If it wasn’t for Courtney today, I definitely wouldn’t have made it 8 miles. It’s been just over 2 weeks since the marathon and I gotta admit, my longest run since then was only 2.7 miles. I have a half marathon next weekend. I needed this run and I’m glad I had her there with me. It was a little chilly, especially with 15+ mph winds, but overall a pretty good run! I’m more sore already than I’d expected (maybe all of the hills - 551ft elevation gain!). 

Best quote: "Let’s take selfies with the cows!"

We could both tell that we were dehydrated towards the end of this. Our waters pretty much ran out around miles 5-6 and we were booking it the last 2 miles to get to our cars and h2o. 

8.01 miles / 1:47:06 / 13:23 pace

And then, of course, food! We devoured some Panera, walked around Whole Foods, and uh, I should probably shower now. I can feel the salt all over my face. 

Where abouts in England did you live? I have to admit that I’m incredibly lucky to live in Derbyshire and also that these kind of places are within an hours drive from my house.
I think the Derbyshire peaks are some of the most beautiful places in England without a doubt.
Fear not I will be taking tonnes! Of pictures to show everyone.

courtrunson said:

Hi! My name is Courtney and I started my fitness blog last year with the goal of running to lose weight. I started with 5k's but just started training for my first half marathon!

5Ks are a gateway to half marathons. And it only gets worse from there. Congrats on your progress.