I give you my kid - Karrayyu Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue on Flickr.

I met this elder in the Gada ceremony in Karrayyu tribe. i met him again on the market. He came to me and asked me to take his kid: he has not enough money to educate him. “Bring it to your country, he’ll much more happy than here..”. He was not joking, as people there have more and more problems to live.I explained him that a foreign kid cannot enter France etc etc, but he was not convinced. Karrayyu people are very proud, it may not have been easy for him to ask for this…

© Eric Lafforgue

Original Merengue is in boxes!

Trading: Merengue the normal rhino
Looking for: Julian, Diana, and Zucker (but I will look over any cute villager offers. I’m not picky c:)
Move date: TODAY!
Additional info: I’m also looking for: a crown, berliner, roccoco set, dollhouse, candle, tape deck, stool. So feel free to pick and choose what’s in your offers because I’m pretty desperate for anything at the moment! I hope to be replying as soon as possible, so be ready to trade after we add each other! :)
tumblr URL: anneofthegeeks.tumblr.com
Mayor Name/Town Name: Mayor Luna of Moonacre
FC: 1392 5954 2264

5954: To My Daughter,

I can’t believe that you’re already in your Junior year at Brown. It’s so cliché, but it does seem like it was only yesterday when you entered through the Van Wickle Gates, and I have to ask myself – “where did the time go?”

But I do know where the time went. The past two years have been an incredible blast for you; nowhere else but at Brown could you have encountered all of the experiences and the people that you now hold so dear. And through it all…

I’ve laughed with you, cried with you, planned and schemed with you, dreamed up dreams and tore them down and built them up again with you, argued with you, agreed with you, compromised and had more trust in you. I’ve also chilled with you, shopped to death then starved with you, done foolish and serious things with you, advised you then learned from you, been a father and friend to you. All of these we’ve done, whether you’re an arm’s length or a continent away from me.

It’s dawning on me that I’ll be seeing less and less of you, and you’ll be needing less and less of me. In the final analysis, that’s what I raised you for—- to be the strong, independent, and determined young woman who has full charge of her own life.

I really couldn’t wait until Valentine’s to post at Brown Admirers what I’ve always (albeit anonymously) said—- I love you, and I am so damn proud of you!

Good luck, my baby! I know that you’ll do amazingly well.

Your Brown Dad

—  An anonymous letter on Brown Admirers
Imperialism: Facts, Perspectives & Solutions (Exclusive Documentary)

Imperialism: Facts, Perspectives & Solutions (Exclusive Documentary)

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“Imperialism: Facts, Perspectives & Solutions”, is a feature documentary produced by Your World News Films, that focuses on the issue of imperialism and its impact on the vast majority of the globe. This important film features activists and scholars like: Abayomi Azikiwe, Eric Draiter, Margaret Kimberley, Stephen Lendman, Dahlia Wasfi, Ajamu Baraka and Michael Parenti.…

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King RoD opens for Gavlyn at The Whisky Go Go

Come see me open up for Gavlyn September 17th at the world famous Whisky A Go Go. At 7:00pm be there and experience the voice of Your Own Understanding spreading the message of much love & good vibes. Call (818)809-5954 for tickets or visit The Whisky A Go Go presents Gavlyn for online purchases. This event needs your support so if you are near 8901 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood 90069 come show…

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