150514 Wu Yifan Weibo Update
Translation: Phobia of choosing… which pair? Waiting online.

1. [+5470] Wu Yifan, recently you have using Weibo like it’s WeChat!! But you’ve doing well!! In the future, please diligently update your Weibo like this!! Both are okay!!

2. [+5059] I just want to give everyone my analysis…… on the table, it’s not white but grey…. Kanye West x Adidas, this year’s version if it isn’t 30 thousand then it’s almost 40 thousand……. on his feet are the Y3 sneakers, also very expensive….. either way this man is annoyingly rich.

3. [+4778] Let me tell everyone a scary fact. Wu Yifan made a total of 5 posts in the month of April. In March he made 4 posts. In February he made 7 posts. In January he made 8 posts. In May, it has only been 14 days and he made 11 posts. Baby is learning more and more to experience us missing each other hhhhhh

4. [+3241] Like if you agree that FanFan should go on Running Man, I really want to watch!

5. [+2602] The ones on your feet

6. [+2500] After returning to China, this kid’s growth is getting better and better. His level of appeal to passerby’s is also getting higher and higher.

7. [+2227] The meaning of the second photo is that even when sitting on the toilet, you’re still thinking of which pair to choose?

8. [+2158] The black one, the pair on your feet.

9. [+1888] Your first instinct is worn already, just that one.

10. [+1782] Black. Because then you won’t have to change.

Portia is Moving!

Trading: Portia
Looking for: Anyone from my Wants list. Bam, Kitty, Whitney, Goldie, Cookie, Marina, Snake, Wolfgang.
Move date: May 16th (today)
Additional info: No bell offers, please! I have more than enough. Portia does mean a lot to me, though. If I know she’s going to a really good home I may be persuaded.
tumblr URL: kiteging
Mayor Name/Town Name: Zosime/Biotopia
FC: 0490-5470-9892

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Trade Idea Wrap-up: GBP/USD - Sell at 1.5590

Cable’s intra-day selloff on dollar’s broad-based rebound and current break of indicated support at 1.5493 add credence to our view that the rebound from this week’s low at 1.5447 has possibly ended at 1.5700 and further fall to 1.5470-75, then retest of said support at 1.5447 would be seen, however,

Hicham FX

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Cable Carrier

I have looked at many 3D printers and definitely want one. While looking at prices, I like the Prusa i3. Only down fall was, wires everywhere. Well, I got thinking and came up with a “cable carrier’ designed to work with it. This would take some moderate modifications to the motor’s bolts/screws and…By: Axeman_5470 Continue […] http://dlvr.it/9wHm3F


»̶ C1505 E Single »1140
»̶ C1605 E Dual »1215
»̶ C1905 M Single »1950
»̶ C2005 M Dual »2050
»̶ C5302 SP »3770
»̶ C5502 ZR »4090
»̶ C6502 ZL »4115
»̶ C6603 Z LTE »4240
»̶ C6802 Z Ultra »4615
»̶ C6903 Z1 »5470
»̶ D2005 E1 »1155
»̶ D2105 E1 Dual »1340
»̶ D2202 E3 »2200
»̶ D2212 E3 Dual »2245
»̶ D2302 M2 Dual »2995
»̶ D2305 M2 »2895
»̶ D2403 M2 Aqua »3770
»̶ D2502 C3 Dual »4005
»̶ D2533 C3 »3890
»̶ D5103 T3 »3320
»̶ D5303 T2 Ultra »3520
»̶ D5503 Z1 Compact »5495
»̶ D5833 Z3 Compact »6620
»̶ D6653 Z3 »7995
»̶ E2115 E4 Dual »2205
»̶ SGP621 Z3 Tablet Compact »7815
»̶ ST23i Miro »1620
»̶ ST27 Go »2440
»̶ Z1+Lensa QX10 »7990

SMS/WA : +6285655690027
BB : 7D703357


GBPUSD Price is no longer aggressively bearish after breaching 1.5540 this morning. We probably need a break of 1.5470 for the market to turn bearish again.

Batik sarimbit
Ukuran :
Kemeja :
M : Panjang : 70cm, Lingkar Dada : 108cm.
L : Panjang : 72cm, Lingkar Dada : 110cm.
XL : Panjang : 74cm, Lingkar Dada : 112cm.

Dress :
Allsize (Punggung karet)
Lingkar dada maksimal 100cm, Panjang dress bervariasi mulai 85cm - 140cm.

Bahan :
Katun prima, batik sablon kombinasi. Kombinasi bahan menggunakan polyster, asahi, dan golden.

Berminat ato ada yg ingin ditanyakan.. Langsung aja kontak aq:
SMS/WA :085 728 345 235
BBM 2: 5470 B433
Web: www.javamart.biz

Aq tunggu orderannya yahhhh hhi ^_^ Happy Shopping Dear…

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