u know how humans can only see certain colors on the light spectrum? what if thats why we can’t see aliens? bc the light they emit isnt visible to the human eye? also considering humans came upon the earth so that they would be able to survive in the environment, that means aliens would have a completely different genetic makeup that our minds cant even comprehend. also i havent slept in forever and im p sure listening to raging indie folk isnt helping.


~ Hey Everyone! ~

I’ve decided to take up commissions because we are a little tight on money right now. I thought it would be best to bring myself out to Tumblr for some help. 

Prices (Extra Characters are +$5 each): 

  • Line Work - $5
  • Rough Sketch - $5 - 10
  • Full Color - $15 - 20


I will and can draw:

  • FanArt
  • Anthro Furry
  • Cartoon Gore
  • Soft Core NSFW

I will not / am not able to draw:

  • NSFW of underage characters
  • Complex Mecha
  • Realistic Animals
  • Extreme Gore
  • Hate Art

Please Inbox me before paying for order, all payments must be made first before receiving art. Please allow 1-4 days for Commission to be completed and sent.

Send Payments to: Phonoscope@hotmail.com

idk if this is why they cast Richard’s head but I was curious to see what it would look like…