do you ever just suddenly realize how thor is going to have to watch everyone he cares about on earth grow old and die and suddenly your entire day is ruined

#33 - When I Held Your Brain in My Arms (807 - Terror from the Year 5000) (requested by aisforinterval)

Now I’m sorry that I dropped you; that I accidentally plopped you…when I held your brain in my arms! During “Suddenly Susan…”

I’ve been wanting to draw this one for a long-old time, if just to listen to Kevin Mike Kevin’s dulcet tones over and over.

"But now, your brain is gone and it’s left an empty hole/I gaze into your sockets, but you’re just a hollow skull" - that I legitimately think sounds like it could be from an actual song. Like, some weird skeleton love song.

Feel free to keep the requests comin’, friends! Thank you, wont you?

(Also, any thoughts on my painting style(s)? I’ve been using a different brush, which I sort of like more than the last one.)

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Ready and Willing by dedkake  -  “In the Kingdom of Genosha, all psionics are kept as pleasure slaves for the upper classes. King Erik, new to the throne, is gifted an old childhood friend.”

Relationship: Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr | Rating: E | Status: Completed | Length: 8,845


This is literally me