re: miley cyrus supposedly coming out

why are yall so excited about a blatantly racist and anti-black white person (who has appropriated many different cultures in her videos) coming out and starting some sort of strange ~charity~ you know very little about???

also she used the t-slur and never apologized so like, lmfao, how much can you bet her ‘caring’ about leelah alcorn is just a PR stunt tbh

@ white queer dfab ppl (since thats who i most see celebrating her) …….. care to answer?

One more thing: BLESS Louis for showing us what loyalty is. And bless him for not replying to Zayn (at least not in public). I’m literally 99% sure he did that for us because he knows this is breaking our heart. It’s NB’s behaviour towards Directioners that Louis can’t stand and Zayn made a very bad decision when he got involved and picked the wrong side.