Working towards my dream body. Im flexing in this picture so you can tell I have a long ways to go!! But I started my first day of an app that helps you run 5k eventually and im so excited this means I might be able to participate in marathons in the summer, which is awesome news. Running makes me feel so good (but not so much my legs) currently I weigh 116.0 lbs

2 miles down!

I’ve been doing so good on my training for my next 5k. Last night even though I still wasn’t feeling great I ran 2 miles without stopping! It felt so great too it wasn’t a bad run. It turned out to feel really good. A week from Saturday and its race day! Hoping to beat my last time! Then to continue training for the next 5k!

anoniem heeft gevraagd:

I stole a snow globe from an airport gift shop when I was 4, and then when I was 6 I found out what stealing was and that it was bad, and i had nightmares about the police coming to get me every night for 3 months until my parents finally brought me to a therapist and he made them buy plane tickets just so that I could return the snow globe that i'd stolen 2 years earlier. The manager thought it was so funny that he sends me snow globes every year on the "steal-iverasary"

omfg what a story…


You can all go home. It’s done</p