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I just wanted to give my input. I'm sorry you get negative messages like that. They are completely uncalled for. You are a PHENOMENAL resource to trans people and their supporters. You have made a lasting impact on those 5500 people who follow you. You've made a lasting impact in my life and have been a true beacon of information in my transition. I just wanted to give you some encouragement and thank you for everything you do here. People who leave you like messages like that are just ignorant.

Oh, my dear friend, thank you so much. And thank you to everyone who has sent in similar messages. This outpouring of support and appreciation is beyond anything I could expect and it’s so incredibly touching. With the amount of work I have in my day to day life it’s easy to lose sight of this and only see the people who demand attention with little to no regard for the person behind the blog. It can be overwhelming and can quickly drive a person down. I’ve considered deleting this blog more than once because of it. But these messages help me see the real impact of this work. I appreciate hearing these things and having these reminders. Thank you again. Know that I deeply appreciate all of your messages.

A 5500 year old female figurine from Predynastic Egypt.

From Ma'mariya, Egypt, painted terracotta, ca. 3500-3400 BC, about 30cm tall.

Representations of female figures with highly abstracted forms occur throughout most of the Predynastic Period. On statuettes of this period, the legs are usually not articulated and the faces are beaklike. This rare undamaged example, one of the oldest works in the Brooklyn Museum, was found in a burial excavated by the Museum’s first archaeological expedition in Egypt. The symbolism, function, and identity of the figure are not certain. However, similar female figures painted on Predynastic vessels appear to be goddesses, because they are always larger than the male “priests” shown with them. (Brooklyn)

Courtesy of & can be viewed at the Brooklyn Museum, USA. Via their online collections07.447.505.


5,5k?!!!! WAT????

Thank you so much guys!!! ♥ I love you all!!! ♥

“ I love you all and thanks for all the supporting messages, the lovely comments and everything. :) You guys are made my life better and i’m trying to do my best, draw more and improve my skills to give you better fanarts. :)”

and “I want to say ‘thank you’ to danisnotonfire and amazingphilfor being in my life. You are always able to make me smile.:)  ”

It’s almost november, Halloween, birthday, cold, warm stuff, crows.. Ah.. i like this season. 

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