Hackney Museum - Strike a pose
Portraits of a Hackney Photo studio

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Strike a pose documents the many faces of Hackney during the 1970s.
All the images in the exhibition have been sourced from Gibson’s photography studio on Lower Clapton Road who did many local weddings and photographed local scenes during the 50s/60s and 70s.

Gibson’s studio witnessed the transition of Hackney from a predominantly white district through to a broadly multicultural area across a 30 year period.
The collection of some 40,000 negatives were donated to the Hackney Archives having been acquired by photography enthusiast Kevin Danks.

The photos evoke a very strong sense of identity and time, documenting largely weddings but also job status and a period of great transition.
The text going alongside the exhibition discussed how many of the individuals in the photos would pose in work wear to attract their relatives back home (who would receive the photos as an update) to come to England to take up employment.

Many of these photos depict a time not long after the British government began recruiting foreigners from overseas due to a labour shortage.
The photos tie in well with my research, further establishing the fact that many areas of London have been broadly diverse for quite a significant period of time.

The museum is looking to identify many of the people in the photos. Please contact them if you think you see anyone you recognize.