Winning Streak!

On Saturday I stopped by Lululemon for a morning yoga session and then that afternoon I headed downtown for the Race Judicata 5K.  

The 5K is a fundraiser for Memphis Area Legal Services.  I ran this race in 2011 and it was the first 5K I ever ran (outside of high school).  I finished in just over 30 minutes, which was a pleasant surprise for me then.  I haven’t returned to this race since, but I decided this year was the perfect time to run it again.

It’s a pretty small race and the runners are mostly law school students who aren’t necessarily routine runners (no judgement- it’s not like I was in good shape when I was in school), so I figured I had a good shot at placing in age group or maybe overall.  

Well, the surprise snowy weather on Saturday dampened the already small turnout for the race.  I ran a 1.5 mile warm up and then sat in the warm car until it was time to line up.

Eric mapped his long run for the day to end downtown so he could see race and he was waiting for me at the start.  I looked around, trying to see what the other females looked like.  It’s always hard to judge a book by its cover when it comes to running, but a girl lined up next to me who looked like she might give me a run for my money.  

The race director counted us down and we were off running the first (very steep) hill.  I wasn’t sure about my pacing for this race.  I haven’t really been comfortably under an 8 minute mile since being sick, so I decided to just keep it around an 8 and pick up or slow down from there depending on how I felt.  

As we ran on to Front Street, I was safely the lead female and started picking off some of the guys one by one.  My legs felt a little tired, but my breathing was fine.  I reached the first half mile right at an 8 minute pace and slowly picked up some speed from there.

By the time we passed the halfway mark and turned onto the bluff on Riverside, my legs were getting more tired, but I was also really enjoying the run and the cool weather.  I thought about how much has changed since I ran this 5K for the first time four years ago and part of me wished I had known then what I know now- that I will always be my own greatest resource and source strength.

As I reached the final stretch, I spotted Eric and picked up some speed to cross the finish line.  

Finishing time 24:10 (7:47 pace) - no PR by a long shot, but it exceeded my expectations after recovering from mono and I ran some of the most even splits I’ve ever seen!  The celebratory hot dog and beer weren’t too shabby either.  

Mile 1: 7:46

Mile 2: 7:49

Mile 3: 7:49

Last .1: 44s

I may not have achieved any PRs this year, but I have placed in every race I’ve race so far in 2015 - Hill & Dale 8 Miler, Mike Cody 4 Miler, and the Race Judicata 5K.  :) 

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Enjolras comes across a guy who’s trying to steal his car. Except that he’s not actually stealing his car.

Today’s the day before my first race, or Race Day Eve, if you will.

Tracksuit, shorts, running shirt, micro fleece, and hoodie all in the wash. (I don’t know what the weather will be like.)
Get ready for the manliest sentence ever…
Unfortunately I can’t find my leggings.

I’ll take another look for them when I get home from work.

All there is to do now is carb up, hydrate, and watch videos of Pre winning races over and over again until tomorrow evening.

Wish me luck errbody!

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- Powiedz te słowa, które powinieneś mi jeszcze dzisiaj powiedzieć. - powiedział na wydechu czując jak w kącikach oczu zbierają mu się łzy.
- Nie kocham cię. - odpowiedział Louis momentalnie, a po policzkach Harry’ego zaczęły spływać łzy.

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the signs being rich
  • Aries:"im going to every concert ever. i bought all of itunes. no one can stop me"
  • Taurus:saves most of money but throws huge fuckin parties every Friday with Nicki Minaj
  • Gemini:"what if i bought a boat and invited people on my boat only to tell them to get the fuck off my boat"
  • Cancer:"I've bought 10 dogs already today. tomorrow I buy the worlds population of cats"
  • Leo:buys own island and names it after themselves and everyone who lives there are dogs and friends no one else ever
  • Virgo:"i made a blog to update people on my rich life. i just booked Beyoncé for my birthday party"
  • Libra:millionaire by age 20 and takes the lyrics "im gonna swing from my chandelier" too seriously
  • Scorpio:finally subscribes to hulu plus
  • Sagittarius:wears black lace Elie Saab designer gown with necklace of diamonds and walks slowly down spiral staircases
  • Capricorn:buys 3 summer homes and a castle while on their private jet
  • Aquarius:"im going to buy the five oceans. i am Poseidon"
  • Pisces:"i filled my pool with champagne and now i don't know what to do"