The 100 1x01 - Pilot

So everyone I know who’s watched this show either loves it and everything a about it or hated it and gave up early on. So, since there’s such extremes, I thought I’d wait a bit to try it out. But here I am! Better late than a queue full of only procedural crime drama.

So many familiar faces.

Radioactive is just about the perfect song for this.

Ah moral dilemmas in scifi, my old friend.

Okay so I spent the whole episode thinking Jasper was gonna die aaaaand I was right. Sorry kid.

The Mentalist 2x12 - Bleeding Heart

Sean Maher! Are you gonna be the killer? Cause you are one hundred percent definitely that eco-terrorist. I’ve seen you do that brand of hand acting before, and that was definitely your intonation, mask and voice modulator or not.

Yeah. Those eyebrows. That voice. That hand acting. Glad Jane noticed too.

Once Upon a Time 3x05 - Good Form

Emma don’t be a dick don’t be a dick don’t - aaaand there it is. Yeah one time thing whatever WE ALL WATCHED BUFFY. WE KNOW.
Oh fucking- “as you wish”? Princess Bride romantic references?

Emma for serious if you choose your wimpy lying ex over the sexy honourable pirate I will punch my television. And I LOVE my television.