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Happy Birthday, Gradient Lair: Three Years Old!

This month marks the third year of my personal writing, womanist commentary/analysis, and content curation with my blog Gradient Lair. Thank you for being thoughtful, respectful and supportive of my personal space. It is still a one-person, ad-free, personal blog on the Tumblr platform/social network. (If you want to financially support Gradient Lair, click here!)

I have been through a lot (some wonderful, a lot good, an incredible amount of really really bad) using social media primarily since 2006 (if I exclude AOL/message board days in the late 90s in undergrad), writing online in general since 2008 and having this space since 2012. In 2012 I expected maybe 100 readers, which would have been totally fine with me, if you know me. As of now, there are 21,400+ subscribers and way more readers than that; hundreds of thousands of page hits monthly, 50-100K+ notes monthly, 30-50+ college IP address hits per day, and personal Twitter (@thetrudz)/blog Twitter (@GradientLair) retweet/mentions reach and impressions in the tens of millions per month. It’s a lot; being an introvert and someone not big into hypervisibility (as in *shivering* terrified of hypervisibility; exhausted by plagiarism and other exploitation), it is a lot to take in

However, who I want to focus on right now are the wonderful Black women–who I primarily write to/for (other than for myself; again a personal space)–who have reached out to me in friendship and sisterhood. I thank you and appreciate you. You’re beautiful, kind and wonderful. Also to other people who are respectful of the purpose and intent of the space but still engage kindly, thank you. It’s good to know you online, and some of you I’ve met offline.

I can’t say that I always thought that I would make it to year 3 of this space (or at times life itself) because of what I’ve been through online (and offline), which you are well aware of if you’ve read here for a while. But alas, I am here, in body and life, and still with this space too. Now, some changes are pending; I’ll explain this summer. It’ll be okay though; I promise.

To keep this space going–the emotional/intellectual labor it takes and the time–as well as general support or gift, I do have a DONATE page and I need and appreciate that. You can give a one-time donation or sign up for monthly recurring donation, if affordable. (If not, I still thank you for the verbal encouragement and support.)

Take care. ❤

So I’ve been seeing a lot of complaining about the finale but I’m still excited about the upcoming season, and I want to find other people who are too! So if you want some more positivity on your dash and are looking forward to s11, this is the network for you :) [Gif credit]


  • Follow the dancing queen
  • Reblog this post and in the tags, write the thing(s) you are most excited about for next season
  • No survey cause that’s a lot of work and I have stuff to be doing
  • I want to admit as many people as possible, so I’ll try to add a few more people every week or so until the season starts!
  • Must reach at least 50 notes or Jensen will stop dancing
  • Once you’re admitted, I’ll send you a message with the things I need from you, and make sure you start tracking #spns11positivitynet! :)

And that’s it! Go forth and smile, my children

Since I am slowly closing in on 4000 followers, I wanted to do some promos for you wonderful people ♥

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Join the maximoff twins network!

Basically we’re emotional about these precious babies, this is a network for people who watched AoU and have the same feelings as us! :)

How to apply:

  • Must be following Wanda and Pietro
  • Reblog this (likes are considered bookmarks), ends July 15th
  • Must reach 50 notes or we will pretend this never happened
  • You can tag #maximoffsnet for updates

Looking for:

  • Nice, friendly people
  • Post marvel, multifandom is fine!
  • Clean theme and some sort of tagging system (if you are multifandoms people can blacklist)
  • Someone who loves these twins as much as we do!

What you’ll get:

  • New friends, followers!
  • A spot on the network page, a place to talk about AOU, Pietro and Wanda, and all you want!
  • A place to share your creation, and people can give you advice if you needed
  • People to reblog your selfies, text posts, edits, gifs, etc.
  • Help with the polls and reaching followers goals

If you get accepted:

  • You’ll get a message from one of us for an icon and description for the network page, have the link to the network somwhere on your blog
  • You will receive an email message that will add you to the network chat (we will ask you your email, so be ready to give us)
  • You should follow some of the other members, so you will get a follow from them
  • You’ll get included in a post once the members are chosen

Extra info:

  • Members will be announced 18th or 19th july
  • We will pick 10-15 members (depends of notes);
  • But we can add members whenever we feel like it
  • If you have any questions you can ask; Noémi’s ask or Marit’s ask

Enjoy and have fun, good luck! xx

oh my god i posted a text group conversation i had with my friends about wanting to go to pepe’s mexican restaurant and i didnt’ think twice about it so it has 2 of their full names on it and i never thought it got more than like 50 notes and i was just scrolling down my dash and saw it and i wa slike hey wow i know those people oh hey wow they have the same conversation and the same contact emojis in their names oh wow thats my phone oh wow thats my screenshot oh fucK and it has 29000 notes like uGHHHHH i feel so bad why didnt i black out their names

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first of all, bipolar is nothing like hormones at all. bipolar causes long stages of mania and depression. your mood doesn’t just change all the time, that’s a huge stupid fucking myth perpetuated by people like you that don’t know shit about psychology. you go through long phases, weeks at a time, of mania, depression, or both. nobody gets diagnosed with bipolar because they have hormones. as someone who’s bipolar that offends the fuck out of me.

secondly, the reason mental disorders are getting diagnosed more in children is because we’re more aware now of what constitutes disordered behavior. guess what? that “loner” is probably suffering a lot. in 1980 he was probably suffering a lot too, but no one bothered to diagnose him because he was just “being a kid” or whatever the fuck you call it and because people didn’t take depression seriously.

people are occasionally misdiagnosed, but increased awareness and diagnosis in childhood has resulted in so many children that could’ve had much more difficult childhoods getting the help they need. it is so much better to diagnose more than less, because people getting no help for years of their life or even being told they don’t have a disorder and thinking that for the rest of their life and never getting any help at all is so much more of a problem than not “preserving childhood” or whatever the fuck you’re worried about. we’re talking many people’s entire lives being on the line. that’s much more important than your nostalgia-obsessed bullshit.

the rates of diagnosis have increased because there’s more awareness. more people that really need help are being diagnosed and helped because of it. parents are actually taking their children to get psychological evaluation now. and you know who diagnoses them? psychologists WHO HAVE BEEN STUDYING THE SUBJECT FOR YEARS. do you really think you know more than them about what disorders a kid has??? who the fuck made you an authority on psychology that’s somehow better than a person with a fucking college degree in it??? i know you’re all afraid of anything changing and so you try to find a way to make it evil and wrong but you don’t know shit about this subject and you’ve never studied it at all, so take this pretentious bullshit and shove it up your ass.

The 70 Best Basketball Tumblrs

(In no order; tumblrs are numbered for counting purposes)

1. Fat Shawn Kemp  (Retro images)
2. Ron Artist (or MettArt World Peace)  (Art inspired by basketball)
3. NBA Tumblr (The NBA’s official tumblr. Mostly retro images)
4. Double-Scribble (“Your daily dose of basketball art.”)
5. Fuck Yeah Air Jordan (Michael Jordan related images and .gifs)
6. Got ‘em Coach (Images, .gifs and commentary)
7. Basketball Never Stops (Recent images)
8. Kicks on Cards (ID’ing sneakers on basketball cards)
9. NBA Off-Season (Images, .gifs and commentary)
10. Fuck Yeah Seattle Supersonics (Photographic love letters to the defunct franchise)
11. Vintage Sports (Retro college and pro images)
12. Double Clutch (Commentary)
13. Hakeem Mutombo  (“An appreciation of basketball, past and present”; partially vintage)
14. Station To Station (Mostly basketball images)
15. Basketball Rules Everything Around Me (Vintage images)
16. Don’t Fake The Funk On A Nasty Dunk (Images of basketball past-and-present; incl. magazine scans)
17. Slam Magazine Online  (“The Basketball Bible”; images)
18. Kobe for Vlade (Vintage images)
19. Flight-Time (Mostly vintage images; incl. magazine scans)
20. The Grand Archives (Images; not strictly basketball)


21. NBA Gifs (.Gifs)
22. Because They Don’t Have Fours (“An Appreciation of ‘90s/Early-2000s Basketball”; Mostly links to retro youtube highlight reels, great commentary)
23. Fuck Yeah Basketball (Images from all levels of basketball)
24. F Yeah Boston Celtics  (Boston sports specific; mostly Celtics)
25. Everything Celtics (Celtics specific)
26. Sports Page (.Gifs, memes and news/commentary)
27. The Johnny Kilroy Collective  (Basketball cards; great archive)
28. Chitwood & Hobbs  (Not strictly basketball; images and commentary)
29. Knicks Knotes  (Knicks specific images, .gifs and analysis)
30. Charity Line (Vintage images)
31. Oakley & Allen  (Not strictly basketball; rare vintage images)
32. Simply Basketball  (Images from all levels of basketball; post everything and anything)
33. Balls Don’t Lie  (Strong archive of images)
34. The Hightop Fadeaway (“NBA Hoops, Hip Hop, High Tops and Fadeaways for 30-somethings.”; Mostly retro and off-court images)
35. Fuck Yea[h] NBA (“I once cut my arm and the NBA dribbled out”; Video, commentary and images)
36. The Basketball Romantic (“A Bohemian View of the Game”; Archived photo content
37. Hoop Dreams (Vintage content plus some current)
38. Get Banged On (Videos)
39. NBA Never Sleeps (Images, .gifs)
40. Basketball Fan 4 Life (New images, some retro)


41. The Score (Images; not strictly basketball)
42. Baller Shots
43. Addicted 2 the Game
44. Steven LeBron
45. Winston Wolfe
46. Skeet On Mischa
47. SI Photo Vault
48. J.E. Skeets
49. Your Man Devine
50. Shane Writes
51. Baron Davis Neck Beard
52. Bethlehem Says
53. ESPN’s The Daily Dime
54. Hoopspeak
55. The Tickr (Images, memes, videos, commentary)
56. Basketball and Shit (Images)
57. Game Action (Images, .gifs)
58. Pick and Roll (Strong archive of vintage images)
59. Storming the Floor (Mostly college basketball images)
60. 24 Seconds


61. F Yeah BBall Players
62. Hooping Is A Way of Life
63. NBA Doppelgangers (Images; “The NBA and their look-a-likes. Happily providing posts daily.”)
64. Classic Kicks (Mostly scans of sneaker ads/covers; not strictly basketball)
65. Shaqnosis (Vintage images)
66. NBA-4-Life (Images, .gifs and memes of current basketball; Retro content is MJ-centric)
67. Joaquin the Dream (A lot of off-court images, .gifs; archive contains non-basketball content)
68. The Coaching Staff
69. Point God (Images, gifs; not strictly basketball)
70. Dunks & Dimes (Images)

Special shout-out to Jersey Love (Primarily images, also memes, news):
…I’m not sure I’ve seen anything else like it: nearly 700 posts in April and 900+ in May, all but three of them related to basketball. (I’d like to tell you how many posts there were in January and February but my computer freezes before I can scroll down far enough in the archive to find out.) An exceptional batting average in regards to quality posts, too. Certainly one of the bigger collections of neat basketball content that you’ll find on tumblr. It’s a good stop for anyone who wants to see today’s best posts all in one place.

**#1-40 compiled by Dunk of Death. Additions from Fuck Yea[h] NBA, SugaShane at NBA-Offseason, and Double Clutch have been incorporated in my copy, as well as other basketball tumblrs I decided to include. Hit me up with your feedback.**

[First image: Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, talking and raising one hand.

Second image: Stefan, Leah, and baby Aurora, with Stefan looking offscreen sternly.

Third image: Maleficent looking offscreen with her chin raise and both hands on her staff.]

(740): I have a surprise for you guys

(937): What is it?