May 13

mesmerized landscapes, carved out of iron and steel
following non-linear routes to places never to feel
a ventricle Berlin wall, with no side defined as real
and the devil losing out on your soul’s latest deal

with the mindless motions of these elliptical lives
I diligently search for stability to keep near my side
most lack the definition, some only lack the drive
but dawn is coming, there won’t be a place left to hide

crawl away, crawl away my despicable wretched history
and don’t you dare come back saying you’re missing me
burn the bridge, break away these chains, set myself free
but still trying to live a paradox, setting fire to the sea 

Day 89

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, MOMMY <3 LOVE YOU FOREVER & ALWAYS CAUSE YOU’RE WEIRD & SHORTER THAN ME AND YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND ~ fight so often & im one of the worst daughters out there but we’re both still trying hard & it’s okay if you don’t have a boyfriend but you’ll always have yvonne and i HEHEHEH <3 good day!!

yvonne had swimming in the morning & set alarm to 10:20 but woke up when she left for swimming which was about 10!! or no woke up at 9:30 ish but got out of bed at 10:15 ish HEHEH mom outta the house = time to prepare mothers day stuff :3 changed & got yvonnes money cause im broke LOL. took 40 & walked to safeway!! bought cocoa powder + icing & then bought 15 rose bouquet + foliage :D lineup for flowers took like 20 minutes omggggggggggg.. yvonnes swimming finished at 12:00 ish & got home AFTER they were home.. freaking fail planning. wanted to make it a surprise + didn’t even have time to finish the cake omgah cause mom had to go show a house & had to bring me to peters house for more training at 1:30 ish. SIGHBALLLZZZ. whateber gave her the flowers <3 hheheh she liked it & started making the cake right away! yvonne helped & omg im so bossy LOL KFJDSLAFJAL taking the role of cherri… can’t have other people do things omg. made the batter & stuff.. followed the recipe & seemed to do everything correctly :D poured batter into the two cake pans & got it in the oven then quickly had lunch!! microwaved pesto pasta blahbalbhhbalh quickly ate it then mom drove me there! time for 4 hours of training D: not as bad as yesterday but supposedly big orders today…

helped set up & stuff.. still so freaking hot omg but dressed smartly & he had his big umbrella up to give us shade oh yaaaa. tea already cooked so spent whole 4 hours basically completing a 50 drink order! worked fast & getting the partner thing w/ peter :D worked fast & at the end soooooooo many jugs holy crap… mom came & had like 4 jugs left so he said he would do it w/ his wife :D getting more comfortable w/ him & can’t believe that work starts on friday :O kinda nervous for it.. hope i don’t screw up :S excited too tho!! 

drank so much & don’t like to pee at peoples house so had to hold it in.. AGH PEE PEE PEEE FJSLAFJDKJFLDSJFDK. yvonne came too & so did grandpa so we could go straight away to mothers day dinner :D contemplating between wings / wonton house & went to wonton house cause wings basically just has chicken.. SO WANNA TRY IT THO =( wah, another time!! 

waited about 20 minutess & blaaaah… restaurant so popular & named top chinese restaurant in burnaby for 10 years straight!! probably long line cause of mothers day too :P sat downn at 6:30 finally and omfg…………… MOM ORDERED SO MUCH FOOD IDEK SHE NEEDS TO STOP AND AH LOOOLLL DJSALFJDALKFJDKLA. good chinese food w/ so much broccoli crap.. like 2 plates & spinach and meat and fried rice and wontons and lemon chicken and sweet & sour pork and tofu and fish and buncha crap holy lord had 6 plates left over………. THATS MORE THAN WHAT NORMAL PEOPLE ORDER AH!!!! oonly 4 people too omfg LOL .. the people beside us were like “holy crap they have a whole table of food” sigh.. its ok can be our food for next 2-3 days HAHAH. went to safewaay, bought some breakfast + whip cream + new shampoo :D yay for herbal essences moisturizinggg mmm smells good <3 drove home & yvonne iced + layered cake already so used pink icing & wrote happy mothers day on it!! SHOWED IT TO MOM, TOOK PICTURES & ATE LALALAL YUMMY!! good job linda, good job (& yvonne heoheo) had a slice then watched tv for the rest of the night :D uh yah was laptopping then mom told me freshh was performing on canadas got talent. FINALES AHHH BEFORE THE RESULTS!!!! WENT THERE AND THEY DID SO GOOD <3 HONESTLY HOPE THEY WIN FDSKJFLKDSJFALDSKJFDLKSJAFKLDSJFAKLA SVOTED THE CRAP OUT & USED OTHER PEOPLES ACCOUNTS TO VOTE LOL…. someone unfollowed me on twitter cause i was spamming :’) yah EVENTUALLY finished that & watched more tv & tried sleeping early but ended up sleeping at 12:30…. good day :D

Sunday - May 13

In the afternoon we went to 拜婆婆. Seems like we go a lot and I don’t even know when we’re suppose to go. Afterwards me and sister went to Starbucks on Kearny and she bought her drink. I was waiting and was wondering why there’s always so many Asians in their mid 20’s around are always rich looking, nicely dressed, nice skinned. Then we went to the Starbucks across from Metreon where there were seats and I got my drink there. She wanted to study there except I was mostly texting because I couldn’t study for physics, so le boring. 

Sister wrote mummy a mother’s day note on Starbucks napkin but it was nice looking. We left and got off at San Bruno to eat dinner with mummy. Daddy was a stupid lazy ass and was sleeping at home. We gonna ignore him on father’s day. Mommy was ranting about her work problems, she kinda tells the same thing every time. She liked the note sister wrote her even if it was on napkin heh. She was surprised that it was her actual handwriting. Then proceed to question my penmanship. Her theory of why my sister has nice handwriting is that when she was little she had no one to play with buahahh. Make her sound like a loner. But I think she meant that I wasn’t born yet to play with her. You’re welcome, that you have nice handwriting because of me. n_n Mummy said to me ‘maybe you didn’t practice enough’. I was like yeahhh I did…I wrote those abc thingysyou always gave me. ;O And shes like ‘you didn’t follow the lines’ or something hehe. I have lazy hands. ;)

Its the last week of school! ALL the tests are flying at me. >.<