Luke looks like your music major boyfriend and that makes me sad like just imagine walking the campus with him as he carries his guitar on his back ready for whatever inspiration may come his way, like listening to you talk about how you hate your math class and how your professor constantly nags on you to be like your sibling or how your hair makes you look like the angel you are when the sun shines down on you as the two of you sit in the park to eat lunch and I just have a lot of feelings.


AU: based on the movie "10 Things I Hate About You." You have more than definitely developed feelings for Michael, but are too afraid to tell him and keep acting as if nothing had changed. Truth be told, Michael knew that you liked him and, maybe, the feeling was mutual. PART 2 

(part 1)             

the poem ends right there, but i kind of feel that i left it hanging. should i do a part 3? (probably am, idk) as usual, gifs not mine, credit to owners.

Daddy Michael cooing at your newborn as you get the well deserved rest you need after last nights events. Michael couldn’t believe that your baby -the baby he had helped make- was here, she already had her daddy wrapped around her newborn finger, literally and physically as he smiled when he felt her finger clasp his, her little pointer finger caressing his ‘X’ tattoo. He couldn’t help but look over at your sleeping form in awe, you were literally and officially more punk rock than he would ever be -he makes you swear that you never ever tell the guys when they come to visit hours later- and he looks back down at his little fighter, the little miracle with her mothers eyes and her daddy’s hell bent attitude, He was whole.