong guy,” Michael commented putting his seat belt on.
“Yeah, I guess I was,” I said leaning over capturing his lips with mine. I felt him smile into the kiss and when I pulled back he gave me a slightly goofy smile.
“What was that for?” he questioned.
“For being a wonderfully adorable boyfriend,” I replied pecking his lips again. I could kiss him all day if it were possible.


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