Helen’s greatest burden
Was not
The jealousy of Menelaus
Or the hatred of the Trojans
But the loss of her voice.

How her words were ripped from her
Her story twisted
Into something ugly,
Something evil.
Truth dashed to pieces upon their lyres.

Helen’s greatest burden
Was not
The war fought in her name,
But the silence forced upon her.

The long, hopeless silence

echoing through centuries.

—  Helen’s burden// by s.l.

Short Fiction Contest

Contest: The Kenyon Review - The Short Fiction Contest

Criteria: 1,200 words or less | previously unpublished only 

Prizes: publication in The Kenyon Review's Winter 2016 issue; scholarship to attend the 2015 Writers Workshop, June 13th-20th, in Gambier, Ohio

Entry Fees: $18

Entrance: online only

Deadline: February 28, 2015

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