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Can you do part 3 of His Girlfriend Doesn't Like You please?

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Preference Five - His Girlfriend Doesn’t Like You (Luke Part 3)

You tried to come up with something, anything to say to Luke to somehow make this situation better but before you could even think of a single word Luke had Calum pushed up against a wall, his tall lean frame towering over Calum’s toned body. Luke’s hands tightly clutched Calum’s shirt and his eyes were dark and filled with a type of anger you had never seen before. 

"Who gave you the right to fuck my girl? I thought we were fucking friends Calum!" Luke hissed, his anger not wavering, his knuckles turning white.

He had called you his girl. Those two words coming from his mouth had an impact on you that you couldn’t imagine. You mentally scolded yourself, you were Calum’s girlfriend. He never treated you badly, not even for a second, whereas Luke had broken your heart several times.

"Who? She’s my girlfriend and I don’t fucking appreciate you sticking your nose in my business" Calum responded, becoming agitated as well.

"Your business?! You’re fucking my best friend and you didn’t even bother notifying me?" Luke growled, getting angrier by the second.

"You were too engrossed with your bimbo of a girlfriend to give a damn about me or the boys or even Y/N!" Calum yelled, "if you had stopped being such a whipped asshole maybe you would’ve known sooner!"

"She’s off limits Calum," Luke spoke with venom in his voice, glaring at Calum through his dark blue eyes.

"Damn right. So back the fuck off" Calum retorted.

Luke had hit his breaking point. He threw a punch and hit Calum square in the jaw causing him to fall to the floor with Luke on top of him. You let out a gasp. Both boys were furious and you could tell that this fight wasn’t going to end anytime soon. Before either could do anything else you ran over to Luke and put a hand on his shoulder, trying to pull him off of Calum. 

"Lucas stop it," you said desperately trying to pull him away, but you were far too small to have any effect on the extremely tall boy.

Luke spun around to look at you and the anger from his eyes turned into heartbreak. For years you had dealt with your heart shattering every time Luke told you about his most recent crush or some girl that he was infatuated at the time, and now after years of pain and suffering the tables were turned. You were looking down into eyes that displayed the strongest sense of pain you had every seen. You turned your head and looked at Calum who still looked angry as opposed to Luke’s hurt complexion. Both of them looked at you, their gaze unwavering. It was unsaid, but you knew what you had to do. You had to choose between the two boys in front of you. You knew that if you looked at Luke one more time all of your sense of reason would be gone. You looked down at Calum and saw a streak of blood next to his mouth, a result of Luke punching him. You walked over and knelt down next to him, wiping the blood away gently with the back of your tiny hand. You turned around and looked up at Luke who was now standing, fists clenched at his side. 

"So this is how it is eh? I guess some people just don’t get second chances," Luke said, his voice betraying him as it cracked on every word. You could swear you saw the shimmer of tears forming in his eyes.

"Luke.." your voice was strained, you hadn’t realized you had been crying until now.

"I hope he treats you like a fucking princess."

And then he left. The boy who you had chased for years had walked right out of your life. All because of you. You turned and looked back at Calum.

"Are you ok?" you whispered, genuinely concerned but utterly distracted.

"it’s him," Calum let out a sad chuckle.

"It has always been Luke Y/N. Even now, despite what he’s done to you." 

"Calum please I-"

"No Y/N. I remember when I first met you. I had a crush on you for two whole years," he paused and blushed "but I saw the way your eyes sparkled with admiration whenever you looked at him. The same way they do now. And even though he didn’t realize it, I saw those small genuine loving smiles that decorated Luke’s face only when you were around. So I backed off, because even though it was never said, everyone knew you were Luke’s girl. However, after he broke your heart recently I thought that maybe, just maybe you could forget about him. Clearly I was wrong and it’s evident that he can’t forget about you either. So go."

"What?" you looked at him in shock, and then felt stupid for replying so simply to his heartfelt message.

"Go after him Y/N. I’ll move on eventually, but I don’t think he can," Calum tried to smile but you could tell he was holding back his devastation. 

You gave Calum a tight squeeze on the shoulder and then ran out your door faster than you have ever ran in your life. You had run about 2 blocks before you spotted the familiar black figure standing beside a tree. 

"Luke!" you called out, causing him to turn around.

He looked surprised to see you but only after a moment his face melted into a smile. He held his arms out and you ran into them holding on as tight as you could. And there you two stood, in the pouring rain, but his arms around you made the dreary weather invisible. He looked at you in the eyes and you saw nothing but happiness displayed in his eyes, a happiness that mirrored your own. He leaned in to close the gap between you two and softly pressed his lips on yours, and you wrapped your fingers around his neck in an effort to pull him closer.

And there it was. Your picture perfect kiss in the rain. Well it was perfect until a massive semi zoomed by, splashing dirty rain water on the two of you, but hey, you’d take whatever you could get.

A/N: THERE YOU GO :) I didn’t know what to do for an Ashton pt.3 so I just did Luke’s 8)

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