Nobody tagged me to do this, but I saw other people in the community giving some factoids about themselves. I figured why wait? Let’s get it over with and do it now!

So about me:

1. My name is Josiah (known as Joe by most people in my life).
2. I am a freshman at the College of Charleston. I am double majoring in theatre & arts management with a possible minor in Jewish Studies. Besides studying visual art & acting techniques, I am currently learning Hebrew as a second language.
שלום! אני גוסיה. אני לומד עברית… לאט…
3. My favorite band is Queen.
4. My favorite play is The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. Doubt by John Patrick Shanley, is a close second.
5. I am very interested in the Bauhaus movement. Josef Albers is my role model. And I am extremely interested in Oskar Schlemmer’s theatre/dance technique. In the future, I want to produce a movement performance based from these masters’ methods.

That is me.
Don’t wait for someone to tag you. Just go ahead and tell us about yourself!


I hate Panic! At the Disco. I’ve never actually heard their music so I don’t really hate them so much as resent them. Or rather, resent what they stand for. Or rather, resent what I believe they stand for. Or rather, resent my perception of other peoples projections of what they stand for.
—  Michelle of Dark Owl Records sounding a bit like the people on tumblr