cool!! I’m doing commissions!!

just in case my handwriting is hard to read its:


Sketch: $10

Color: $12

Detail + Background: $15


Sketch: $5

Color: $10

Detail + Background: $12


Sketch: $3

Color: $5

Detail + Background: $10


I draw any characters from any fandom- I even do OCs!!

PLEASE SEND EMAILS WITH THE TITLE “Commission Request” TO MY EMAIL: nepetaxxkarkat@gmail.com (shut up its old blah blah) OR THROUGH MY TUMBLR! Do not send anonymous requests.

payment will be made through paypal


anonymous asked:


2-Çok kitap okuduğumu överim.

4-Annem,tartıştığımızda ya da küstüğümüzde boşlukta gibi hisseder türlü türlü ölme biçimleri düşündüğüm olur.O derece.

5-Kitap alınması,uyku,sevdiklerimle vakit geçirmek,iğrenç de olsa espriler ve… beşinci maddeyi bulamadım be.

10-Aşırı seviyorum.

12-Kitap okuyup,müzik dinlemek ama en çok Tumblr’Da gezinmek çünkü sapıklı post çıkar mı derdi olmuyor.

16-Dürüst ve kibar olmamı.

24-Sınıfın kitap kurdu.

28-Sanki kendi kusurları yokmuş gibi kızlar ile dalga geçmeleri.Bknz:Kolon bacak,kuru tahta gibi gibi.

36-Yüzüklerin Efendisi Serisi. (bir tane seçemedim)

37-Her insan kendi hayatının senaryosunu yazsa oscar alır diye düşündüğüm için kendi hayatım.

42-Aşırı stres,dar alan korkusu,biraz da  Obesesif – Kompulsif

47-Seni görünce bokumun üzerinde güller açıyor njdsşkfhjlkdsh

48-Bir şey söylemedi, çok da acıttı. / Kim olduğu da bede kalsın.

50-Sürekli insanları düşünerek hareket etmem galiba.

51-Gülü seven dikenine katlanır misali.Niye oje sürmesin?

60-Hayır değilim olabildiğince az küfür ederim.Zaten küfür ettiğimde yakın arkadaşlarım kafama vurarak ‘selin sana küfür yakışmıyor’ diyorlar.

63-Sıkıldığım,gerildiğim zaman oturduğum yerde bacağımı sürekli sallarım.

74-İki gruptan da var valla.Ortama bağlı.

77-Kardeşime çiçek suyu içirmiştim.

80-Tam sevgili değildik ama arkadaşı bana yenge demişti sonra o da bana sarılmıştı cidden çok mutlu olmuştum.

81-2 bir tane de oldu gibi ama olmadı.


94-Aşkın yaşı,tipi yoktur diyenlerdenim ben

Day 13 of 31

A list of things I’d like to achieve this year

  • Do my best on the guitar grade.
  • Get an electric guitar.
  • Learn the lyrics to every Radiohead song.
  • Learn the lyrics to every Arctic Monkeys song.
  • Expand my list of bands and singers I like.
  • Finish (or be close to finishing) a story on wattpad that isn’t a short story.
  • Get over 500 wattpad followers.
  • Make lots more friends.
  • Stop my eating disorder and eat even healthier.
  • Help people get through hard times and mental disorders as much as I can.

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Title:    The Flash Season 1 Episode 21 : Grodd Lives

Air Date:   October 7th, 2014

Networks:   The CW

Genres:   Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction

Casts:    Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Jesse L. Martin, Candice Patton, Rick Cosnett, John Wesley Shipp

Plot Keywords:   superhero, masked superhero, the flash, based on comic book, dc comics, super powers, supervillain


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Fila MB
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Nike Air Max 94 OG
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Bodega x Saucony Elite G9 Shadow 6
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Price: $120


Today’s adventures included a Disney day with haveacupofkatea who I missed A LOT. We got to see some of our favorite people & hugged the wall that blocks you from the mad t area.

2015/5/10(日) 12-17時



Day 12 of 31

3 things that irritate me about people

1. How people cannot manage to keep one fucking secret.

2. They tell you “No, you’re not ugly.” “You’re not fat. You’re so skinny.” and well, I wasn’t asking for you to tell me I’m pretty. I know I’m ugly and I can accept the fact that I am. But honestly, they don’t have to lie.

3. People who tease dogs and never reward them in the end. Sure, pretending to throw a ball in one direction so they’d run before throwing it the other way to make the game more interesting is fine.
But waving your sandwich in front of their faces- letting them nearly touch it, their sensitives noses catching a whiff of every ingredient in the sandwich and then eating it in front of their very eyes. 
Well that’s tormenting them. It’s the equivalent of strapping them onto some freaky medieval torture chamber equipment.

And that boys and girls, was the 3 top things that irritate me :)

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Meridianskies’ Commissions

Email/Paypal: msmeridianskies@gmail.com

Alright, so I am still without a job, but now out of college, so commissions are back! They’re open until the end of August or another date TBA. I’ve still got dental bills that need to get paid for and I’m running dangerously low on money, so every little thing helps ♥ If you can’t buy anything, a reblog is just as great. 


      ( head / waist / full )
Sketches | $5 / $8 / $12
Lineart | $10 / $15 / $20
Full Color | $15 / $20+ / $35+
Stained Glass | $25+ / $35+ ( headshot and full body only)
      Extra characters are +50%, prices are subject to change with poses/content/detail.

Okay’s & No-Way’s

Furries, gore, nsfw stuff, couples, animals
X  mechas, certain fetishes (ask when ordering if yours might apply)

The first email you send, just put your name and type of commission in the subject, with at least 2 references/ any preferences in the body and any questions you might have about anything! 

Keep in mind I need at least 2 references for everyone, payment is upfront in USD on paypal, and once everything is figured out I will send you the invoice for the payment. 

Thanks in advance guys!


Data modified by Sibyl System representative Misako Tōgane for Sakuya Tōgane’s reinstatement into the MWPSB, CID as of October, 2113. For unaltered data, see here.


Name - Sakuya Tōgane. 
Code Name - Hound 3. 
ID - 00475-AECE-45024-2. 
Occupation - Enforcer. 
Date Of Birth - June 6th, 2080. 
Age - 33 years old. 
Sex - Male. 
Height - 6’1. 
Weight - 185 lbs. 
Blood Type - AB. 
Address - Tokyo-to, Shin-Chiyoda-ku, Kasumigaseki, 2-1-B, MWPSB. 
Emergency Contact - Hisako Azuma, Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Akasaka 10-5-12 (Relation: Aunt). 
Additional Notes - None. 


6/2080 - Born to mother Misako Tōgane and unidentified father.
6/2083 - Legal guardianship transferred to aunt Hisako Azuma following the death of Misako Tōgane.
4/2087 - Entered elementary school (Home schooling system).
3/2093 - Graduated elementary school (Home schooling system).
4/2093 - Entered middle school (Home schooling system).
3/2096 - Graduated middle school (Home schooling system).
4/2096 - Entered high school (Home schooling system), Major in Clinical Psychology.
3/2100 - Graduated high school (Home schooling system), Major in Clinical Psychology.
4/2100 - Began working as an authorized therapist.
12/2110 - Decommissioned due to deteriorating Psycho-Pass and confined to Tama Municipal Correctionial Facility, Hikari no Sono.
9/2113 -  Released from Tama Municipal Correctionial Facility, Hikari no Sono.
10/2113 - Assigned to MWPSB, CID, Division 1 as an Enforcer.

올해 제5회 싱글맘의 날 행사에 많은 관심 부탁드려요~!! 5th Annual Single Moms’ Day!!

1) 5월10일(일) 오후 2시부터 3시반까지: 거리행진 May 10th (Sun) 2-3:30pm Single Moms Pride march

2) 5월11일(월) 오전 10시부터 12시반까지: 컨퍼런스 May 11th (Mon) 10am-12:30pm Conference

queenusagi asked:

Haruka- 1, 3, 5, 9, 10, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25.

ok im gonna answer these three at a time because otherwise this gets FUCKIN UNRULY 

1) Something this character is truly proud of.

her family, michiru, her friends and, at one point i hope, her life and the people in it. haruka will pretend to feel pride in herself but its largely a flustered act - she, of course, does feel pride when she wins races but its pretty fleeting and it never truly touches that kind of deep pride that resonates and becomes something much more. she feels pride, for example, when she beats a tough monster but its completely outshone by her pride for say, usagi whenever she manages to make a difficult choice or whenever she comes out on top with that idealism that haruka only wishes she could display. she’s eternally proud of mina, though she won’t say it in so many words. haruka looks out for all the younger senshi, so i figure the things they all do will bring her great pride - the day ami and mako get married, when she watches hotaru slowly begin to conquer her demons, when rei and minako successfully adopt their first dog without too many problems, when usagi gives birth to her and seiya’s first child. even setsuna, who is of course her elder and better and tbh she still kinda scares haruka in a weird “i’m gonna wind you up but sometimes you give me that look and im scared you’ll send me back to the dark ages” way, but when setsuna aces all her university exams there’s that same pride again. 

and of course she’s proud of absolutely everything that michiru does, and she’s proud to be seen with her and associated with her and just being allowed to be with somebody so mesmerising is everything for haruka. michiru is that something that haruka is truly proud of, encapsulated in one person. because haruka never thought she’d get anything like this, she will never believe she deserves anyone like michiru, and yet here she is. and she’s so so so proud of them and what they have. and because she knows michiru, every time she steps outside her comfort zone, every time she goes to a family event and doesn’t quietly start an argument, haruka’s beaming bc michiru doesn’t even need to try to get her to be proud and yet, here she is.

tl;dr: MICHIRU.

3) Who depends on them.

hahah, here comes my “extreme and possibly unpopular view” time; michiru emotionally depends on haruka with her entire life. without her she could not function, as unhealthy as that probably is, but she’s 100% aware of it and has kinda just succumbed to her own insatiable weakness. haruka doesn’t really understand the extent to which michiru depends on her, because michiru isn’t the kind to do spontaneous and loud and potentially obnoxious romantic things as haruka would. in some ways, she’s still that quiet obsessive, she doesn’t need these huge declarations of her own dependence upon haruka because its so rooted in her it dictates virtually everything she does. it leads to a funny paradox really - michiru will protect haruka with absolutely everything she has in order to protect herself, because without haruka she’s nothing. 

in smaller dependencies, mina for support and a good laugh, usagi because she’s always needed a big sister and haruka has kinda shoved her way into her life like that (”you did WHAT with that ratass seiya kou!??????”), and hotaru because well, she’s her papa, whether it works out well or not, haruka still plays a major role in her life. 

5) A cherished personal belonging.

the first valentines card michiru ever got for her, and the chocolate box too. its somewhere at the back of her closet, in a little box filled with michiru things and photo albums that remind her that yes, somebody actually loves her. (when they have kids, more memories go in there also, school certificates, swimming medals, photos, locks of hair) (and theres a little model car that her favourite grandparent bought for her when she was a little girl and shes never been able to let go of) (haruka is a Big Sappy Lesbian)