No matter what I do, I’m not good enough. Some day I hope someone will want me for me, that I won’t be a disappointment to them in their eyes.

Loud Pack Lucy lays sultry vocals over Nothing Says Hello Like Goodbye stand-out, “Blue Lights”. This digital 12’’ also features a “Blue Lights” remix by MidPoint, as well as instrumentals for both cuts. Something new, something different… (Click image above to download)

Spaces Between Us

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1LEbAqs

by justyrae

Liam doesn’t exactly get along with his upstairs neighbor.

Words: 5846, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1LEbAqs

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Cesar is the fucking best, retard

The best at traumatizing and fucking up dogs, you mean.
You’ll have a hard time convincing people that someone who follows an outdated dominance theory based off unrelated, captive wolves and applied it to dogs -a domestic animal- is ‘the fucking best’.

Researching is useful!

Totals: 7 days, 6,986 posts, 141,448 comments.Included in this report: The top 400 posts, and 109,458 of the top comments, by 63,696 distinct authors.There were 8 gilded posts, and 109 comments were gilded.See the comments for detailed reports and charts.Most Popular PostsScoreAuthorPost Title7471/u/redditfresherDad Instincts6092/u/justgivemepizzaMy friend got her daughter’s basketball team pictures today.5846/u/SteakWayRoman candles and an attack drone.5778/u/lanesplitterMy architect sucks.5764/u/BeauYourHeroMy states police facebook page posted this picture taken by a speeding camera. Bird Bro saves the day!5702/u/SteakWaySlinky kitten, GO!!!!5583/u/probably_not_seriousI was told my new office had a “view of the Hudson.” They were not wrong.5556/u/shakycam3A homeless guy on Bourbon Street trained his dog to play “passed out”. I paid a buck for this photo.5356/u/gothicmasterJapan game shows5347/u/ShadowSpadeMan and bear scaring each other5333/u/jayz606Only in Vancouver…. For those wondering, that N sticker is to identify new drivers by law in BC5258/u/1Voice1LifeI look fabulous5245/u/CavalEARMom’s advice.5184/u/TiffnadeBest card I got today!5162/u/BEgirl69It rained a quarter inch in So Cal today5146/u/SteakWayHaters gunna hate.5140/u/1Voice1LifeI’m drowning! Oh…5107/u/pxsalmersI have two younger brothers with girlfriends. septic guy came to the house, Mom sends me this text.5046/u/crazedacornMy nephew was put into time out. The cat decided to join him.5041/u/Cranium_InsaneumAstronaut problems…4973/u/almightysamuraiSomething tells me this sign wasn’t originally designed for the children’s clothing section.4957/u/takethatsociety77I wanted to prove that I graduated from college this weekend, but the professional photos cost a ton. Luckily their website offered this…4934/u/to_be_quite_frankOh The Irony4886/u/Brakleetshaving sign at a barber shop4842/u/moshbeardAt a glance I thought someone had put up 10 foot high memes4830/u/SteakWayHow child bearing hips work4826/u/ShinglersLispGirl on this train was givin’ me eyes the whole ride4824/u/CharlieDarwin2No Don Quixotes’ permitted4821/u/RMDaganMy stats textbook author must have hated his life. Found this is the glossary.4802/u/SteakWayGordon Ramsay is my spirit animal4783/u/CreepytattsKids these days…4779/u/skemp311Patriots replacement QB for the first 4 games4770/u/clifwith1fThey shared my Reddit post on Comedy Central!4744/u/giddyup523"Please don’t buy me this crap"4735/u/1Voice1LifeReunited and it feels so good!4686/u/lillyjbMy GPS was being a little shit today in traffic4676/u/SeksuaaliHey, get off my lawn!4670/u/hobnightI’ve been living in Italy for a year, and it’s common to see things in English that do not make sense. Today, I found the winner4664/u/FearlessmojoOh he’s really learning!4653/u/olddad67Aussie girls. via /r/subredditreports

Counter Height Dining Table with Butterfly Leaf Cappuccino Finish

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I know it’s been a while (at least for me) since I’ve released a new project, but this coming Sunday, Let Them Eat Cake will be unveiled to the world.

Starting at 9PM EST this coming Sunday, head over to http://turntable.fm/5846_x_uncommon for an exclusive listening session for the album, hosted by NASA of Uncommon Records, who will also be playing exclusives in between songs from Let Them Eat Cake. I’ll be there to chat and hang out, too.

Directly following the listening event, Let Them Eat Cake will be available for free download. Thanks for listening, tracklisting is posted above.