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use headphones and turn it up, has a 3d effect applied. and maybe close your eyes. or jump around your choice.

One day I will be able to look up the '5sos au meme' tag and actually find 5sos au memes.

“hey, take a pic of me and this cool car”

“calum, u don’t even have your license. u can’t drive”

“just take the fucking picture, it makes me look cool”

“ur taking a picture next to a car you can’t drive, you are everything but cool”

But being in a relationship with Michael and you guys would be that best friend couple who has a million inside jokes that nobody else understands and you’d go out somewhere with the other boys and you two would be cuddled together in the corner of the booth whispering jokes and laughing together while eating your food while completely disconnected from the boys conversation and the world around you

protector// werewolf l.h. pt.7

Pairing: Werewolf! Luke+ Reader
Word Count: 2.3k
pt.4 pt.5 pt.6
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          HIs snow white paws padded against the dirt, the spring breeze flying through his messy fur. Sapphire blue eyes concentrated carefully on the surroundings around him, as the other three members of his pack followed him. Abruptly stopping in his tracks, the alpha motioned for them to be silent. His sharp ears caught the distant noise of what was soon going to be his prey. 

The familiar sight of the sharp antlers hid behind the mass of fern trees, but it didn’t seem to faze him. The white furred wolf stomped its paw against the ground, signaling for them to attack. In a blink of an eye, the group of wolves sprinted across with only one aim in mind- to have a successful hunt. 


 “So you’re Luke’s mate?” The girl hastily shuffled out of the bed, and flattened out her messy hair. Her brown eyes were alarmed as she walked closer to the person leaning against the doorway. 

“I didn’t mean to frighten you,” the blonde woman apologized. “I’m Aurora, but you can call me Rose.” 

“Hi,” Y/N smiled, even though she was cursing out her luck. “It’s nice to meet you.”

 “Likewise,” the girl responded. She seemed to be a few years older than Y/N, making her seem to be in her twenties. “I think I’ll be seeing you more often now, since now that Luke’s found you.” 

Y/N didn’t know how to respond, she nodded slightly as she pursed her lips. “I haven’t seen you around here much.”

 “I work a few hours away from here, I try to visit Ash as much as I can.” Rose smiled softly. It all seemed to clicked in Y/N’s mind. The blonde haired girl in front of her must’ve been Ashton’s mate. 

“I’ve got to get going now, but breakfast is ready for you downstairs.” Rose quickly excused herself and turned around to leave. 

“Thank you.” Y/N beamed as she watched her leave the room. She grumbled a string of curse words as she realized what she was wearing. An embarrassing oversized pink sleep shirt with shorts that must’ve been a really bad impression on Ashton’s mate. 

She must’ve been in the pack for a long time and basically apart of his family judging by how confident she had acted. The noises that woke her up had died down, sparking a small speck of curiosity in her mind. Fixing her hair, she descended down the stairs to meet a now desolate house. 

“What the hell?” Y/N breathed as she peered at the living room. It seemed to be as if the entire room had come out of a magazine, the furniture looking too fragile and expensive to sit on. The walls were covered with portraits of the Hemmings family, a certain aura surrounding them, exerting a feel of dominance and hierarchy.  

There was a photo of Luke who seemed to be fourteen or sixteen at maximum, he was smallest and the scrawniest boy compared to his friends in the photograph. Right next to that photo frame, was a more recent photo of him. And this one was different- Luke had grown to be the tallest and broadest man in the photo, exceeding the group for the most prominent muscles and jaw line. 

Where even was Luke? Her feet traveled throughout the room, her brown eyes captivated by each and every detail of the house. Y/N entered the kitchen to see that the island was filled with several plates loaded with food that Rose must’ve made. 

Right next to the kitchen was a enormous window that stretched from the floor to the ceiling. On the other side of the window was miles and miles of trees and lush grass. To complete the breathtaking view, the peak of a mountain towered into the sky. All of this made Y/N wonder what was the history behind Luke’s family? What was the story behind his ability to shape shift?

 Sighing, she took a sip from the glass of water that was laying on the island. The opening of a door shook her from the thoughts in her mind and almost made her drop the glass. 

There he was in all of his glory; bright blue eyes and a smile to match. He was slightly out of breath, but he still somehow looked flawless. Pieces of blond hair stuck to his forehead, and to complete the look he wasn’t wearing a shirt. A blush rose onto her cheeks as she saw his toned torso and how broad his shoulders were. He was wearing a silver antler necklace that looked like it was heirloom of some sort. 

“Like what you see, buttercup?” Luke smirked, striding over to where Y/N was standing in the kitchen. He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her from behind and pressing her against his bare torso. 

“Luke! You’re all sweaty and gross!! And don’t call me buttercup!” Y/N squealed as Luke’s grip on her tightened. 

“Hm… it doesn’t matter.” His raspy voice chuckled as he spun her around. “You’re gonna have to get used to it.” Y/N took a deep breath before pressing her lips against Luke’s chiseled jaw, stubble ticking her in the process. Biting down on his lip ring, he connected their lips together and he realized how much he had craved to be with her. Her scent overpowered his senses, but to his dismay she pulled away.

 “Why didn’t you just leave me at my place last night? I mean, why’d you take the trouble?” Y/N looked down, changing the subject. Luke frowned before speaking, not knowing whether Y/N was happy with his decision. He ran his fingers through his damp blonde locks. 

“I asked you last night when we were in my car, and um you said that you didn’t want to go back home. I brought you here instead. I mean if you want to go back, I can-“ He got cut off mid sentence by the rest of his pack nosily entering the kitchen. 

“Did you see how that buck didn’t even get a chance to react?” Michael exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air. 

“Then how you almost tripped?” Calum added, making the other boys start in a fit of laughter. Ashton chuckled, fixing his hair into a small bun. He shot the pair a wink, making the girl in Luke’s arms blush.

 They were all void of shirts, dirt and sweat covering a majority of their bodies. The boys went straight to the food and ate like that was the first time they’ve seen breakfast. The room fell silent as the felt the cold glare coming from Luke’s icy blue eyes as he clenched his jaw. 

“Do you guys always have to ruin the moment?” Luke sighed, releasing his hands from Y/N’s body. He quietly took a plate full of food and dug a fork into some delicious looking hash browns. 

“All of you look like you’ve gotten attacked by wolves.” Y/N commented, this time Luke was the one to start laughing. Ashton reached out for a high five and Y/N smiled returning the gesture. One by one, they all sat on the barstools in the kitchen, exhaustion from their morning hunt hitting them. 

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One hand gripping the steering wheel and the other holding your hand. You’re wide awake, heart thumping against your chest. You watch the road as Calum takes the curves slowly. There was no rush, everything seemed to be going slow motion. Outside of the glass windows was pitch black. His headlights and the few stop lights led the way. The night was alive yet very still. The mix of pure silence, total darkness, and Calum’s hand around yours gave you a sense of comfort. You look up at him, his face half hidden in the moonlight and admire his stress free features. His stubble and wild curly hair were clearly visible. He looked calm, at peace like he was in his happy place. This was your happy place too. Your happy place was with Calum, no matter where he took you. His presence made you forget about all of your problems. He catches you staring at him and squeezes your hand, letting you know that he is there with you, at that very exact moment in time. Everything about him was a dream. He was your dream and it was these moments that you held on to. Nothing in the universe mattered when it was just the two of you together.

Ask Me Again In Six Months (Ashton Imagine)


“Hey, what’s wrong?” you spoke into the phone.

“I’m coming over,” he said flatly on the other end.

You paused for a moment. “Ashton… it’s three in the morning.”


“So your flight is leaving at nine. Shouldn’t you sleeping?”

“I need to talk to you.”

You sighed. “Fine. You know where I keep the spare key.”

“See you in a few,” he said, and the line went dead.

Running your hands through your hair, you took a deep breath, then closed your laptop and pulled on a sweatshirt. You headed to the kitchen. Whatever was going on with Ashton, you knew that tea would help. You put the kettle on and sat at the table, suddenly feeling completely exhausted.

The front door opened. You turned to find him placing the key back in its hiding place, in the fake potted plant. “Jesus Ash, that was quick. Did you run here?” 

His mouth was set in a grim line and he didn’t laugh. “I’ve been lying awake all night,” he said, plopping down into the seat next to you.

“Did something happen?”

“No. Yes. I don’t know.” He shook his head as if trying to clear his thoughts. 

You took one of his hands in both of yours. “Ash, we’re best friends. Whatever’s going on, you can tell me.”

He looked at your hands wrapped around his. “Do you remember the day we first met? How  you hit me in the head with that volleyball at the beach?”

You smiled at the memory. “Of course. You had a bump on your head for about three weeks.” Finally, he let out a chuckle as the kettle began to whistle. You released his hand and rose from your seat to make the tea as you continued to speak. “What does that have to do with you not being able to sleep?”

“I’ve just been thinking about that day a lot,” he said, pulling a steaming mug close to him.

“What do you mean?” you asked, taking your seat next to him once again.

“Just like… what if you weren’t so terrible at volleyball and we had never met?”

“I resent that,” you told him, but you were smiling.

“I’m serious,” he replied. “I can’t even remember what life was like before we were friends.”

You shifted your gaze to your mug, smiling to yourself. “Yeah, me either.”

“I just… I don’t know.”

Looking back up at him, you found him now staring into his own mug. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I uh…” He sighed. “I really need to tell you something.”

“Jesus, then spit it out already!”

He looked directly at you. “I think I like you, Y/N,” he said nervously, softly.

Your jaw dropped. And then, before you knew what was happening, you were speaking. “No. No way. We are not doing this right now.”

“Doing what?” he asked, completely bewildered.

You gestured between the two of you. “This! You are not telling me you like me hours before you’re leaving to go halfway across the world for six months. You cannot do that to me.”

“Y/N, I’m-”

“Sorry? You better be.”

He rubbed the back of his neck with a hand. “Okay, look. I know the timing isn’t great, but I didn’t want to leave without telling you. Because then what? I’m stuck with this huge secret for six months, pretending to be happy for you when you gush about some cute boy who held a door for you.”

“God, this sucks,” you said, gulping down about half of your tea.

“What? Why?”

You stared at him, analyzing his expression. “Because I think I like you too,” you replied quietly.

He grinned at you and took a sip from his own tea. “Y/N, I’m really not seeing what the problem is here.”

“You idiot! You’re leaving in five hours! For six months!”

“So come with me.”

“You know I can’t do that,” you said, thinking of the mountain of schoolwork piled up on your desk.

He sighed in defeat. “Well… We can still talk every day. I don’t… I don’t want you seeing anybody else,” he said, taking your hand in his.

You pulled your hand from his grasp. “I don’t know, Ashton.”

“What?” he asked sadly.

“I don’t know if I can do this. Ask me again in six months.”

He was back to staring into his mug. “So that’s it? See you in six months?”

“Don’t be so dramatic. We’re still best friends. We’ll still talk all the time. I just… If we both still feel this way about each other in six months, then we can give us a try. I promise.”

Looking up at you hopefully, he said, “Okay, fine. On one condition.”

You finished off your tea. “What’s that?”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to force myself to get on a plane unless I know what it’s like to kiss you first.”

You smiled and leaned in. His lips were gentle and hesitant on yours, testing the waters. You leaned into him, deepening the kiss, and wrapped your arms around his shoulders. Feeling his hands in your hair, you grinned and broke off the kiss, knowing that you would leave him wanting more. You rested your forehead against his as he stared at you with pure admiration. And you had to admit, the butterflies that fluttered in your stomach made you feel like the next six months couldn’t go fast enough.

“Fuck,” he whispered, and you laughed.

“How about you go home and pack, and call me when you land?”

He nodded and pulled back, rising from his seat. As he gave you a long hug, you knew that this time, him being gone would feel different. Because everything was different now. You said your goodbyes, and he headed for the door. His hand on the handle, he turned to face you one last time. “Y/N…”

“Yeah, Ash?”

“I can’t wait to kiss you again in six months,” he said simply.

Secrets Michael Imagine

Anonymous asked: Pls do one where you’re dating Michael but no one in your school believes you but one day he surprises you after school and he’s in his leather jacket and leaning against the car smirking at you and omfg I need this pls

As you walk down the corridor, you hear your name falling out of people’s lips followed by laughter. Laughter because they think you’re lying, looking for attention. Because they believe that Michael wouldn’t take a second glance at you.

But they were wrong.

Some day they would be eating their words, when Michael wanted everyone to know that is. But that could be any day, hell it could never happen for all you know.

“Ignore them,” Your friend says appearing next to you, you shake your head and look down at your folders in your hand.

“I can’t, they think I’m a joke.”

“Yeah but they don’t know shit. I know you’re with him, the people that matter know you’re with him. That’s all that matters.” She begins, “Soon this will all blow over and everything will be back to normal and okay,”

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anonymous asked:

Luke asking for consent before kissing u

Luke taking you on a first date after plucking up the courage to finally ask you on one. It was probably something that started off as a playful joke while you two were talking one day about a concert that was coming up you both wanted to go to. “We should go!” he suggests, showing his pearly whites in a smile while he throws an arm around you. The both of you had been good friends for awhile and you were used to his subtle signs of affection, though you usually just took it as a playful sign of affection that came along with being friends. You had always felt something a bit more than just friendliness for him, and you flirted easily back and forth, but there was never really more to it than that. “Ok, I’ll ask Charlotte and Levi if they wanna come too.” you tell him, falling into his side. You feel him stiffen a bit next to you, and he peers down at you with an unreadable expression on his face. “You don’t want to go with just me?” he asks, playing it off as a joke and pretending to be offended. You wiggle your eyebrows at him playfully. “Are you asking me on a date, Lucas?” He laughs, retracting his arm from around you to scratch at the back of his neck and shrugs. “I mean, if you want it to be.” he confirms, cheeks tinting a bit pink as he tries not to blush and bites at his lip ring. So you end up going to the concert with him and it’s a bit awkward at first when he picks you up from his house bc even though you’ve been in his car a thousand times, there’s a different weight behind every move and word this time and you find yourself shifting uncomfortably in your seat and thinking your words over a dozen times before they leave your mouth. “You ok?” he asks, eyes darting to you in the passenger seat next to him nervously. You nod and assure him with a smile that you’re fine and he relaxes a bit. So you guys get to the concert and find your seats and he probably offers to buy you a drink and you agree to ease the nerves a bit. But when one of your favorite bands come on and the alcohol is swimming through your veins, giving you just enough of a buzz to feel good, the worry eases away and you get lost in the moment. Eventually, Luke moves behind you and wraps his arms around your waist, swaying to the beat behind you. And you let him rest his chin on your shoulder and you can hear him singing along to the songs quietly next to your ear and everything suddenly feels so easy and comfortable. You feel Luke’s lips against your ear as he leans in close to ask you, “Can I kiss you?” And you nod and turn your face slightly to face him, noses almost touching. He smiles before leaning in and capturing your lips in a short, gentle kiss and pulls away. Feeling a bit ballsy from the alcohol and his question, you  chase his lips with yours and kiss him again, lingering there for a few moments before pulling away and you’re both just smiling at eachother so big and you feel like the biggest dork but you don’t even care. He pulls you close to him again, pushing your back against his broad chest and laces your fingers with his and nuzzles the side of his face into yours. And you don’t really say anything for the rest of the concert while you just enjoy the music and eachother’s company.

how they act in a realationship

 so I imagine luke would be like kissing your best friend. you would be just so comfortable with each other and could tell each other anything and he would just randomly call you up and say ‘oh hi I have tickets for (insert your favourite band/artist) let’s go’ and the show would be like a 5 hour car drive away but instead of taking a train or something luke would insist on driving. but he would also be really nervous around you at the same time bc he was just so afraid that he was too full on and you would always have to reassure him that it was okay

I feel like calum would be very proud of you and whenever you two are in public he would hold your hand and swing it back and forth just to let people know you’re his girl and if you complained about it saying it was annoying he would stop and put his arm around your shoulder instead and when you would be trying something on in a store he would insist on squeezing in to the tiny room with you bc he was 'afraid of being kidnapped’ but he would always sneak in sexy lingerie for you to try on and depending on your mood you might buy it and not tell calum and he would get such a surprise when you just strolled around the house looking the hottest he’s ever seen you

ashton would be kinda like luke in the fact that he would be very spontaneous and just bring you to random shows and festivals and he would treat you like a queen he would just come home with random presents and bouquets of flowers for you and this would just make your day and it would make his day to see you so happy and ashton would just love you with everything he has and he would just stare at you in fascination and you would be v v insecure when he did this and he would just grin and say 'wow how are you so beautiful’ and you would blush and ask him the same thing because ashton was v beautiful and you loved him v much

michael would be the most annoying boyfriend ever but he would also be v cute and caring with you like you could ask him to do something and he would refuse and you would be super annoyed and mutter 'asshole’ or something under your breath and he would be like 'excuse me who are you calling asshole’ and you would laugh and say 'you dickhead’ and he would be like 'you cant be saying much you’re such a bitch’ and you would pout and he would laugh and say 'im sorry baby you’re not a bitch you’re v v beautiful and nice and I love you a lot’ and then he would go off and get you chocolate or order in a pizza and cuddles on the couch together and this would happen nearly daily which you really loved

a/n so this was kinda different but I hope you all liked it anyway requests are open 

Calum Imagine: Haunted House AU Part 2

Author: Rhine

Part 1


we are all searching for someone
whose demons play well with ours


Wake up.

The two words swim in and out of your head in rusty, dull echoes as you swam in and out of consciousness, your head muddled and confused.

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

The words get a little clearer, the tone a little sharper – it was a voice you knew well, one with a deep timbre and throaty rumble behind every syllable.

Wake up.

Wake up.

“Wake up.”

Your eyes slowly blink open, the world hazy and fuzzy before you as you tried to refocus your sleep-ridden eyes to the world before you.

He’s the first thing you see.


The ends of his wavy hair reaching down to you, the shadows casted from his sculpted cheekbones, his earthy eyes and smirking lips.

“And here I was, thinking about having to kiss you awake.”

His tone is playful, teasing, like it always was, down to the grin on his mouth.

“What happened?”

“You don’t remember?”

His eyes narrow, as if trying to figure out whether or not you were kidding or not.

But your head is too muddle for coherent memories, let alone games – you shake your head slightly, and Calum lets out a faint hiss of breath, his mouth melting into an easy smile.

“You fell asleep, babe.”

“I – what?”

“You didn’t want to see the gory parts so you hid in my arms – nice choice, if I do say so myself – and somehow you managed to sleep through a thirty-minute bloody massacre. Which was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.”

Your expression twists into one of confusion, slowly sitting up and propping yourself on one of the sofa’s cushions – your sofa’s cushion – with the help of Calum’s steady hands guiding you.

“We didn’t go to the haunted house?”

“’Course not, babe. You didn’t want to go, and I didn’t want to push you.”

“But you’ve been practically begging me for the past two months about going. We didn’t – we didn’t go?”

“We’ve been here the whole night, babe. You don’t remember?”

You shake your head no, still trying to process everything.

But the slashes on the wall – the cobwebs on the doors – the decay of the wood – the creaking of the stairs – the echo of his voice – the whispers of the house –

“You had a long day, love. You must be tired.”

He wraps you up in his sturdy arms, kissing the top of your forehead lightly. You close your eyes and breathe in his familiar, woodsy scent, taking in the warmth of his arms and his worn fingers tracing your back.

“Yeah, it’s…. it’s been a strange day.”

You bury yourself deeper into Calum’s chest and he holds you tighter, propping the rest of his body up on the couch with yours and wrapping himself around you like a blanket.

You feel safe, secure in his arms.

It must’ve been nothing but a bad dream.


of course it is happening in your head
but why on earth should that mean it is not real?


It’s nothing, really.

Things haven’t been quite – right – since the night you woke up in Calum’s arms, bathing in his reassurances.

It was just the shivers you couldn’t help. It was just the need to look over your shoulder every few minutes. It was just the startled jumps at every small noise, the jittery shock whenever someone called your name.

It’s nothing, truly.

It was just a bad dream – a nightmare – whose darkness cloaked you for a little longer than usual, whose details refused to fade, whose memory haunted you.

No. No. It wasn’t a memory. It was a dream. You saw it, but in your head.

You saw it, but it wasn’t real.

But isn’t seeing believing?

It wasn’t a memory because it never happened; it was just your overactive imagination mixed with your faint spikes of anxiety brewed together with a dash of fear.

It was just you being silly, being stupid; just you.

But something in the back of your head tells you otherwise.

Because it’s not just you, it’s not just you.

It’s him.

You tell yourself not to be so stupid, not to read into things, but –

His eyes are a shade too dark when they look at you while he thinks you’re looking away. His smile is just a smidge too pointed, a flash of teeth that lasts just a millisecond too long. His voice has this – this echo that surrounds your name, something in the way he says it leaving a different type of shivers running up your spine.

It’s how his grip is just a little too tight to be just protective, how he stares for a moment too long, and not in the way he used to.

There’s something off about Calum; the hints of steel underneath his easygoing laughter, the sharp glints in his eyes that you can’t read, disappearing too quickly for you to decipher.

And you want to tell yourself that you’re just being too paranoid; that this was Calum and this was the boy you love, the only boy you’re certain you’ll ever love.

But lately – lately, you’ve been more unsettled than anything. Uneasy. Restless.

And you can’t help but to feel the fear that you felt in your memory.

No, your dream.

It was just a dream.


I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead
I think I made you up in my head


Something’s wrong.

Something’s wrong – with him, with you – you don’t know what and you don’t know if anything’s really wrong but you’re certain that things aren’t right.

It’s like an itch you can scratch, a blind spot in your vision. It was something small, something nagging the back of your head, but it echoes throughout your head until it’s the only thing that you can think about, consuming your mind.

This isn’t right.

It’s a multitude of small things; looking in the mirror or closing your windows, walking from place to place or returning home at night.

Lying in Calum’s arms and feeling restless. Hearing his voice and getting anxious. Seeing his smile and feeling slivers of fear.

And it’s not supposed to be like this, it was never supposed to be like this this isn’t love this isn’t love and it hurts to admit it but it isn’t.

But while it hurts to admit what you have with Calum isn’t love, it scares you to think about what you do have with him.

This was more than just a falling-out-of-love scenario; not some ‘we-just-grew-apart’ or ‘you-aren’t-right-for-me’.

Because heartbreak wasn’t supposed to leave your bones vibrating in the hollows of your body; that wasn’t the feeling you were supposed to get when you come to the dull realization that you simply aren’t in love with the person you once swore you’d love for a lifetime.

No, that kind of feeling comes with fear.

And you can’t help but to feel it everywhere, to have it lingering over your head and embedded into your skull.

It wasn’t normal to be scared at nothing.

Nothing’s wrong.

But nothing’s right.


curiosity killed the cat
how many lives can you spare, my dear?


You’ve been watching him too.

You’re looking for something to call him out for – a reason to say he’s not the same person, that he’s changed and that you can’t love who he’s become – cheesy lines like that to let him go, to let you free – but there’s nothing and he’s still Calum and there’s nothing.

It must be you. It must be you.

Something’s wrong with me.

But then you call up one of his friends to ask if they could remind him to pick up something for you after stopping by their house but his friend tells you with a confused voice that Calum told him he was going to be spending the evening with you.

And you hang up, puzzled – Calum wasn’t one to lie to you, but you haven’t been able to tell underneath his pointed grin and your boggled mind.

You know following him is hardly the right thing to do, but lately nothing’s been right and you were desperate to find something – anything that’ll put your mind at ease about this boy that you claimed to love.

You half-wish to catch him with another girl, just so you could dismiss the paranoia in your stomach as a cheating relationship and jealousy and hurt; that your fear was nothing but a pretty girl that caught his eye.

You kept a good pace behind Calum as he weaved through the town, moving farther and farther away from the city until he was out in the fields; nothing for you to duck under should he sense another presence behind him.

But he doesn’t turn around and you keep your distance while you keep your eye on him.

And he leads you through twists and turns that you were all too familiar with until –

He stops in front of the house.

The haunted house, with its peeling white paint and cracked wooden panels; its creaky half-opened doors and overgrown weeds.

And it’s just like how you remembered.

But it’s just a dre –

Everything down to the last detail despite the fact that Calum told you countless times that you never went to the haunted house with him; that you stayed in and watched movies all night.

How much has he been lying to you about?

You’re asking the wrong questions.

Why is he lying?

What are you hiding?

Calum steps inside the decaying house and your heart almost skips a beat because you remember how the last time you saw him step in, you couldn’t remember stepping out again.

The fear starts to spike your systems in erratic pulses now, and you can’t help but to notice how your knees are trembling, your fingers shaking.

You count to a hundred before stepping in after him.

And everything screams no because they could be just stupid legends about a haunted house but you remember the fear – you remembered it, not dreamed it – and you remember calling out to Calum and you need to know what happened to you, to him.

There’s something wrong with you, with him.

And you had to find out or else you’ll go crazy and he’ll –

And that’s just it. You don’t know what he’ll do. You don’t know anything about Calum at this point besides the unsettling feeling of knowing that whatever it is, it isn’t right.

You step inside, and it’s exactly as you remembered.

It’s an uneasy, queasy feeling of deja-vu, of the echos of your consciousness knowing you’ve been there despite the unfamiliarity in your body.

You want to run out, but you’re not leaving Calum for the second time.

You still had to figure out what the hell happened the first time.

You follow the footsteps in the dusty floor dotted by the dark droplets of water – he’d just washed his hair, you remember – finding yourself staring at the back door of the house, open just an inch as if challenging you to step through it.

You open the door before you completely lose what little courage you had left, and you’re greeted with the sight of overgrown weeds taller than you spiralling out of control on both sides; nothing but a faded dirt path half-hidden in between.

A quick scan of the end of the waving path shows you a rickety shed; a small wooden figure that looks seconds away from collapsing.

You’ve watched enough horror movies to know that going in there was a stupid idea, and that if this was a movie people would be telling you to run; the idiot girl who deserved to die by walking into a supposed haunted house by herself at dusk.


You call out tentatively, afraid of the response. Afraid of the silence.

But then you hear something.

It’s your name.


But it’s your name in his voice and it’s right, my god, it’s the only that’s been right ever since that night a few weeks ago.

It’s not the strange, echoing timbre that Calum’s adopted ever since you woke up; it’s the familiar lilt and dip of your name that you used to hear just before you fell asleep followed by an I love you.

It’s right.

It’s him.

And you’re running on the dirt path and the sound of your name gets louder and you’re running to him, you’re running to Calum, you’re running home, not caring that it was a rickety old shed that hardly looked welcoming.

But you dash up to the door and you turn it –

It’s locked.

And you know he’s there, he’s inside and you’ve been searching for him for so, so long.

You’ve found him.

You’re so close.

You see the rusted glimmers of silver in the cracks of the stair floorboard and you pry out a small, old-fashioned ringed key and you’re jamming it into the lock, flinging the door open.

It’s him.


But it’s not the Calum you saw earlier today, not the Calum you were following through town with his carefully tousled hair and worn leather jacket.

No, this Calum looks as if he hasn’t slept in weeks; noticeably large purple circles underneath his eyes; hollowed cheeks that were too sharp to be healthy; chapped lips that haven’t seen water in days.

But his brown eyes are the same earthy tones as the ones you used to get lost in, and they widen in shock and disbelief when they see you, mirroring your own surprised reaction.

He opens his parched mouth, and says the last thing you’d expect to hear.



are you afraid of the dark for what it hides?
or do you fear the light for what it shows?


“Calum? What’s going on? Wh-what happened to you? Calum?”

The confusion and hysteria is evident in your voice at seeing your boyfriend trapped inside a shed in the backyard of a haunted house when he kissed you goodbye a mere hour ago.

Run, I said. Go! Please…”

His plea comes out as a dry, cracked sob; not enough water for tears, barely enough for words.

You make a move to go nearer, but he shrinks away like a fearful animal, flinching at your steps.

“Calum, please tell me what’s going on. I s-saw you come in but you’re locked in here and nothing’s been right please I don’t understand – “

“You need to go. You need to go. Now. You need to go before it’s too late please I can’t let anything happen to you please just go just leave –“

“I’m not leaving you here.”

“Don’t be stupid, you have to go you have to please I’m begging you I’m begging you to leave.”

“Not until you tell me what’s going on.”

He’s curled up on the ground, a small, too-thin figure whose whispers of run and please were lifelines he clung onto.

He stares up at you with large, haunted eyes, the black circles accenting his gaunt face and the whiteness of his skin; the wideness of his pupils.

“It’s coming back. It’ll be here any minute please you need to go before it does you can’t be here when it comes back please just run get away from me get away – “

What’s coming, Calum? What the hell is going on?

He tries to push you away but he’s too weak and your legs are too shaken; you’re too unnerved at the sight of your violently trembling boyfriend who once bragged about protecting you from anything, now so fragile, so broken.

The door behind you slams shut, enveloping the two of you in darkness, save for the small window that spilled weak beams of moonlight.

“It’s here. It’s here. I told you to run I told you to get away it’s too late it’s too late I’m sorry I’m sorry please please don’t hurt her please don’t hurt her – please… please.

Calum’s fearful whimpers are too much; the pure terror in his voice plunging you straight into the depths of fear itself.

And his sudden screams tear through the shack, gut-wrenching and bloodcurdling; the sound of terror and pain slicing into your system.

You automatically fall back on your feet, panic about to explode from your chest and fear leaking from every pore of your body, frantically scrabbling at the door – it’s locked it’s locked no no – while Calum’s screams get louder.

You can’t see a thing; you can’t see Calum somewhere on the other end of the tiny shack and you didn’t see anything come in or anything go out but it’s as if he’s being torn in half from the inside out and the sound scrapes the very core of your being, hearing him in this agonizing pain and you can’t help and you want it to stop make it stop.

And it does, abruptly, as sudden as a red gash across a throat.

You can hear your heart beating rapidly in your chest at an unsteadily crazy rhythm and you can feel the sweat beading your hair and on your hands and you can feel the sick, twisted fear wrapped itself around you until you suffocated.

You’re afraid to call out but Calum, oh god –

He steps into the thin stream of moonlight.

And it’s the Calum you saw an hour before; the Calum with the muscled arms and sculpted jawline and messy hair; no sunken cheeks or frail limbs, no ringed circles or smudged skin.

But this is the Calum that set your nerves in a frenzy, the Calum that brought an air of unease ever since you woke up again.

This was the wrong Calum.

And you see how his eyes are a pure white instead of the warm brown; nothing but an almost-transparent white with a thin ringed circle and a small black dot in the middle.

You don’t know who this is; what this is that wears your Calum’s face so well, but like a mask that didn’t fit quite right.

He advances towards you with slow, steady steps and you automatically scuttle back before you hit the corner of the shack, shrinking down as much as you could to avoid him.

But it’s no use; you can’t run and you can’t hide and this – this thing with the white eyes on Calum’s face was leering down at you, the cruel, twisted features on Calum’s face so out of place.

“I can see why he wanted to keep you.”

His voice is half an octave too deep; the words too smooth as they leave his lips, the echoes slipping out of the syllables with an uncomfortable fluidity that drowns the room in his voice.

“Such a pretty little thing.”

He reaches out to touch your cheek and you instinctively flinch, having nowhere else to shrink away to.

His white eyes and dotted pupil are staring straight at you, like a snake ready to poison you, like a knife that’s about to be plunged into your heart.

He lets out a soft tut-tut underneath his breath, eyebrows furrowing with mild regret.

“What a shame that I couldn’t keep you for a little bit longer.”

This isn’t a dream this isn’t a dream this isn’t a dream oh god please why isn’t this a dream

He flashes his razor-sharp teeth at you; the pointed ends as sharp as blades and stained with a sticky red.

“This will only hurt a little bit.”

You scream, but no one hears.


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Younger Part Two - Luke Hemmings Oneshot

Pairing: Luke/Reader

Word Count: 1800+

Requested: Yes

A/N: Finally!! Part two!! It’s 5am and I’m so tired but I knew i was almost done so here it is!! Feedback is always appreciated!

Part One Here

“Your parents are still downstairs.” Luke whispered breathlessly against my neck, sounding wary. “But, they don’t know that you’re here,” I countered, pulling his waist back down between my legs, “So touch me.”

He shook his head at me, smiling, but still leaned forward to catch my bottom lip in his teeth. “What’s the magic word, Y/N?” He taunted, tugging at my lip. “Hm, please, Luke?” Uttering a small affirming noise, he kissed his way down my jawline, to my neck, hands wandering down to grasp my thighs on either side of him. “Love you, Y/N.” Luke moans as he starts stirring his hips against me.

“Shh, we have to keep it down this time.” I warn, running a hand through his hair, the other pulling at his t-shirt. “Wait, just, hold on a minute,” Luke gulped, putting in effort to slow his movements.

“Not yet, babe-” A series of shapr knocks against my door stole our attention from one another, “Dinner time Y/N, let’s go!” Dad’s voice bellowed as Luke jumped up from the bed, fumbling with his jeans.

“Be right there!” I called back out in a panic, hoping he wouldn’t try opening the locked door. Luke and I bothe held our breath, exhaling when we heard his footsteps thumping down the stairs.

“Wouldn’t that have been fun?” I mumbled, hastily sliding my panties back up my legs. “Yeah, your dad walking in on us with my hands up your skirt.” He griped, walking over to open the bedroom window.

“Do you think you can handle yourself over there?” I arched an eyebrow, glancing downwards. “Well, I mean you can definately do a better job than me. We’ll just have to make this up later.” He quipped hanging halfway out the window. “Let me know how it goes.” I told him, knowing he’d take me seriously. “Maybe I’ll send you a before and after,” He leaned down for a kiss, teasing, “I love you.”

“Careful, love you too.” I said softly, watching him struggle his way down the tree outside.

Once I saw that he reached the ground without injury, I shut the window and followed the noise of conversation downstairs to the kitchen.

My phone buzzed in my hand almost as soon as I took a seat at the table. When I opened an expected picture message from Luke, Mom asked from the seat across, “Why don’t you just ask Luke to stay for dinner next time?”
“Hey, you make me happy.” I thought out loud, staring at Luke, sitting in his car before school started, “Like the most perfect kind of happy. When you lay in bed thinking how it’s possible to be so happy.”

Luke just laughed listening to my rambling, “Say happy again.” He mocked, right as the warning bell sounded out.

“Time for class, let’s move it.” I groaned, moving to get out of the car before Luke could start his protests.

“Or we could just not go to class and go anywhere else in the world. Anywhere else is an improvement from here.” Not that I took that much interest in Luke’s opinions on school, but he did know how to argure them.

“This is our last year, you might wanna go to a class sometime for nostalgia’s sake.” I stated, waiting for him to stop grumbling and join me in walking.

“Also, my parents have extended a dinner invitation for the next time you try climbing out my window.” I added when he caught up.

He grimaced at first, then switched to a joking manner, “Does that mean I can start using the door now? We both know I’m not an athletic person, Y/N, and I don’t land gracefully often.” He tried making light of the situation.

“We could stick to the window, and save ourselves from my parents style of parenting. "Luke, pass the salt? Also, are you sexually active with my daughter?” Neither of us are prepared for that.“

He thought on it for a second, then agreed,” Yeah, I see that. We’ll try my place after school then. On an unrelated note, I am getting better at landing.“ Luke threw an arm over my shoulders, bringing me closer into his side as we continued walking.
Later, we were rolling around Luke’s bed, exactly like when were kids.

"Y'know, I heard someone the other day say that we hardly hang out with other people anymore?” Luke spoke up with a gravelly voice. “You’re the only friend I need.” I mumbled, still half asleep.

Chuckling and wrapping an arm around my waist to pull me closer, “Aw, am I all you need?” He asked mockingly. I shrugged his off, scoffing at his cute answer.

“I’ve gotta get home, I have work to do.” I groaned, convincing myself to get out of bed. “Just lay with me five more minutes?” Luke tightened his grip on me, “Really, I’m wasting time.” “It’s not wasted time when I’m with you.”

I could already feel my brain starting to think a mile a minute going through my to-do list. “Adorable, but not enough.” I wriggled out of his arms to start looking for my shoes in the mess of his room. “I have to finish that internship application by next week’s deadline if I genuinely want it-”

“Which you do.” Luke encouraged.

“Of course, and actually start the essay part.” Letting out a long sigh, I thought that I just needed a few more hours in the day, six or seven. “Maybe our friends are right, we do spend all of our time together.” I voiced my realization.

“What, it’s a bad thing? I’m not a terrible influence.” He playfully argued. “Yes, my boyfriend who’s considering dropping out of school to tour with his band is the greatest influence in my life.” I mocked. I know they couldn’t possibly turn the offer down; but he’d be gone for eight months, leaving in the next two.

“I’m still going as of now, I’m just not concerned with finishing school before tour starts.” He corrected, “And that’s where you are all day.” Luke admit, sounding content with the aspects of our relationship.

“But see, that’s what I mean. I’ll constantly plan my whole day around you. These next couple months are important for the future. You’ve got yours planned out already, I need to be more focused if I’m gonna get anywhere.” Now I’ve got Luke’s full attention, getting that I was serious.

“What…exactly are you saying?” I wasn’t suggesting anything specific. Just trying to come to a point of understanding that we could have seperate things away from each other. “I’m not asking for much, just trying to be fair. To everyone.” I attempted to assure him, and apparently failing.

“What do you mean?” He asked with troubled eyes and forrowed brow. “Maybe,” I paused, inhaling, “Maybe it’s just too much. Sometimes it all gets a little too much.”

“Even us? Are you breaking up with me now?” No way he’s listening to what I’m saying if he’s jupming to that conclusion. I thought we could’ve been able to talk without the accusations or pushing blame on the other.

“No! No, Luke I don’t mean it like that. God, I love you but don’t you ever feel like we spend so much of our time together? I can think of at least seven things off the top of my head that I’ve put off to just lay around with you. I don’t mean it as anything bad, but…”

An uncertain silence fell. I didn’t know what else to say. I made my point, even if I didn’t completly understand it, I knew what I wanted. Luke looked like he didn’t either- he looked like he was still connecting pieces of the conversation in his head.

“I feel like,” He started slowly, almost testing the words in his mouth, “I don’t have any say, and I don’t want the same thing as you do.”

“I don’t exactly want us to be over, but I think we need some kind of break. To just not be ‘us’ for a little while. I didn’t realize how dependent we are.” I confessed to him.

“If this is what it takes, right? And now you won’t need to wait around for me or pretend I’m not holding you back.” Luke complained, as I grew frustrated. “Well we don’t have to do this now, neither of us are laving for months.”

“No, you can’t bring this up then try and take it back. If you’ve got to get rid of me before you can get your shit together then this is a great time to talk.”

“Fine, I know you’re angry. But I don’t want to sit and fight with you, so I’m gonna go. We can talk tomorrow or next week but not like this.” He needed a clear head and I needed a clear consience. We just needed to be calm.

“Wait, just wait a minute.” He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose and so obviously trying not to look at me. “Kiss me. One more time, kiss me. Then you can tell me if you don’t want to do this anymore.” He pleaded.

“That’s not what this is about Luke.” I began when he cut in again.

“One kiss. It could be all it takes.” He pulled me up to stand with him. Resting his forehead against mine and snaking his arms around me as close as we could get, He touched his lips to mine softly. His hands found their familiar place on my sides as I allow my mouth to work against his. When his tongue lightly traces my bottom lip, I can sense myself going under. Almost forgetting why we were fighting, getting lost in his touch.

I pulled away from him, taking small steps away from him and not lifting my eyes to his. “Y/N?” Not even when I turned around into the hallway and I knew he was watching.

“I have to go home, Luke.” There was nothing else I could do to stress my reasons any further. I’m so tired and all I want to do is be alone and not think for a moment.

I walked back through his house, where I spent almost as much pf my childhood than my own home. I used to feel comfortable in this place, now it feels wrong. I don’t have a place here anymore.

I think I’m going to be sick for a second while I’m walking out the front door. Guilt and stress and regret swimming inside of me, ten times more stress than I felt earlier this afternoon.

All I can do is go through the motions, wearliy trying to make it inside my own front door.

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Michael sneaking inside ur window at night to cuddle

Bad boy!Michael calling you at like 2am and waking you up. “Michael?” you ask groggily, sitting up in bed a bit and rubbing at the crusty makeup on your eyes you had forgotten to take off before you went to bed. “Open your window, babe. I’m on the way up.” he tells you before hanging up. You stare at your phone in your hand for a moment, blinking. Then you’re startled when you hear someone knocking on your window. So you get out of bed to lift up the blinds to see Michael standing on the awning just under your window, having climbed up the patio to get there. You stare at him for a moment in awe, still half-asleep while he points to the lock on the window impatiently. “Oh,” you mumble, before unlocking the window and pushing it open. He climbs into your room easily and embraces you, wrapping his arms around you tightly and resting his chin on the top of your head. “Hey,” he murmurs into your hair and presses a kiss to the spot. You pull away and frown at him, “What are you doing here?” He grins and shrugs, his eyes crinkling and you can see the glint of metal in his eyebrow and nose in the dim moonlight. “My dad was shit-faced again, I didn’t want to be at home. Wanted to see you.” he tells you and you can hear the pang of hurt in his voice before he reaches down and kisses you gently. “My parents will kill me if they find you,” you warn. He pushes a strand of hair behind your ear with a tattooed finger. “I’ll leave before they wake up, don’t worry. C’mon, let’s go to bed. I’m fucking exhausted.” So he kicks off his combat boots and shimmies out of his tight jeans, before removing his jacket and shirt and climbing into bed with you. You pull the covers over the both of you and you settle against his side, resting your head on his naked chest. He snakes an arm around you and pulls you flush against him and gently plays with the ends of your hair. “’m sleepy,” you mumble, eyes already falling close. He chuckles and runs a finger down your spine soothingly. “I’ve got you, baby. You’re fine.” You smile and find his lips in the dark, lingering there for a few moments before settling back into his chest and falling asleep to the sound of his steady heartbeat under your ear and his fingers tracing patterns into your side.