the-mad-march-hare42 brought up a FANTASTIC PIECE OF EVIDENCE PEOPLE. The “fire diamond” has been in use since the year 1960. 52 years before the show’s current year.

The librarian Dipper theorizes about is from 50 years ago.

I’m not going to say this is beyond a reasonable doubt that the Author is the librarian, but it’s pretty good correlative evidence!!!!

FURTHERMORE. It gives us a new thing to think about…
The Mystery Shack was clearly built before the 1960s. In fact, this probably explains the old timey photographs we occasionally see in the background!
If we say that Stan is anywhere from 75 to 70 years old, then he and his brother would have been their late teens to late twenties anywhere from 1960 to 1965.

The Author, as a college student, could have come to a research lab in Gravity Falls to study /something/ with a team of other students- typical field work. Except in his case, he kept coming back to keep studying /whatever/ and he would always stay at the Shack/Lab, before eventually buying (or inheriting?) the property himself.

We’ve seen in “Time Travelers Pig” that the Shack used to have a different look altogether. I’m willing to believe that the ‘mystery shack’ was actually what the locals used to call the strange research lab type of building that was in the middle of the woods. “What’re they doin’ in there, anyways?” “Who knows, must be a real mystery.”

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50 years ago today Dexter Gordon laid down his “Clubhouse” session at Rudy Van Gelder’s studio in Englewood Cliffs, NJ with Freddie Hubbard, Barry Harris, Bob Cranshaw & Billy Higgins.

Hear the song “Devilette” on our playlist “1965” which features a track from every Blue Note album recorded that year.

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50 years ago today, on August 23, 1962; John Lennon and Cynthia Powell get married in Mount Pleasant Registry Office, Liverpool. 

“We were both sort of bowled over by the fact that we were married. It wasn’t a question of ‘Have we done the right thing?’ It was all perfectly natural that we should be together. But John didn’t get a real chance to be first a real husband or later, a real father. Once he got on the Beatles bangwagon he couldn’t get off, even if he wanted to.”Cynthia Lennon

Clacton riots, march 1964 

In the United Kingdom, rockers engaged in brawls with mods. BBC News stories from May 1964 stated that mods and rockers were jailed after riots in seaside resort towns in Southern England, such as Margate, Brighton,Bournemouth and Clacton. Mods sometimes sewed fish hooks or razor blades into the backs of their lapels to shred the fingers of assailants; the same thing was done by Teddy Boys in the 1950s. Weapons were often in evidence; coshes, bike chains and flick knives being favoured.

An Unearthly series- the origins of a TV legend.

50 Years ago today- Recording of the pilot episode took place.

Doctor Who was to be recorded in Studio D at Lime Grove in west London. Opened in 1914 by the Gaumont Film Company, Lime Grove was a film studio converted for television. Bought by the BBC in 1950, it would be home to some of the nation’s most-loved programmes for over 40 years.

Studio D was 5,300 sq ft, about 83ft x 64ft. Long-running series broadcast from here included What’s My Line?, Sooty, Dixon of Dock Green, Blue Peter, Steptoe and Son, whose theme was composed by Ron Grainer, and Britain’s first soap,The Grove Family, which took its title family from the studios, was created and written by Jon Pertwee’s father and elder brother, Roland and Michael, and whose cast included Peter Bryant.

Television production in the 1960s followed a strict pattern. Overnight, the sets for Doctor Who were rigged following the plans drawn up by the designer, Peter Brachacki. Over half the studio was taken up with the interior of the Doctor’s time and space ship, the TARDIS. Built by freelance contractors Shawcraft Models (Uxbridge) Ltd, the set featured a large hexagonal unit strung from the ceiling. The main console took up a large space, consisting of six instrument panels and a pulsating central column. Other sets included the school classroom and the junkyard, which featured the TARDIS prop. 

Once the sets were rigged they needed to be lit. Television lighting is a skilled art which takes years of training and experience. Sam Barclay was assigned to light the episode, having just finished working on the drama Jane Eyre. As well as creating the atmosphere of the show, the lighting director also needs to make sure the characters are correctly lit by careful positioning of key lights and back lights….

Verity Lambert
It was terribly ambitious, it was hard. It was our first day in the studio, we had these awful cameras, we had Sydney [Newman - Head of Drama] coming in saying he hated the titles and the title music. Everyone was under tremendous pressure. Waris Hussein
All my wonderful visual shots that I’d designed on paper were now going to have to be manifested by these monstrous cameras that were so heavy that the cameraman couldn’t move.

read the full article here, it’s great.

9 february 1961: The Beatles’ first Cavern Club show

The Cavern Club, situation in Mathew Street in central Liverpool, had played host to The Quarrymen before. On this day, however, The Beatles made their debut at the venue.

The Beatles swiftly became a regular fixture at the Cavern, attracting a loyal audience until their final appearance on 3 August 1963. For this first show they were given a £5 fee to share between them.

This was George Harrison’s first time on the Cavern stage, as it was for Stuart Sutcliffe. Harrison arrived in blue jeans, which were banned from the club, but he managed to convince the bouncer, Paddy Delaney, that he was one of the performers.

Tomorrow, we shall commemorate the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

But for now, here’s a high quality version of the Zapruder film of JFK’s assassination.

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50 years ago today.

November 21st 1963, Jacqueline Kennedy’s speech in Spanish at the Rice Hotel, Houston, Texas.


It’s December of 1964 and while the “Marvel Age of Comics” is growing swiftly it still hasn’t quite explored fully yet, at least not so much that DC has felt it.

At the time there were 8 comics being published that have Superman or Superboy in them, but only six have issues that December as Jimmy Olsen and Superboy are bi-monthly at the time.

However there is still plenty of Super Family goodness as Sups gets tossed around on the planet of really rude punks, has an “imaginary story” in which Heisenberg… sorry, Luthor is his brother, has problems with the love of his life in one comic, and Lois Lane in another, while we also find out that if you squeeze diamonds too hard they turn into dust, I hate it when that happens.