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a lottery for homeless people/people living in poverty where the prize is a one bedroom apartment, a years worth of life essentials (soap, healthy food, razors etc) and free career counseling and the tickets get given out in shelters and in soup kitchens

Die Woche bei Pegida:

19.03.2015, Nürnberg

Nügida: 70 / Gegendemo: 250 (nordbayern.de)


Hoyerswerda: Hoygida (bisher nur eigene Berichte)
Edinburgh (Großbritannien): Pegida 4 (!) / Gegendemo 200 (Scotsman)
Verviers (Belgien): hat stattgefunden, auch Gegendemo, keine Zahlen

22.03.2015, Bregenz (Österreich)

Pegida 70 / Gegendemo 600 (DiePresse)


Berlin: Bärgida
Braunschweig: Bragida 65 / Gegendemo 500 (Polizeimeldung, Braunschweigheute)
Chemnitz: Pegida Chemnitz-Erzgebirge: 400 / Gegendemo 200 (FP)
Duisburg: noch keine Zahlen
Dresden: 5.500 / Gegendemo 900 als “Prozession der Angsthasen”, die alle eine Angst von Migranten und von rechter Gewalt betroffenen darstellen sollten (mdr, SZ)
Erfurt: Thügida (Abspaltung von Sügida) 300 / Gegendemo 400 (TA)
Frankfurt a. M.: “Freie Bürger für Deutschland” (Ex-Pegida): 45/ Gegendemo 350 (FR, hr)
Hannover: Pegida 50 / Gegendemo “mehr” (HAZ); Pegida-Teilnehmer in Thor Steinar-Shirts attackieren Pressefotografen
Karlsruhe: Kargida 150 / Gegendemo 400 (BZ)
Kassel: Kagida 30 (Kagida-Watch)
Leipzig: Legida 900 / Gegendemo 900 (LVZ)
Luckenwalde: (noch keine Zahlen)
Magdeburg: Magida 280 / Gegendemo (Volksstimme)
München: Bagida 60 (Münchner Initiative gegen Neonazis)
Schwerin: MVGida 280 / Gegendemo (Polizeimeldung)
Würzburg: Wügida (noch keine Zahlen)


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I just reached 900 omg???!!!!! i just ??!!! what omg i can’t believe this. thank you so much for putting up with me this is incredible and I really really love you all :))))) I see all the reblogs and likes and appreciate every single one of them so thank you <3333

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Kinda glad I took up piloxing. My New Year’s Resolution was to try to be more active, so I tried a whole bunch of classes at my gym until I found this. It’s like a combination of dance, pilates, and kickboxing, and it’s been kicking my ass, but I’ve been doing it regularly for a few weeks now and I swear I’m getting some muscle on me now. It also puts an emphasis on feeling “sleek, sexy, and powerful”, and my instructor is AMAZEBALLS. Plus it burns something like 500-900 calories a go, which I need since I’m a few pounds overweight. Annnd it’s fun.

If anyone wants to try some new exercise that will help them get into shape, plus feel empowered, I highly suggest piloxing. 

Live schedule 2015.06.14 @ Chikusa-Bunka-ShoGekijyo




出演: GOMA meets U-zhaan,NETWORKS,tigerMos

チケット:<全自由席>前売り¥3,900/当日¥4,500 ※事業団友の会会員様¥3,700(4/1発売)

問合せ先:sarigamadhani@gmail.com(企画責任者 松下)



Bruno Sousa Joins The 2015 International Big Brother Winner’s Circle

Bruno Sousa Who Previously Participated In Secret Story 5 (Where He Was A Finalist & Finished In 3rd Place), Returned & After 22 Days Won Secret Story ”A Casa dos Segredos Luta Pelo Poder” (All Stars) Portugal. Won With 42% Of The Public Vote & Walked Away With €7,500 Prize! (About $7,900) 

Read More Here-Article & Official Site

Unstable Snow Fairy

To finish up the guides for the battle quest only challengers, I will be informing you about the villain from the Luminaire 2012 plot: Unstable Snow Fairy!

This was actually the first “impossible” difficulty plot challenger I’ve beaten (and for overall challengers). Do note that like Sophie, she is really more a high tier 10/low tier 11 challenger rather than a true tier 11 impossible like Malerias Familiar. Stealing is disabled against her. Here are her stats:

Health: 9,000
Attack: 4,000
Defense: 4,500
Speed: 1,900

Her stats are not too much different than those of similarly difficult challengers like Mad Scientist or Raging Storm Sylph. Actually, she should be easier than the four challengers you fought getting up to her in BQs. Here are her weapons:

Combustible Fairy Dust: 15 or 25 fire, 15 ice, 20 magma
Blocks 2 dark, 2 earth, 2 light

Erratic Flight: 8-16 ice, 8-16 light, 3-30 wind
Blocks all earth

Gauzy Wings: 10-20 earth, 10 or 15 ice, 15 wind
Blocks all fire, all physical

Wicked Scratch: 5 or 9 physical/fire/dark/water, 15 ice/earth
Blocks 5 physical

Glassy Stare: 15 ice, 5-10 magma, 5-10 water
High chance of freezing

Tangled Curls: Blocks all of everything except ice

Most, if not all, attacks will activate Blizzards Embrace blessing (blocks 100 ice, 3 water, 3 wind; heals 250; prevents freezing; indeterminate duration)

Although her weapons appear to be all over the place, they all do ice, so ice is the overall best block against her. Her second biggest icon type is wind. Fire is third, magma is fourth, and earth is fifth. Physical/dark/water/light are not worth focusing on. With her having four full blocks outside of her Tangled Curls, it is most likely that you will not have a weapon that can completely override her defenses. However, the only icon really worth avoiding when possible is ice due to it being fully blocked by her blessing. Tangled Curls is very annoying, but I believe she only has one copy of it, so blasting it should get rid of that problem. Glassy Stare is very likely to freeze you and she will probably use it several times throughout the course of the battle, so parched mods on your weapons are highly recommended. What offensive weapons make the best blasts depend on what weapons you are using against her, though I find Wicked Scratch to be the most universal threat of her weaponry.

When it comes to beating her, you will want to freeze her first turn. This will usually be your only chance to freeze her and from there, you can set up blasts and/or curses. Psycho Smasher scroll is especially nice to use for a freeze since you can take advantage of its ice block as a means of defense as well (and not needing a freezer item means one more space in your weapon set). Although an ice blocker is best to use, they can be hard to come by, so if you lack any, then you will probably want to use something with a heal and a strong block of wind/fire/magma instead. Some ice blockers to choose from are Ignitious (with Pandemonium in set), Ice King Clawed Gloves, Unstable Sample Syringe, and Glacial Ring. However, Paintbrush Blades is probably one of the better substitues for a lack of an ice blocker. You might find success in pairing that up with something like Blessed Trident of the Banished One, Prodigy Staff, Possessed Bow, or Malignant Rift Staff. You will want to have a variety of mage shards on you to help you in a pinch. Alongside your main scroll and your Psycho Smasher Scroll, a few Cobalt Eternal Scrolls may be nice to have. Even cheaper scrolls that can help block out her bigger icon types such as Arctic Braver (ice), Perilous Whirlpool (fire), or Typhoon of Valor (wind) can help.

With the battle quest only challengers out of the way, all I should have left are the 2013 monthly Cash Shop challengers (research note challengers). Once I finish them all, I should have everyone. Just to update, I have added links to all of the challenger guides in the guide explaining the new battle quests.

animmaculateconcept asked:

It's actually really interesting that you learned English that way! And then you gave back to us English fanfic writers by giving us TttP and TO. xD Seriously, though, that's super cool, thanks for telling me! Follow-up question about journalism: for the publication that you work for, how many articles do you have to write per week (or per month), and how long are they, in general?

But before that I wrote horrible things with awful grammar and spelling. Man. That’s why I never look back at my fics from before, say, 2009. They’re bad. XD

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Vi åkte till Aurangabad och besökte Ajantagrottorna - 24 buddistiska klosterceller och 5 tempel som är uthuggna ur klipporna mellan 200 f.Kr. och 600 e.Kr. och Elloragrottorna buddhistiska, hinduiska och jainistiska tempel och kloster huggits ut under perioden 500-talet till 900-talet. Båda områdena är idag uppsatta på Unescos världsarvslista. Helt otroligt hur man kunde hugga ut dessa och helt fantastiska målningar.

Vi mötte en man som gärna ville vara med på bild och som gillade getter - haha. Folk här vill gärna att man tar bild på dem och att de tar bilder på oss tillsammans med dem. Max och Tim var extra populära fotomodeller.