52grams Potentially the Next Big Thing

52 grams boasts the ability to turn your Instagram photos into an instant shoppable look book by connecting your insty to their user interface. Comparable to the way you can pin stuff to a board in Pinterest, you not only get to create a look book using your own photos but you also get to select which pictures from your Instagram make the cut(no starbucks photos please). In it’s final version you will be able to shop looks directly from it’s interface.

While the idea is totally innovative,
in it’s current version it doesn’t entice me. Other than offering the opportunity to meet up with other fashionistas there really is no intricate value as of this point. If in the future they were to create a client that would replace Instagram as an app(i.e. Echofon for Twitter) that would be more beneficial to me because A. I’m lazy, B. I’m lazy and C. I can still use the app to do the regular things I do on Instagram as well as shop. For example if I’m following man repeller on Insty and she has 52 grams, as do I, I would be able to shop directly from her insty as opposed to me having to get out of Instagram to then go to a web browser to then be forwarded to another site to shop it.
One thumb tap. Or maybe two.. ๐Ÿ’…

What does entice me though is the shop from video which this is apparently a platform for. #rumorhasit How cool would it be to click in a youtube blogger’s store and be directed to a huge insty, youtube, twitter store?

(Left screen shot from Bergdorf’s 52grams, Right from google images)

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Watch-Out Wednesday: 52Grams

52Grams was created to help support brands and retailers through Instagram.

It allows users to browse Instagram-style photos. See a look you like? 52Grams has the ability to connect you directly to the website of the retailer or brand where you can purchase the item. If you are a brand or style influencer, 52Grams turns your Instagram photos into your own lookbook, allowing others to discover you. It supports brands by driving traffic to their website, allowing users to purchase the looks they love.

We caught up with 52Grams founder, the Dutch entrepreneur, Roeland de Jong, and asked him a few further questions about his startup.

TWF: What is the value proposition 52Grams can bring to the brands and retailers?

RdJ: 52Grams ultimately leverages Instagram for e-commerce. We allow brands and retailers to take their offline brand experience and product displays to an online Instagram lookbook where users can share it, collect it, love it, or take the inspiration to a point of purchase.

Our embeddable widget is becoming an important element in our value proposition as it allows brands, retailers, and style influencers to display their latest 52Grams lookbook entries anywhere on the web—from blogs to digital flagships—turning spectators into customers.

TWF: What value can 52Grams bring to regular users?

RdJ: I am a true believer in multi-channel strategies where off- and online initiatives merge into a single experience. Through the creative power of Instagram, 52Grams takes offline style discovery and fashion display, such as streetstyle, stores and runway shows, to an online destination where users can share it, collect it, love it, or take the inspiration to a point of purchase through shoppable Instagrams.

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