omg we have the best convo's ever.

 LMAO.so lets go to a playground indoor.like chucke cheesego to the ball putpit*and hurt some wiggers LOL THE BALL PIT im downn LOOOLdrown kids !!! omg that would be so embarrasing to drown in a ball pit  LOOL ! it would b a good wedding story though LOL. yeahwait wtf lol “hey honey, btw im banned from every chuckie chesse in North America cause i drowned a 6 year old boy when i was 14. so now where do you want to honey moon?"imagine that lMAOO. husband:” oh did i mention i drowned him in the FUCKING BALL PIT……Retard, how the fuck do you drown in rubber.“wife: ” if you stick it to far down my throat" husband:“well played sweetie,well played” LOOOL DKM ! LOOL ok you have to post this part of the convo on facebook tumblr**fuck man we’re on facebook. the heat is getting to me lmao !your killen me:did i mention" i drowned him in the fucking ball pit ! lol