"AT LEAST TRY TO LOOK LIKE YOU ARENT GOING TO SHIT YOURSELF!" Ashton yelled, holding the camera up to Luke’s face. "I’m so fucking nervous, Ash. What if I trip?" Luke asked, fiddling with his fingers and Ashton took a quick picture, "You won’t. Let’s go. You want to be there before your bride" he said, and walked with Luke, joined by Calum, Michael, and his brothers. Luke stood facing his back away from his closest family and friends, still unable to stop worrying. ‘What if she doesn’t show up? What if she decided to change her mind in the last minute? What if-’ his thoughts were cut short by the music that began to play.

"Here she comes, Lukey!" Jack whispered to Luke, and Luke felt the same flutter in his heart that he did every time he thought about her. Behind him he heard gasps and a few sniffs, and from that he knew it was the love of his life walking down the aisle towards him. "You’re a lucky guy, mate" Ben said, patting Luke on the back as she walked up at stood next to him.

"Hi" she whispered, and Luke finally looked at her, her beautiful face just about showing through the veil. "You made it!" Luke replied, smiling at her. "I figured I should be at me own wedding" she said, wanting to kiss Luke’s nose because she knew it always made him feel less nervous.


"Do you, Luke Hemmings, take Y/F/N to be your lawfully wedded wi-?" "I do" Luke said before the sentence even ended, causing a few laughs. But she knew it was only because they’d waited so long to finally say it.

"Do you, Y/F/N, take Luke to be your lawfully wedded husband.." and she really didn’t hear the rest of the sentence because she knew what her answer would be, what it always would’ve been, no matter what the conditions were. "I do" she answered, her stomach filling with butterflies when she watched Luke’s smile grow bigger than ever before.

More words were spoken but all they heard were “You may now kiss the bride” and Luke leaned down, holding her back and pressing his lips to hers, and they fit together like they were meant to be, and it was true, a love like theirs really was meant to be.

"We did it, baby" she whispered, smiling against Luke’s lips, "We did it. I love you so much" he replied, and felt a small tear slip out of his eyes as one left hers.

Preference #17 ➸ Wrapping presents

Luke: With his tongue stuck out and his eyebrows furrowed in concentration, Luke’s fingers fold the last corner of the red paper, placing the tape on it. Subsequently, he’s sighing in frustration as he inspects his masterpiece and realizes the paper is broken in the corners and has wrinkles here and there and just ugh, why can’t I wrap a damn gift properly? And it’s then when you walk into the kitchen because your Christmas movie is already over and you want a huge hug or because you want a cup or tea or something like that, and you can’t help but stare in concern at your exasperated boyfriend. “Luke, what’s wrong?” And he’s showing you the awful-wrapped gift initiating a smile to creep on your lips when you read your name on the small target beside the bow. “There’s nothing wrong with it, Luke. It’s perfect for the simple fact that it’s yours”

Ashton: Your table is filled by every kind of gifts you could imagine. There was one for your mom, one for your dad, another one for Lauren and Harry and even one for each of the boys except, of course, your boyfriend. You’d been thinking quite a lot about what to get to Ashton, taking into account that he has everything he wants in the world, so you decided to reflex t about it for a little while or wait until something catches your eye in a shop or sort and reminds you of Ashton, but time passed by and when you were wrapping all your presents you realized you didn’t buy him present. And you’re feeling like the worst girlfriend in the whole wide world, backing up tears and swallowing sobs. And Ash -whom has been helping you- it’s immediately sheltering you in his damn big arms and asking you what’s wrong, babe? And just, “I don’t have a present for you. I didn’t know what to buy you and just…” “But baby, you’re the best present I could ask for.”

Calum: You don’t usually ignore your sweet little boyfriend Calum Hood quite often, but today you are having a hard time wrapping plenty of presents so let’s just say, you didn’t have the…time to chill out with your boyfriend and talk about soccer or nothing in particular, and he wasn’t happy about it. (He’d came like thousand times to ask you to cuddle him and you just shook your head no) No because you didn’t want to, but Christmas was around the corner and you have to do oh so many things! And the only free time you could find in your schedule was today so… Sorry, Cal. But you’ve just finished to wrap Mali’s present when your eyes laid on a naked Calum making his way towards you with a cheeky smirk plastered on his face. “You wanted to wrap presents…Then wrap me!”, he yells dramatically as he -literally- throws himself at you to drown you in a deep and very, very, very, long kiss.

Michael: “No” “But y/n”, he’s arguing back with a huge pout on his lips and flushed cheeks as he looks at you with he most plead-y eyes you’d ever seen in your entire life, clearly, because he knew very well that you cannot say no to those eyes and that freacking lovely pout and just Dammit Michael! So you’re actually giving up at his plead as you take the longest sheet of paper you could found in your table and proceed to wrap your stupid boyfriend, whom wanted to be wrapped because only God knows why. But he has been so insistent and had used his biggest tricks to convince you that you just couldn’t say no. (You’d have felt like the worst human one earth) Plus his smile is the biggest while you’re wrapping him and putting some tape and even a bow on the top of his head and wow. And once you’d finished, he manages to move his feet in your direction -between bounces and stumbles- to tell you, “Here’s your present babe”, before softly kiss you in the lips, “Merry Christmas”

ok but the fact that luke was the only one actually dressed formal ??
i bet liz texted him and told him to dress properly for award shows lmfao

Truth Or Dare ~ Smut

Request: Anon: Can you do a truth or dare one with all the boys and the truths and dares are super sexual and kinky (costumes, sex toys, fetishes etc) they don’t even have to fuck lmao I love reading all the dares and stuff

A/N: Sorry this took a while. It’s not very good - especially the first half - but I hope you like it and thank you for requesting :) xx.



The boys and I came home from a wild, college, frat party early in the morning. We all had drunken too much and were too hyper to go to sleep. I lay myself onto the sofa and didn’t flinch when one of the heavy teenager boys climbed on top of me.
“We should so play Truth Or Dare!” Calum shouted, laughing and clutching his lower abdomen. Everyone agreed and sat down in a circle in the middle of the living room, the coffee table pushed away so they could all fit. 
“Okay, Ashton.” I called, capturing his attention, “Truth or Dare?”
“Dare,” He replied, confidently. 
I smirked, “I dare you to grind on Cal,”
Ashton giggled and slid over to where Calum sat. He pushed Calum down so he was lying flat out on the floor. Biting his lip, he began to grind his crotch into Calum’s. The younger boy let out a soft moan and squeezed his eyes shut. Ashton bent down to press a kiss to his forehead and returned to his original seating, smirking as Calum caught his breath and held a head over his crotch to hide his growing hard.
“Luke, truth or dare?”
“Truth,” Luke replied, almost immediately. 
“What’s your favourite kink?”
Luke’s eyes widen. I knew he was the most sober in the group. He began to relax as he realised no one would remember the next day.
“Costumes and role play,” 
Michael and Ashton smirked at each other as if Luke had confirmed their assumptions. Luke ignored the smirks and continued with the game. Picking Michael, he asked the deadly question. Michael smirked, answering with a ‘dare’. 
“Um, touch Y/N’s boobs.” Luke smiled as if he thought he had come up with the best dare. You and Michael laughed at his cuteness.
“That’s so lame, Luke.” Michael told Luke, pushing him as he walked around to meet me. Michael grinned at me as he sat me on his lap as started to massage my breast. I smiled, resting my head on his shoulder, his soft hands arousing me. 
“Okay, times up!” Luke shouted after a few minutes. I laughed once I saw his flushed face and hand-over-crotch, just like Calum had done. Michael got off him and sat down next to me, smiling.
“Y/N, truth or dare?”
I laughed, “dare,”
“Well, I dare you to dress up in some sexy costume and turn Luke on even more than he already is,”
I smirked, biting my lip, and stood up to change in my room. I thought about what Luke would like the most and delved into my box of sexy costumes. I pulled on a pair of plain, black underwear and a red and black laced bra, I grabbed a pair of black mouse ears with a red bow attached to it. Biting onto my lip, I walked back out to meet the boys, my hips swaying as I walked closer to Luke. Grabbing Luke’s hand, I sat him down on a kitchen chair that I had taken into the living room.
“ Ask me what I’m supposed to be,” I whispered, seductively, climbing onto his lap with my legs spread out.
“What are you supposed to be?” Luke whispered. I smirked, guiding his hands to my waist.
“I’m a mouse,” I heard Luke gasp and I leaned into Luke’s ear, “Duh,” I smirked into his neck and ground my hips into his, making him moan in pleasure.  I whispered into his neck and licked around his lips, grabbing his metal lip ring and twirling it around my tongue.  I smirked as I pressed a kiss against Luke’s cheek and climbed off his lap.  
I sat back down, stretching my whole body to show the boys myself. Smirking, I looking round the group as Luke sat back down in the circle. I opened my mouth, about to say Ashton’s name however Michael interrupted me.
“Y/N, what’s your favourite sex song?” 
I giggled, feeling slightly light-headed from the alcohol, “Sex by The 1975, Dive In or Strip by Chris Brown.”
Michael nodded, smirking and picked up my laptop from a space on the floor next to the sofa. He opened it and started to click around. He stopped and looked up at Calum, grinning.
“Calum,” he started, softly, “truth or dare?”
“Finger Y/N,”
Calum smiled, shuffling over to me. He pulled me onto his lap and rested his hands on my waist. Michael winked at his both then clicked something on my laptop. I giggled when I heard Dive In start to play from my laptop. Calum let his hands travel down to my waist, slipping his hands under my underwear. Leaning against Calum’s hands, I smiled and closed my eyes. I clung onto Calum’s knees when I felt his finger draw a soft line down my slit. I spread my legs wider to let him have more access and felt his finger penetrate my entrance. Letting out a moan, I bit my lip and held onto Calum’s arm. Calum’s beautiful, soft fingers moved quickly inside of me and began to pound into one place. 
“Calum,” I moaned loudly, not caring that the other boys were watching at this point. Why should I have cared? I was drunk and getting fingered, “Go deeper.”
I felt Calum’s lips smile against my neck and pull his fingers back from my clit as I let a small whimper.
“Don’t worry, baby,” Calum whispered into my ear, his fingers slamming back into me. Clawing away at Calum’s strong arms, he began to pound his fingers harder into me, causing me to moan, until he thought he was done and pulled his finger away, for good this time. 
“Ashton, I dare you to eat out Y/N.”
I cracked open my eyes to see Ash crawling over to me. He took my hand and pulled me over to the sofa, leaning me against it. His hands slipped down to my hips and my underwear away from my crotch. Pinning my legs back and spread out, Ash’s tongue started to delve into my clit. My hands caught in his hair and began to pull slightly, moaning as his tongue began to tease me.
“Ash,” I breathed out, my fingers sliding down my body to meet Ashton’s tongue, “That feels so good!”
Ashton pushed away my hand, pulling my folds widen to cause me more pleasure. He continued to tease and lick me for a couple minutes until I was screamed his name and almost ripping out his precious, dark blonde locks. Smirking at me, he pulled away his mouth and straightened himself out to look at me. 
“Come here, baby, I want you to taste your beautiful taste,” He smiled, his hands pulling my hips to his. I climbed onto his lap and let Ashton’s tongue wipe my tasty juices over mine. I giggled, pulling and sliding my underwear back over my private parts. I glanced over at the other boys, two of which couldn’t control themselves and decided to relieve themselves of the tension built up in their lower region. Biting my lip, I stood up and walked over to the boy who hadn’t had enough attention. His green eyes peered up at me, lust swimming around in them. My hand stroked his red hair and combed round his ear.
“Come with me,” I whispered, taking his hand and pulling him towards my bedroom.
“Hey, what about the game?” Ashton shouted behind me. 
I smirked, pushing Michael into the room and turned to look at the desperate boys’ faces, “Games over.”

He Wants A Baby (Ashton Irwin)

Home. Sweet. Home.

You had just returned from a business trip that lasted a few days. You only had to go to a different place just for a “meeting” however it felt like forever because all the bosses talked about were the same things they talked about every year. You knew Ashton would be home soon since he texted you after you told him you landed back home that he was finishing some things at the studio and then he would come home. You sigh in relief as you unbutton your jeans and take them off. You slip into comfortable sweatpants and change your top into a baggy shirt that you verified as your husbands, Ashton. Finally to complete your comfortable look, some fuzzy socks with drumsticks all over them. Just then a desperate knock came from the front door. You lightly jog down the stairs and open the old chipped red painted door to find your sister with her little daughter and 4 year old son standing outside.

"Oh my goodness thank god Y/N. I need you. There’s a work emergency and I need someone to watch the kids. Can you please?" You nod quickly with alertness and take Greg, Harriet who was in her carriage and her bag from her hands. You kiss her cheek and she runs off after telling you quickly everything they needed even though you already knew since you babysat them many times. You carry the two kids inside with their bags and set them up in the family room after taking Harriet out of her carriage.

"All right Greg. What do you want to do?" He sifts through the Spider-man backpack he brought filled with toys for him as well as Harriet and pulled out a Lego build box that contained a Spaceship.

"I want to build this with Uncle Ashy." He says in a tone filled with excitement. Greg absolutely LOVED Ashton and every time Ashton was around Greg would be right at his side. Greg even liked to dress like Ashton. Today he was sporting black pants and a cute little grey ACDC shirt with little black converse.

"Aw sweetie. Uncle Ashton isn’t here right now. When he gets home-" Just then the front door opened up and heavy footsteps along with the clatter of keys on the table right by the door followed. Both of you knew who it was and Greg gasped and widened his eyes. Ashton appeared from the foyer and clearly looked tired from a long day.

"Uncle Ash!" Greg yelled loudly as he ran to Ashton. Ashton glanced over at Greg and as soon as their eyes met his personality went from tired and groggy to awake and bubbly.

"Greggy!!" He scoops Greg up from the couch and gives him a huge hug. He keeps Greg up on his hip and then leans down to kiss you before sitting beside you on the love seat.

"Hello sweetheart, I missed you so much." Ashton greets you with love and kisses your forehead twice before turning his attention to Greg.

"So bud, what do you want to do?"

"I brought Legos! Can we build it and listen to music." Ashton’s eyes light up and takes the box from Greg’s hands.

"Of course we can. Come on let’s go." He takes Greg and the box to the dining room and sits Greg down in on chair after putting a pillow on the seat to make Greg sit higher and then grabs a chair for himself. Meanwhile Harriet started to get fussy so you heat up her bottle and then test the milk to see if it’s the right temperature before feeding her. The giggles of your husband and your nephew in the other room echo throughout the house as you smile while feeding Harriet.

"Uncle Ash I hava go potty." The sound of wood chaffing against the hardwood floor makes it’s way into the kitchen followed by the pattering of four year old footsteps running to the bathroom and then heavier footsteps coming from a 5 year old trapped inside a man in his early twenties.

"So Y/N. Why are the kids here today? I didn’t know we were babysitting today." He says taking Harriet from your arms and bottle feeding her. You couldn’t help but stare at his toned arms as he held Harriet. Strong biceps, arm veins, tan. You were lucky to have your husband.

"Y/N. Babe. I know I’m irresistible but please. Calm yourself." He jokes causing you to get flustered which he calms you down with a gentle peck on the cheek.

"Oh stop it. And Y/S/N had an emergency at work so she dropped the kids off here. I’m sorry. I thought you wouldn’t mind…" You trail off.

"Oh I don’t mind Y/N. I just didn’t know. You know I love Greggy and little Harriet." He scrunched up his nose and smiles at Harriet when he says her name and she smiles too. It just now dawned on you that Ashton would make a great father. You already knew he would but now was different. You couldn’t quite explain it this time.

You hear the toilet flush from the bathroom and Ashton kisses your nose before handing Harriet back to you so you can finish feeding her. When you finish, you carry her into the dining room to see Ash and Greg putting together the lego kit. You chuckle and burp Harriet before joining them in what you like to claim as supervising since you couldn’t help in any other way. You look down at Ashton and he looks at you with eyes full of love.

"I love you Y/N." He says before pecking your cheek.

"Ew! Uncle Ashy that’s gross!" Greg exclaims before covering his eyes. You laugh and kiss Greg on the tip of his head, then take Harriet out of the room to set up the pack and play for her nap.

"Sweetheart hold on let me help you out." Ash says before getting up and rushing ahead of you to put up the pack and play so you didn’t have to do it yourself. You blush at his swiftness and he kisses your cheek while passing by you to return to Greg. These days with the kids were always great because it made you feel like you had a family with Ashton. And you loved thinking about that.

~~~ Later in the Day ~~~

Eventually Greg falls asleep in the guest bedroom and Harriet in the pack and play you had in the house for her. You now had Ashton all to your self. The whole afternoon consisted of Legos, playing outside, tickle fits, eating, more Legos, and toys. It was tiring and you mentally praise your sister for being such a good mom.

"Babe, come here." You pad into the master bedroom where Ashton is laying in the bed, the green duvet covering his chest so only his arms, shoulders and up were showing. You could tell something was on his mind since he was staring at the ceiling and laying on his back with his fingers laced together on top of his sternum. You move over to the bed and look down at the man you cherish as your husband. He was perfect. You both were still young and his bands career is rising higher and higher through the hours of the day. He was successful and always supporting you with the house and paying for groceries and your clothes even when you protested that you could be fine on your own. That’s one of the things you loved about him. Was that he was kind and always had you on his mind.

"What is it honey?" He pouts his lip ever so slightly and you knew you were facing a tired Ash, and tired Ash means clingy Ash, and clingy Ash made super cuddly Ash. You groan knowing what he was up to which was starting to try to pull you down to him so he could hold you super close to him.

"Come here." He whispers in a husky voice, another symptom of his sleepiness. You crawl towards him so he can grab you and pull you close. As soon as he nuzzles his head in the crook of your neck, a knock comes from the door indicating your sister was here to pick up the kids. You unwrap yourself from his grip and walk down the stairs to the front door and let her in. As she gathers her things, you help her strap the kids into the car quietly.

"Thank you Y/N. You were a lifesaver!" She says as she gets into her car and then drives away. You go back inside the house and lock the door and turn off all the lights.

"Y/N, bring up some water please." You hear Ashton call from the bedroom. Even though he had money and you were well covered in money too, you both decided on living in a smaller place. Not a huge mansion like most celebrities. Your house was still normal sized and had a pool and some other really cool rooms but you both were never into the huge extravagance of a house. You return to the bedroom and now he is sitting upright at the edge of the bed with his head in his hands, hunched over.

"Honey what’s wrong? Are you sick?" You rush over to him and crouch down so you can see his face from underneath. He groans and pulls away from you and lays out on the bed.

"No just thinking."

"About what?"

"Us." You stay silent in fear. What could be going on with our relationship. You really didn’t want a fight especially after a good day like today.

"I mean, we have been married for a little over a year now. And I just…. Nevermind it’s stupid." You crawl onto the bed and grab his hand.

"Nothing is stupid. Honey we need to talk things out. Make things work." He sighs and pulls you onto his lap.

"I’ve just been thinking that… It would be nice… I mean if you want to go through with this…" He pauses.

"I’ve just been thinking I want to have a baby with you." He blurts out quickly. You sit there in shock not knowing how to react.

"Come again?" You say still in disbelief.

"I just want to know if you’re gonna want to have kids with me. And when we can have one." You smile and tears brim in your eyes.

"Ashton Fletcher Irwin, I want nothing more than to start a family with you. You know what let’s have a baby." You say full of excitement.

"Right now?" He grins also excited from the words that just came from your mouth. You bite your lip and nod.

"Yeah. Right now."


anonymous asked:

Can you do one of Ashton where he has a wet dream of you and the boys tease him haha pleaseeeee!! Thank you! :D

Oh wow this hurt to think about jfc just imagine him waking up, hair sticking to his sweaty forehead, incredibly pissed that you weren’t there with him.

Ashton had been on tour for almost 3 months now and he really missed you. That’s not to say he didn’t miss you from the moment he stepped on the plane, but this was different. He missed you, your hands playing with his hair, and the way your lips felt against his. He missed the way you moaned his name and the way you looked when you came undone beneath him.

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✉ 5sos preference; 21 ✉️
mistletoe kisses


Ashton: "Close your eyes~" he’ll say, smiling ear to ear almost slyly. You’ll close your eyes immediately, holding your breath, preparing yourself for the kiss. You’ll hear his muffled laughter as he sing songs, "Here I go!" Trying to brush off your suspicion, you’ll square your shoulders when you feel a warm, wet lick on your bottom lip. Jolting back and fluttering your eyes open, you’ll gape when you see your boyfriend holding his dog Indie to your face. "What the hell?!" you’ll yell, rushing to sink to rinse your mouth, rolling your eyes at his guffaws.

Calum: He’ll grab you by the waist to bring you closer to him, a cheesy smirk tugging at the corners of his lips. “Hey, pretty lady.” He’ll hum lightly, briefly glancing up. “Oh? A mistletoe? Well, rules are rules,” he’ll say cheekily before leaning down to meet your lips halfway.

Luke: He’ll march over to you with those long legs of his, holding the mistletoe above his head. “Hey, look what Santa brought in,” he’ll say, ignoring your judgmental stare. Slithering an arm around your waist, he’ll lean down until his lips are ghosting over yours. “Pucker up, baby,” he’ll say, voice dropping a few octaves to add to his dramatic effect. You’ll roll your eyes exasperatedly at his sappiness, “You’re a loser.” Before you could continue, though, his lips would already be on yours.

Michael: He’ll start swaying happily like in the gif and he leans down to kiss you and you close your eyes, awaiting the kiss. You’ll feel his breath on your face before a string of raucous laughter escapes his lips to which you’ll peak an eye open, cocking an eyebrow. Is he laughing? “I’m sorry,” he’ll say breathily, straightening himself out, “okay, here we go.” But don’t trust him; he’ll just keep laughing each time he’s about to kiss you so just shut him up by taking the initiative yourself and give him a kiss!

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Can you do a daddy luke blurb kinda like the mikey ones where he has to try and console your daughter when you're not there??? ((daddy luke feels are outrageous rn))

not gonna lie, I love doing these :)

Mikey xx // xx // xx

So it was literally the first time you’d been away from y’all’s little girl since she was born 8 weeks before. And luke had decided that you needed time with your friends and to relax and so he could have alone time with his little angel without you stealing her away and so he had to literally shove you out the door and finally after like five times he sees you off and is standing in the window with baby girl hemmo waving as her mommy drives off with her girlfriends. and for the first few hours everything is A-OKAY, luke’s tickled her tummy, changed her, put her in her ‘daddy’s girl’ onezie, and is sitting on the couch with her sleeping against his chest, when the doorbell rings and usually, she’s a pretty heavy sleeper (she totally gets that from her father) but the doorbell startles her, and she starts whimpering and luke starts shushing her and rubbing her back, which calms her down until the dude at the door decided to ring the freaking bell again, and all hell breaks loose. her little cute whimpers have turned into screams and crocodile tears and he’s doing his best to stop her from crying cause it absolutely BREAKS his heart when his little angel is like this so he stands up and starts walking around, gently bouncing her up and down, with his hand pressing her gently into his chest to try and calm her down and nothing is working and apparently the dude at the door is pretty persistent on luke answering cause it freaking rings AGAIN which is pissing luke off cause can the man not hear the pair of lungs this child has?? so he answers the door with his daughter still crying and is like “man my baby is crying, what do you fucking need?” and the guy is terrified right now cause crying baby + giant angry luke is not a good combo so he literally runs off which pisses luke off more, and baby girl hemmos is on her second batch of wails and luke is bouncing her again and starts singing the nursery rhyme his mom used to sing to him to calm him down and baby girl hemmo’s tears slowly come to a stop, and her wails quiet down tremendously as she listens to her daddy sing to her, and luke finishes off the song, and checks to see if there’s anymore tears, and thankfully there’s not, but there is a sleeping baby hemmo on his chest with a little bit of drool staining his shirt, and suddenly nothing else matters because this is perfect to luke, and he gently places a kiss onto her head

updated because it’s almost Christmas and I’m v excited :-) make sure you send requests that would be cool

One Shots ~

Blurbs ~

5SOS Preference #1: You Can't Fall Asleep.



You tossed and turned at the hotel bed, not being able to fall asleep. You were trying to find a comfortable position and not wake your boyfriend up, who had a gig and some interviews tomorrow, but your attempts were useless at both of them. Sighing, Luke got up and looked at you with sleep eyes. “Here”. He said in a murmur, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling your body closer to his. Your head rested on his chest, your tiny figure fitting perfectly against his. “If you let go, you’ll be falling sleeping before you realize it…” He whisper against your forehead and then started to hum, hoping it my help you rest. You close your eyes, enjoying his voice and closeness and before you knew it, you were unconscious. He didn’t fall back asleep, not because he couldn’t but due to the wish of memorizing and contemplate you when you were most vulnerable and breathtaking.




You fingers traced random doodles against his pale skin as you focused your body in falling asleep. After a while, you look up only to see his green orbs already focused on you. You blushed and turned you face so he wouldn’t see your redden cheeks, ashamed you had woken him up. His face cupped your cheeks, moving your skull so you would face him and leaned down to kiss your lips. “Can’t sleep?” He questions and you nod, him getting up and disappearing into the hallway. You frown, unsure as to why he had done that and when you were about to follow him, he appeared with two cups in his hand. Michael walked towards the bed and handed you one while he positioned the other on the table besides your shared bed, only to climb and sit next to you. You thanked him silently, smiling as you took a sip of the hot tea your boyfriend had prepared. After you finished it, you set the cup down on the bedside table and wrapped your arms around his waist, your head against his shoulder and fell into Morpheus’ arms.




You cursed internally and got up, heading for the shower. If you couldn’t sleep, you’d do something to get your mind of it and not wake your boyfriend up. Closing the door softly before turning on the light, you set the shower water temperature in hot, the steam filling the room and misting the mirror. You grabbed a towel and placed it near the shower, removed your clothes and placed them on the counter and entered the shower. The hot water relaxed your muscles, yet it wasn’t enough to make it easy for you to go to sleep. Groaning, you turned it off and wrapped the cloth around your body. When you got out, you noticed a figure sat on the toilet. Calum was sitting there, some grogginess still evident on his eyes while a smile was plastered on his lips. “Come here”. He requested, his arms extended towards you and you interlocked your fingers with his, allowing him to pull you closer. You grinned back as he sat you on his lap, rocking both of you gently while he spread kisses along your exposed wet skin. “The shower woke me, but it’s okay, I don’t mind…” He mumbled, sure you would be feeling guilty. And although he was right, you were only concentrated on his touch at the moment. Soon, reality started fading away and you were asleep in your beaming boyfriend’s arms. Carefully not to wake you up, he carried you to the bed and laid you there.



You sighed, hitting your head against your pillow once again. You had been stressed out the last few weeks and your boyfriend had been putting up with you the whole time. The least you could do was give him time to rest, but your mind decided that you were not going to be that nice to him. Rubbing his eyes, Ashton turned to look at you and got up. He walked to the side of your bed, helped you get out of the fight between you and the sheets and grabbed some blankets. “Close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you”. He asked and you nodded, doing as you were told. The blonde boy held your hand in his as he guided you through some stairs flights. Once you stopped, you felt the cold air hit your skin and the lost of his touch. “Okay, you can open them”. When you did, you noticed he was sitting on one of the blankets he had brought as he pat the space next to him for you to sit down. When you did, he rested his back against the floor and wrapped an arm around your shoulders so you would rest your head on it, stoking the uncovered skin on your waist as he covered both of your bodies with the other cloth. Ash pointed to the sky, wanting you to see the stars that covered the black sky. You giggled as he compared the constellations to funny figures and started falling asleep slowly, in his arms. During that whole time he just stared at you, thinking that the stars would never be as mesmerizing as you.