So there’s a bill that has been introduced to congress to ban body armor…

What the fuck? So first the government wants to take away our right to bear arms, then it wants to remove anything that could save our lives from a piece of metal traveling 2,900 feet per second. 

I would be exempt from this law as a member of the department of defense, but private citizens deserve more than I do. The law should apply equally to government employees and private citizens. 

The bill is here. I highly suggest you call your Representative. 

When I was 16 years old my Dad, Mom, Little Brother and Aunt Linda took a 3 week camping vacation out west. The day we were heading to Glacier National Park started out with me scratching my one eye with my curling iron, so most of the day I was laying in the back of the van with my eyes closed as they continued to water. I was really mad as everyone was ooing and ahhhing over the beauty that I couldn’t see. Finally my eye was a better when we stopped for a photo op near St Mary’s Lake. I was taking a pic of Aunt Linda in front of this little gorge that emptied into the lake. I innocently asked her to move back a little farther so I could get a better shot, then all of a sudden she disappeared. My Mom and I screamed as Aunt Linda was flailing about in this ice cold rushing water. Thankfully she was able grab the edge and get herself out but now she was on the other side. She just stood there soaking wet with dripping makeup, breathing hard, with a nervous smile. So I quickly snapped a photo of her and thought “boy I sure wish we had a video camera cause that would have been awesome footage”. That night my Aunt had to use my clothes while hers dried and she kinda melted her shoes a bit drying them out by the campfire.

Roleff Racewear 5344 Large Taifun Textile Motorcycle Jacket - Black/ White

Roleff Racewear 5344 Large Taifun Textile Motorcycle Jacket – Black/ White

Roleff Racewear 5344 Large Taifun Textile Motorcycle Jacket – Black/ White

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Demolition Ranch tested our body armor against (50) 12 gauge Shotgun Slugs! Which do you think gave out first, his shoulder, or our body armor? Watch the video:

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Level III Body Armor Tested in this video:

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Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Melissa McCall/Sheriff Stilinski
Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Sheriff Stilinski, Melissa McCall
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“I mean, are you sure? Cause seriously, Derek, do you have any idea how many people would wanna put up with me on a daily basis for few weeks, nonetheless longer-“

Derek cut off his babbling with a tender kiss. “Good because I’m not giving anybody else that chance.” He pulled back, looking into Stiles’s eyes. “Stiles, I’m well aware how annoying you are. How much of a jerk you can be. How seriously loud, and whiny, and bitchy, and flat out rude-“

“You know, I’m starting to rethink that question,” Stiles grumbled, glaring at him playfully.

“- and somehow even with all of that,” Derek continued, “I still want you.”


Das Thema befindet sich jetzt in der Phase “Eingefroren”. Dies bedeutet, dass sich Antragstexte nicht mehr ändern können. Die Anträge die ausreichend Unterstützer finden, werden in der nächsten Phase abgestimmt.


Landesorganisationen belohnen wenn sie Länderschiedsrichter wählen

Die aktuelle Situation ist, dass unser Schiedsgericht aus zwei Instanzen besteht, dem Länderschiedsgericht (LSG, 1. Instanz) und dem Bundesschiedsgericht (BSG, 2. Instanz). Alle Anträge gehen zuerst an die 1. Instanz und eine mögliche Berufung geht an die 2. Instanz. Jetzt ist es leider so, dass es zwar ein mit drei Mitgliedern besetztes BSG gibt jedoch gibt es nur einen Länderschiedsrichter. Selbst wenn wir drei LSG Mitglieder hätte wäre das auch noch problematisch weil für ein Verfahren eigentlich drei zufällig aus allen Länderschiedsrichtern ausgewählt werden sollten. Außerdem gibt es nur 6 Landesorganisationen. Deshalb mache ich dieses Meinungsbild um eine mögliche Lösung zu finden.


Landesorganisationen belohnen wenn sie Länderschiedsrichter wählen. Man könnte zum Beispiel mehr Mitgliedsbeiträge aus bezahlen. Natürlich ist auch weiterhin die Unvereinbarkeit mit Organen zu beachten.

Was heißt das
  • Wenn eine Landesorganisation mehr Geld bekommt heißt das natürlich das die anderen Verhältnismäßig weniger bekommen.

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